Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


The kind of person that should not attend Texas A & M University- Kingsville is one that skips class, and is here just to smoke, party, and play video games.


Someone looking for a big school type environment.


All types of persons are welcomed at Texas A&M Kingsville! No one here is an outcast, there are groups for everyone and anyone on campus. I would say Kingsville is a highly diverse campus from what my eyes see on an everyday basis walking around campus.


Lazyness is one thing Texas A&M University-Kingsville will not accept. You must give it your all or go home. What's the whole point of going to college when you're not even going to try your best? I honestly think lazyness has brought many students of my generation down. Students may think they can handle the work when in reality all they do is procrastinate. In my opinion people who haven't set goals for their future shouldn't attend college. Why attend college if your future isn't planned?


The only type of people who shouldnt attend, are people that cannot handle South Texas heat.


In my semester and a half at TAMUK, I have noticed every kind of student. Hardworking students and slackers of every race are seen on a daily basis. I enjoy having this variety of students because I get a chance to know other people. At my high school, practically all of my classmates were hardworking, at least they seemed that way to me. In conclusion, I am very happy with the type of people attending the university so far. I would not change a single thing about the experience I am having.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend this school is one that that doesn't know what they want in life, and one that isn't goal oriented.


I do not feel that there is a particular type of student who should not attend our school. We are very open minded and friendly and love to welcome new students.


People who think you can only attain a valid education by attending a large and reknown university. As well as people who think since this university is small that it is acedemically easy to receive your degree.


Students who aren't ready to continue their education and just want to have fun.


Someone who gets bored easily, or someone addicted to drugs, sex, or alcohol; this school will only make it worse. Also, someone with out a car or bike is TOTALLY out of luck.


Anyone that doesnt mind living in a small town



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