Texas A & M University-College Station Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Going into college, I anticipated the higher level of difficulty. What I did not know is that I was not alone in this “new world.” I was going to this school where I would be farther from my parents than I have ever been and with no friends. What I didn’t understand is that being an Aggie is being a part of a huge family where people are enthusiastic and eager to help their fellow Aggie in need. The School offers many different tutoring, counseling, and friendship opportunities to make sure that no Aggie is left behind


i got lots of knowelege in sports and also inmy education. i also involved in volunteering and other sports


I wish that I had known about the home-like atmosphere. I was constantly worrying that college would be a drastic change from home life. There are changes, but Texas A&M does an excellent job balancing the independence factor of college by having such a supportive environment.


I wish I would've been prepared for the work and school load while balancing my social life.


I wish I had known just how enjoyable, friendly and loyal this school was so that I could have truely savored every last moment I had there in my undergraduate career. I could not have had a better college experience. Gig'em Aggies!


I wish I had known it was OK to live off-campus. It's cheaper, buses to and from campus are free, and I had so much more fun. Don't bother with a dorm-room and roommate that sleeps 10 feet from you. Living off-campus won't decrease time spent on campus or detract from social events; I was on campus six days a week, even during the summer.


i wish i would have known that Cooke County is only a very small very socially secluded part of this grand world. by attending A&M and participating in events on campus, i see much more of the world that i had previously been blind to.


I wish I had known that they had an equine science major.


I wish I had known that the College of Architecture requires full-time attendance.


I wish I would have known more about the majors they had. Other than that I injoy the school.


I wish I would had known in how big this school was, not that it bothers me, but I was expecting something more agricultural in terms that the terrains were farm based, It sounds stereotypical, but it was that first impression, well it also could have been a regret not coming to this school. If it were not for the motivation that one of my high school teachers gave me, I would not have met the people that are now my friends. Therefore, the result was that I found out how great this school really is.


I wish I had known how humid it is and how much it rains. People often just carry around an umbrella in their backpacks even when rain isn't predicted. I also wish I had known that the MSC Bookstore is actually the most expensive place to get books, although because it's on campus it's also more convenient. However, all the other bookstores are near campus too. Traditions bookstore just started renting out books this semester. Another good place to get books from is Chegg.com, which rents out books, and plants a tree for each book rented.


I wish I had known that when it rains, it pours; that when you smile, someone always smiles back; that when you cheer, another Aggie cheers louder; that when you sleep, there's a blue moon; and when you work hard, there are always others working right along side you. All these things surprised me about A&M. Even after living here for almost a year, there are still days where I look around in shock, and think to myself: amidst all the stress of college applications a year ago, did I ever imagine being this happy with my decision?


Since I live off campus and don't have a car, I feel limited. While the bus can take me to and from campus and even the grocery store, it would definitely be more convenient if I lived on campus. I don't think that living off campus would have affected my decision for attending A&M much, but it would have made my transition to Texas A&M much easier.


Before i came to A&M i wish i would have realized how easy High School was and how much i took it for granted, but the most important thing i realized was that college is tough but not as horrible as i imagined it; your teachers are'nt these mean heartless people who just teach for the money, they actually care, and if you actually try to do well in a class you will succeed, College is amazing.


Do as many dual credit courses as you can and don't be afraid to befriend someone new; they might be at your wedding.


How much money I needed on my meal plan. Just kidding- I really do think that I was very well prepared. I made an A and the rest B's, which, I must admit, is below what I expected. It really isn't high school anymore- you have to study. But I know that now, and I didn't find that out too late, I can still bring up my GPA a lot. Try not to spend too much money, study hard, but most of all be yourself. High school was about fitting in, conforming or getting shunned. Have fun.


I wish I had known how to work outside my comfort zone. It can be difficult to open up and make new friends at first until you learn how to manage the amount of study time needed and also have a social life.


Before coming to this school, I wish I would've respected it more because originally my top choice was it's rival school, The University of Texas at Austin. After hearing my high school peers degrade Texas A&M inside and out, I felt like Texas A&M was the worst school possible and that I would hate it. However, after being here for a semester, I could not be happier about coming to Texas A&M.


If you want to make friends in college, you need to join a soroity, fraterity, or other social group early on in your college career.


I wish I had known how important it was to be extremely outgoing the first semester of college. I had a tendency of only hanging out with my roommate or high school friends. That did not allow me to broaden my horizons and meet as many new people as possible. I was too shy for my own good. It is important to throw yourself out there and experience new things right off the bat, no matter how scary that may sound. College is a chance to get away from the things you know and explore the things you don't.


I wish I had knownnot to put off my prerequisites. I am a sophomore at A&M and am still taking some of the prerequisites with freshmen. It doesn't really bother me, I just wish I was aware of it before I came to A&M so that I could be studying what I am passionate about and truly interested in.


I think a common misconception is that everyone at Texas A&M is extraordinarily into football. There is a niche for everyone at Texas A&M. There are countless opportunities.


