Texas Southmost College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This cool is for people who want jobs when they graduate.


Outstanding college where as a student you take of many of the knowledge that thought to you.


Texas southmost college has many available rooms for doing homework and technology that is available during school hours.


This school was my first choise, and it is the best decision ever make.


Texas southmost college is a humble but well structured school that helps students by giving us all the opportunities they can deliver. The staff and the campus life only makes me more ambitions to make my self a better person.


I consider Texas Southmost College a very educational community college where you can go learn and enjoy it.


My school Texas Southmost College if I could illistrate it in my mind I see oppurtunities, and depending on how you hold yourself up is going to determine your destiny.


Texas Southmost College has been an amazing experience that would change my future forever.


My school has helped open up a world of knowledge, and has put forth their effort to help me with my college career in any way they possibly could.


My school is small, life changing, and helpful to my needs; it has given me the opportunity to start the rest of my life.


My school a big, open, friendly campus filled with outgoing and smart students.


My school is all about being friendly, helping you gain student leadership skills and be a help in our community.


Texas Southmost College is very affodable and have great teachers.


UTB offers a beautiful surrounding of South Texas Border of Mexico and South Padre Island just a few miles away. The campus is a history book in itself stemming from the Ft. Brown and Texas Southmost College. The campus offers an updated recreational facility to accommodate the stress of constant studying. It also offers night class for student that work during the day. The campus library offers weekend hours for all students and the cafeteria is open as well. The campus will continue to welcome transfer students who believe that the best college to attend is RGV in Brownsville, Texas.


Texas southmost college for being just the first year as a college , it is great .


My personal first step to a brighter future that happens to resemble a garden of eden.


My school is a quality education at a value.


Texas Southmost College is a fun and rewarding institution that offers you a great education.


UTB is a public university that will welcome anyone from all backgrounds, has a friendly atmosphere, and they give you a top education at an affordable tuition.


I could describe my college as a unique colllege in the way that has a peaceful enviroment.


My college, Texas Southmost College is awesome, I have made many new friends.


My school is very beautiful, unique, and school sprited.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is a nurturing, holistic, and challenging campus that ensures academic and professional development of its graduate students.


My school is a diverse, energentic, and willing to help students become successful in their career choices.


UT Brownsville has highly qualified professors who provide a fun and learning environment.


This school is diverse


very friendly, great community, and always striving for the best in all the students.


UTB is a multicultural university.


UTB is home to academic centers and programs that receive local, state, and national recognition


It has professional professors that know their material.


It has everything you need to success in college.


My school (University of Texas at Brownsville) is an exellent institution. It has very great teacher and good istalations.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is a Univeristy with a hometown feel.


My school has a lot of departments that can help any kind of students. There is the admissions office, the academic advising center, the financial aid office, two big library used by students daily and some other computers lab available as well. Some kinds of activities like orange crush are also organized to welcome freshman students and talent show to discover students that have artistic capacity. Moreover, my school disposed of a art center which hold a bunch of diverse events made by prominent artist all over the world weekly and monthly.


UTB is a constant reminder of the American dream due to all the fellow hispanics that are in search of the same thing as I am, prosperity.


It is a wonderful learning environment, with hard working professors.


In my experience, they are somewhat creative with their activities but disappointing in some cases for your career goals.


The University of Texas at Brownsville draws upon many cultures and languages, to develop knowledgeable citizens and emerging leaders who are engaged in the civic life of their community.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is an exceptional school to attend and gain the ultimate college experience.


Its is a nice school, it is close to my home and I am the second generation to go to my current university.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is a school where students like to "pretend" they're doing something with their life but they waste all their financial aid refund money on everything else that doesn't involve school.


The school is awesome, there are always a lot of activities going. We have a big gym in which you can go look for a job or do exercise. The teachers in here are very great, but like other teachers you need to work hard for your grades. And last the school is very helpful you just need to explore.


A college filled with people that are ready to help you with any problem toy might have.


Big, a lot of school spirit, rural.


UTB is a fun school with a lot of creative activities for us to do, while providing the students with the proper tools to succeed in our education.


The university of texas at brownsville has given me plenty of opportunities and support to succeed and continue with my educational goals.


It is a fun and energetic place of learning.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is a great university, near downtown Brownsville, with Scorpions are their mascot.


My University is a growing, achiving, beautiful, outgoing, populated, and success achiving university.


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