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For me the TSC system is great because it has online books and notes are everything online, compared to other universities that students have the necessity of having super heavy backpack with many books. TSC offers online tutors who help us to check our essays. Actually, I feel very comfortable in TSC because the study plan for me is more accessible; also there is a library online where we can access to books from different subjects. Indeed, we can see our grade online in order to know if we have a good or bad grade, also we have quizzes online.


What it is unique about the scholl is that they have the texas south most college and the university of texas.


My school is unique because even though its small and a community college in the valley it offers a good variety of choices. Choices from majors, to activitys, to programs throughout the semesters.


What I like about Texas Southmost College that ,to me, sets it apart from other schools is that most of the staff is very friendly and they take the time to carry a conversation with you and help you so that you don't feel so overwhelmed with the entire process of getting set up and registered for school.


The way I see it, this school is fairly unique on it's own because the environment gives off a friendly and welcoming vibe. You feel at home, and students here are more than glad to offer a helping hand to those in need.


Want i really liked from my school is that it is in the same city as my family lives, so i did not have to leave to some place else. i can recieve a great education and at the same time have a great time with my family.


It is close to home so its convenient to attend.


Low cost of Tuition and lots of Surrounding nature.


Being close to home is a definate benifit. Ten minutes away from campus. Ten minutes away from family. Ten minutes away from entertainment and shopping centers. Texas Southmost College has always been part of the this small but unique community. I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity of education in my very own back yard.


A unique characteristic of my school is that they are not only a staff or a school, we are a big family. At school most of the students we know each other and we know all the teachers. When we need something we know that we can get help from our teachers and staff, they are really nice with us. My school might not be the best school in Texas, but there is no one like Texas Southmost College.


The staff are more friendly, proffesional and helpfull. They are willing to help you in the things they are trained in and everytime something gets out of their knowledge they go and investigate the answer so it won't be so hard for us to do good in school.


The unique thing about my school is that it just recently started off as an independent school, as oppose to the other schools I considered. The great thing about starting off in a new school is because I, as a student, have a greater chance to shine as well as the other students attentding.


The unique thing I found to Texas Southmost College is using Pearson. It allows you to check your grade, turn in assignment, and has your books online. I never see a college to use Pearson like that before. I was afraid of taking online classes but pearson will help me conquer that fear. I also like that the professor will help with any problem you have such as not understanding the class. I enjoy that its a peaceful environment and the staff of Texas Southmost College act in a professional manner.


What is so unique about this school would be the oppurtunities this campus gives to its students. We have so many oppurtunities in this college. We can become what we want in a very short time. We can have a career in any course we desire . I would also say the teachers here, they seem very knowlegeable and seem like they want nothing but the best for the student . They seen like they care about seeing the student prosper in the acedemic field that they are training in.


Texas Southmost College is rich in history for it was once Fort Brown during the Mexican-American War , which makes it an outstanding place to study within for it is part of our nation's great history. Another important aspect of TSC is the fact that it is one of the colleges' that has gone almost completely paper less for everything is done online. This is highly important for all paperwork that must be turned in for a class such as an assignment can be turned in at anytime as well as complete acess to online books for our studies.


The best thing about this school is its location,programs and staff.


What makes my college a unique college is that they have very peacefully enviroment compare to others.


Texas Southmost College is a unique school for the following reasons: it is a new school, has a huge facility and also want to expand that has a unique method to teach and students get involved in many activties.


What is most unique about this school is the fact that it is close to home. My family and I have lived here for many yaers, and leaving this town behind would of been tough for me. What is also unique about my school is the size of the classrooms. Since they are not too big, professors can interact more with their students. I think this is very important not only for us the students, but also for the professor. The other schools I had considered were major universities, therefore, this would have not been available.


This school is very diverse and you get to meet people from all over the country. There is plenty of programs to chose from and it is a beautiful campus.


The aspects that have changed in the environment of high school and college are very different. In high school your teachers were always on you and telling you what to do and what is due. If you do not complete an assignment they would always be telling you to do it and giving you chances. At my school our professors help us become and maintain ourselves as a professional individual. Our advisors have done so much for us in the way where they help us and do all they can to give us the classes needed for our careers!


It has an enviornment that has maximum potential for learning and its surroundings inspire for higher education.


You can make the best out of this school if you want to. Classes are fairly easy and if you set your mind to it, you can potentially make the Dean's List. It is very cost friendly since tuition is below $5,000. There are a lot of scholarship oportunities as well.


UTB is unique because the tution is low but the eduction is high. The college focuses most of their attention on the students. UTB is always giving students opportunities to gain funds, get tutoring, and gain whatever kind of skill they need for the students careers.


The unique thing about my school is relatively affordable to attend. Moreover, there are variety of scholarships available both competitive and non-competitive. I believe finance had been a major stumbling block for most youths in order to fulfill their destinies. My school made financial aid as a major focal point to work on in order to get youths back to school because, if students had a less worry about financial aid (tution, books and accomodation), there will be a larger number of productive graduates, which eventually turns to a better society and good for economy at large.


The school I'm attending is great, becuase it worked with me on transferring my associates degree from a technical school. It accepted my associates, and replaced theirs with it. It also accepted my academic core from the techinical school and replaced theirs. I'm not saying you shoulnd't take them at the university, but I didn't have the funds available at the time. So if you find yourself in a similar situation it might be a great fit for you!