Before I came to this school, I wish that I had known how important it was to give of myself to others. Texas A&M University has many clubs and events that plan activities around giving back to the community. The Big Event is just one of the events the student body partakes in where students go to various houses and clean yeards. After seeing what a difference one person can make in others' lives, I can honestly say that in high school I would have organized many events, such as the Big Event, to give back to the community.


I wish I did not have to apply to eleven different schools. Eight or nine would have been enough. Texas A&M is a wonderful school and I wish that I had not spread my efforts across so many other schools. I also wish I knew more about A&M. Most of my friends and family friends and ther parents are Longhorns and they told me a lot about UT. I didn't get the same amount of information about A&M from Aggies. Basically, get your information and look at it objectively, without bias.


That all the little things that I had previosly worried about didn't matter, and that there were hunderds of other students in my same position.


I wish I had listened to people when they said to make sure you alot enough time to studies. It is entirely possible to get good grades, but you do need to make an effort. That means you shouldn't wait until the night before to complete an assignment or to start studying for a test. Everybody manages eight hours of school before college, so you should be able to do so afterwards. Do make sure to have a social life though or else your time at college will be unbearable. Texas A&M makes it easy to balance both.


I wish I had known how to study and take notes properly. High school is such a different world. You really can walk out of there with a 4.0 and not have learned hardly anything. In college I have learned (the hard way) how to focus during class and take meaningful notes, rather than just writing down what the prof says. I have learned to study as I go rather than cram at the last moment before the exam.


You cannot slack off on your school work; you must be responsible and take your academics seriously at this school in order to succeed. The amount of time you spend in the library will far outweigh that which you spend on social activities.


that is is a legit school!


The one thing I wish I had known before I became a pre-med student at Texas A&M was how difficult and demanding the work load would be. I study about 5-8 hours a day just to stay on top of my work load, and that's with only 15-16 hours! I enjoy the challenge and love all the knowledge I'm able to soak up. I've learned through mentors and professors how to balance my busy study schedule with a fun and relaxing social life so I can proudly say i regret nothing.


I wish I had known a lot more about many of the aspects of college success. I did not know much about applying for and receiving financial aid, transportation options to campus, and academic resources, such as libraries and places to study. A&M offers information about these options, but I just wish I had taken time to investigate and utilize all of the resources offered by this campus.


There is nothing that I wish I had known before I came to this school. The reason I chose to go to school at Texas A&M was to experience something different. I am learning about other cultures and new traditions. I am growing as a person while I am a student at Texas A&M.


How far the school is from home? Is there a lot of entertainment around campus


I wish I would have known how to study better.


I wish I'd known that I wouldn't like being a Biochemistry major, as it would have saved me a semester's worth of classes I didn't enjoy and credits that are now of no use to me.


Find out more about possible majors and the requirements to apply for the colleges of the majors you are interested in within the University. Be active in pursuing your interests and inclinations early on even if you are unsure. Talk to several different academic advisors to get different perspectives, not just one person. Do not be afraid to ask lots of questions.


I wish i would have known how important it is to do duel credit courses in highschool. It really helps take a load off your shoulders freshman year. I also wish I would have known some better study skills.


The weather in the area changes very quickly and often. It rains often.


I wish I would have known exactly what I want to do for a career. The colleges at this school are competitive to get into unless you're entering as a new freshman. Many of the classes, even the freshman ones, are designed specifically for each major as well. I feel a little lost not knowing what I want to do, and you have to declare a major at 60 hours. I also wish I would have applied for more scholarships beforehand--this college is expensive.


How important it is to know upperclassmen before arriving. It's a huge school, and some opportunites are not publicized.


I wish I would have known a few more people there before I came to school. My first semester was difficult to get adjusted to because I was not used to such a large campus and large classrooms. It was a little difficult to make friends in classes of 400 people, but I made it through and each semester proved to be better than the last.


more about financial aid


I would have appreciated to know how one-sided the political scope of this university really is. Texas A&M has very conservative roots that play a role not only in campus bureaucracy, but on the social mindset as well.


Texas A&M was my last choice of Texas Universities that I applied to. I never planned on going to school here. I heard that it is a bunch of wealthy, stuck up white kids, that only go here because there parents went to school there in the past. I wish that someone would have told me that my assumption was wrong and that Texas A&M is actually a school with tons of school spirit and wonderful traditions. Not only that but there are lasting friendships and moments that take your breath away right when you walk onto campus.


Get involved with a group quickly so that you can make the most out of the experience.


I felt very prepared and the transition was very smooth because the campus is so friendly and the upper classmen are so eager to help you find your niche.


It is very important to live on campus. It is alot easier to get involved your first year when you live on campus. Also take your grades serious from the beginning. Dont let it get to your sophomore/junior year and then start trying to dig yourself out of a hole.


I wish I had know that, if you're not straight, white/hispanic, and religious, and conservatice, that Texas A&M is not the place for you. I knew they had excellent programs in Agriculture, Engineering, Architecture, and decent in Business, but I would have considered how the campus community and College Station community is an integral part of the whole experience.


I did know before I came, but I came here because it was cheaper than my first choice school.