Texas A & M University-Kingsville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school would be the professors. In my opinion your grades reflect your own standards and how well the professor is. I am a volleyball player at Kingsville, which means I was gone about nintey- nine percent of the time. The professors were real understanding and cooperative. If it was not for all my professores I wouldnt have a 3.88 GPA. They kept me informed via email on all the assignments and outside work. Therefore, the professors would have to be the best thing about TAMUK.


The best thing about TAMUK is the people. You can learn in any environment, but less stressful ones make much more productive people. The small campus size and friendly atmosphere make it ideal for studying.


Engineering in this school is at a very good level. Students will learn a lot at any engineering feild. Just know that it all takes hard work and lots of patience.


I think by far the best thing about TAMUK is how student oriented everything is. On a daily basis there are hundreds of flyers for activities for everyone to participate in if they get bored. Every teacher actually cares about their student' education and actually help one learn something new. Not only that, but the teachers teach in different ways, each being quite effective. I can think of no other school that has the the student body in their thoughts like TAMUK does. Who wouldn't want to come to this college?


Texas A&M University - Kingsville being a smaller school offers: classrooms with a smaller amount of students, the ability to reach one point of the school to the other in ten minutes, and the chance to have a strong relationship with the professor. To be able to have a professional relationship with a professor, is to have priceless advice on the career that you may be able to set forth. This solidifies the whole collegiate experience. A smaller classroom setting allows one to build a relationship with peers who are studying the same subjects, and creates friendship for life.


Along with an easy-to-learn environment, my school offers an environment that allows a person to create meaningful, lasting relationships/friendships with people. These companionships can be useful later on in life in a professional and personal perspective.


The special programs at this university are amazing, and put to great use. There are specific requirements in becoming an approved applicant, however once in the program the benefits will surely help. They spend the federal dollars in hiring tutors in core subjects like math and science which give the scholars the opportunity to have a one on one basis and get a better understanding on the work. They also provide a computer lab that gives access to internet use and computer use for any research on internet sources.


The best thing here at my school would have to be the Pharmacy program available here at TAMUK. It is said to be one of the best. The other would have to be all the different ethnicities and cultures in this school.


I consider the best thing about my university to be the size of the campus because it?s not too big, but it?s not small either. A campus like this TAMUK in my opinion is one of the best places to start out because it?s in a small town and students don?t get overwhelmed by a big city. With a large but still small campus the students are able to interact with their peers better than if there was a sea of people standing in the way of their next class.


The cultural diversity of the college was what impressed me. Most of the students were mexican americans first generation. The loction was another factor. Class size as well where intimacy was a blessing. The overall reason why I consider the best about my school was that T was afforded an oppotunity.


It is the perfect size school for incoming freshmen, who may be nervous about the whole college scene and meeting new people. Also the university offers so many resources that students can benefit from now and after graduation. I would recommend this school to anyone I care about.


The best thing about my school is the amazing engineering programs they offer.


The small hometown atmosphere. The professor/student ratio is at a minimum to keep learnin in an intimate setting.


My school is just the right size for a college. The people are friendly and the town is respectively a college town. You also have the beach that is like 30 minutes away. So if you want to go to a relaxing place, you drive to the beach and chill for the day.


The best thing about my school is that no one really cares about how much money you have, what you drive, etc. The classes are small enough where the teachers really get to know you.

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