The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB), in fact is a new university established at 1993. UTB has one of the strongest Chess program in the entire nation. Talking about Sports, UTB women’s volleyball team won the national championship on 2011. UTB has a beautiful mixture between the Mexican and American culture because of the close contact with Mexico. I know that UTB is not as big as UTA or UTSA but I have the same educational level for a cheaper price. In fact, I love UTB because I feel the warmth of the wonderful Mexican culture.


Elderly visitors bird sightsee at UTB, a flourishing campus. Unlike universities of major cities, UTB has no skyscrapers. Instead, it has towering palm trees, rich, green landscapes of arboreal, grass, blooming flowers, and fluttering yellow and light blue birds, on land. Below the water surface there are ducks, white swans, and turtle families. This company comes to the water surface at UTB while students are studying on campus. Glistening rivers enrich the soil and are crossed above by bridges, giving students outstanding scenery at UTB. UTB is unique since it is the southernmost university of the United States of America.


It has many different ethnecities, but because its near Mexico its highest population is made of hispanic students of low income and because of this most students are very dedicated becasue they appreciate, and truly value the oportunities provided by the university. In the other hand the university corresponds by providing many opportunities and programs to help students.


Texas Southmost College is very unique in many ways, if I had to chose one reason why its unique it would definitely be oportunity. At Texas Southmost College not only do they make you feel very welcome, but they as well help you bring out the best in you. As my first year in college it is easy to say that the staff at Texas Southmost College have helped me immensly to help me reach my goals as a first time college student.


What is unique to my school is the culture. The University of Texas at Brownsville being in a border town creates a unique culture and set of practices. I have lived in several different places within the United States and never before have I encountered such a culture. There is a mixture of every culture here. There is a sense of acceptance in Brownsville that I have never before experienced. Because of such a diverse culture group, peer acceptance is easily found. This is why I chose UTB.


It is a great campus with a lot of ativities. Therefore, it is on the frontier, which means that the cultural diversity is very broad.


I love my univiersity because all the campus activities allow me to have a social life while in school.Also the professors and staff are so helpful and care about their students.I'm so happy I choose UTB once you come here you won't leave you build really strong lasting realtionships here with faculty and students!!!:) GO OCELOTS!!!!!!


The most unique thing about my school is probably the fact that one can identify with so many other people. Most people who attend UTB have very similar backgrounds and current standings and so it is easy to find many friendly people (not that it's not easy in other colleges). It's a very nice school with a dedicated staff that tries to push it's studnets beyonds what's expected of them.


It is close to my home and some of my closest friends attend it.


what is unique about the university that i am attending is that here everyone gets along. You see the people that you graduate with and have seen since you were small. and other schools everyone is in there own little world.


What I find unique about this school would have to be the professors. They are all differnent and what I really like is that they all seem to have a broad knowledge of whatever it is they are teaching. I feel that with the professors I have had, I now have greater understanding of the Degree I will be receiveing. They make me feel confident in myself and what it is I will earn my degree in.


Unlike most campus', UT Brownsville is beautiful. The school really places alot of emphasis on keeping the school looking clean and pretty. Native plants and trees can be found all around. Very tropical.


The University l has amazing people and the campus in a way feels like a second home. Before the school started I was scared because I had the mentality that the people where very serious and mean. When the semester started I noticed that the people where very nice and when you need help they are there for you. The campus itself makes you feel at home, they offer many activities that help you relax after a hectic day.


It is located like five minutes away from the Mexcian-American border!! You can have an American culture one day and a Mexican culture the next. Not only is it five minutes away, but there are also stores to shop at across the road in downtown Brownsville.


My school has special care for students that struggle academically. My school has this labs that are there to help out students with any questions concerning with their classes. On this labs the school has certified tutors that are ready to help out the students with shool work, for example; math, writting, and reading.


My school is more unique, because there is a lot of history in it. And you get scared a lot because there are too many horror stories about this schoo, so it is very unique in the way of history.


I would say that UTB has a really wide cultural background. It is located near the border of Mexico, and you can find people that have descendants from all around the world. In UTB you can also find many programs and people that would gladly help you in case you are struggling with a class or if you just need advice.


I have noticed that in UTB, the dorms have full kitchens and are more like apartments. In other schools, i noticed that they do not have kitchens inside of their dorms. They have to walk to another hallway to reach the kitchen. UTB is also unique because we have more hispanics so a lot of people talk Spanish.


I really dont know what is unique about compared to other school because i never really looked or thought about assisting any other university.


The university of Texas at Brownsville is a Hispanic serving institution, so you see the sort of comraderie that comes with that. People here are very friendly and eager toh elp one another, so it's a good backbone for a difficult class or something similar. You find that all of the architecture sticks to one theme, and I also like that about UTB - you have a home-y feeling and it's really quite lovely.


This school is right in my own community. Few universities offer the chance to work in nursing as an LVN/LPN to a Master's In Nursing. Not only that, the school is somewhat affordable for me as a low income student. The fact that school is about 10 minutes away from my home is great and I can achieve my career goals of receiving my Master's in Nursing.


The University of Texas at Brownsville is unique simply by the people that surround it. Everyone is very friendly and the campus is easy to get around. Everyone is always willing to help. There are many traditions and events that take place every year that are not seen or experienced in other schools. A lot can be told by the fact that UTB is the southmmost college in Texas. With it comes the diversity in cultures from both Mexican and American people.


The school I attend has a variety of students from different countries. I have heard students say how the school they come from you mostly see people of the same background. I have come to know people who speak a different language this to me is really interesting.


The most unique aspect to UT-Brownsville is its location! No other group of students can say that while sitting in their Art Appreciation class are they a few feet away from an entirely different country or in need of a passport. The diversity is as abundant as the clothes every individual wears.