Texas Southmost College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


We do have an awesome Recreational Center that we kind of share with UTRGV. Nevertheless, It has a pool and 3 courts for indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball. It is really neat they also have workout equipment and Zumba classes.


I brag about my instructors the most, my instructors are incredible and really know how to grasp the attention of the class and keep it. My instructors are hilarious and know how to interact with every age group. I brag about how intelligent my instructors are and how they make an intense subject so easy to learn and remember.


The College has a good ratio of professors to students . I really like that if you send an email to your professor they will respond quickly. They have office hours in which you can contact them or even after class they will take time to answer whatever question or doubt you may have. The professor I have had are good teachers that are more than willingly their to help you.


When I see my friends I always brag about how my school is so much of a hangout place.


I usually brag about how there are many amazing clubs you can join that teach you how to become a leader in your community. The enviorment on campus is so friendly, you can and will make friends there. I can say that personally, I was nervous about entering TSC because I thought that it would be like the movies where the senior and older students treat you bad at first. But once i stepped foot on campus, I had the best first day! There many fun activities that are open to everyone and we have school spirit!!


I usually brag about how big the campus is and how amazing the rec is.


Currently, since I am still adapting to the college life, I do not necessarily have anything to brag about the college.


I talk to my friends about all the help my University has. They have good programs at TSC, TSC wants every student to join a club and have fun at college. To let know the students that the University is not only where you stress out about work but, as well to help you, undrestand you; another family you can count on. How undrestanding the teachers are, the undrestand the students about their private life too, and the good lessons they give us. They explain every detail of the lesson, with lots of patience.


Education success, cars, and the gilfriend.


I would mainly brag about the University's Music Department. It is so amazing and to hear the different ensembles like the UTB Symphony Orchestra, or the Chamber Ensembles or even faculty ensembles, they are all equally amazing. These fellow students practice and it pays off when it comes to the actual day of the concert. Everyone is so friendly as well in the music department. The Professors are understanding and the students help out when needed.


About all UTB students spirit. We are a university with a majority of hispanic students.


I tell my friends about how UTB is a well-respected and of a higher esteem then any of the other schools here in Brownsville. That it has a huge amount of classes to choose from, and a wonderful staff and is the best way to take care of my education for my future.


We can see the Border Fence from our campus.


Many of my friends from high school are studying in far away Universities. One of the things i brag the most is that I get to go back home everyday. I have a warm place to go and bed. My family is always there to support me in every decision. My mom cooks for me, something that i truly love.


I personally brag about that The University of Texas at Brownsville can compete with up-north schools. Every school is the same.

Maria Renee

The University of Texas at Brownsville is the place to be. It enriches the Tex-Mex culture with a series of unforgettable events. People from all cultures, ethnicity, and race are welcome with open arms. UTB has a wide range of students from across the world. There isn't a "kind" of person who isn't immediately accepted into the community. This university will welcome any person with open arms.


When I talk to my friends from my school in general because all that is in it, from the installations to the instructors and the service they offer to me is of high quality. And I feel so proud to be at the University of Texas at Brownsville.


The student life is so awesome. There's so many campus activities to do.


Because the university is smaller than most universities of high honorable names it gives the instructures more time to focous on their students to actually understand the material needed in their degree rather than just getting the grades.


I brag that my University is close to my home.


the classes are not that big and it gives students a better chance at understanding the class. unlike most UT schools that can have hundreds of students per class at a time. It is also in a very good location that encourges ethnic diversity.




The Sports center offers a state of the art weight room, volley ball courts, basket ball courts and racket ball courts. The swiming pool is great. This University is close to Mexico, so there is an International culture. The beach is 40 minutes away with one of the best spring break destinations of the country, South Padre Island.


I'm getting an awesome education!


The Arts Center located in our university is a community attraction. As a transfer student I can say it is one of the nicest Fine Arts centers I have seen.


How my college keeps expanding and becoming bigger. Also how there are always activities to participate on and that everyone is very helpful when you ask question.


What I like best about this school is that having good communication with the professors helps to build a strong network.


When i go out on a social date with my friends we tend to talk about the universities that we attend and describe the pros and the cons. I always talk about how all the people at the university are friendl and how everone knows each other. It is awesome walking into a room and people you dont really know say hi and ask how your days been thats just very amazing.


they get all excited


The University of Texas at Brownsville Teacher's are over qualified the majority of them come from University's outside of the state and have their Ph. D. Unlike other university's where the teacher student relationship in the classroom is by a seat number, here at the University of Texas at Brownsville classes are small so teachers can actually relate your name to your face. Not all students can say that they have the best school but i can Im a criminal justice major and this is my school.




I brag about how beautiful the campus is and how unique it is to other universites due to having two campuses in one with the old mall in Brownsville now being part of the UTB system. I love how the school just keeps expanding and the beauty it brings to the city. It's so close to downtown that UTB organizations usually set up booths and entertainment in the community around them.


UTB makes registering for classes as easy as tying your shoes. With the powerful tool known as the internet, registering a class, and for that matter dropping a class, has never been easier. Classes are categorized either alphabetically or by major, instantly enabling you to locate the class you are looking for. Registered for a wrong class or come to realize that classes overlap? With a few easy clicks, you can instantly drop the course and fix it yourself. The convenient way of registering for classes at UTB makes it something worth bragging to friends.


Mostly, I like to tell my friends about my collegiate grades; I achieved 3 A's and one B during my first semester at UTB. It feels great to be able to successfully meet the challenges of college and be recognized for it by making the Dean's list.


we have a nice brand new library eith three floors. filled with more books and bigger study rooms to have more people in a room to study with plasma tv's available. the new REK center with a nice swimming pool and great stations and machinary to use and stay fit and healthy.


Our new REK center!


Every student in college sometimes brags about his/her school dont you think? I must admit that UTB is sometimes what I brag about to my friends. Many of my friends don't have the advantage that I have. I usually brag about how I don't have to be away from the wondeful family that I have since the university is in my homewotwn. Something else I like to brag about my school are the recreation centers they have. They have from sports to dance and to clubs so many things you can be entertained about. Brag about UTB!


Its in the town we grew up in. Its not considered a Commuity Collge which ususally students attending college frown down upon. Its beautiful with all the culture that surrounds the campus as well as the History behind how to school got started and even Historical events that have happened where our University is on.


The fact that the education is very inexpensive. the value of the education far outweighs the price.


You can have a very flexible schedule in which you can work and study at the same time. It is easy to stay focused in school in this campus and finish quickly. If you demontrsate that you want to excell, staff will help you succeed.


Our president is amazing. Our campus is located right in the middle of the border wall project. She fought to have the border wall built around our school...not right through it. She is also on the Barack Obama's transition team. We have also recieved a multimillion dollar grant for contruction on our campus. We are now half way through building a 2nd library, a 3 story gym, a new daycare center and new education buildings. things are looking pretty good here on our already beautiful campus.


State of the art buildings, diverse cultural faculty, diverse opportunities that my university offers


some classes are very easy


The diversity of teachers and students is immense. It is really interesting to meet people with different background and way of thinking. I consider that diversity is a key characteristic of UTB which gives more value to the school's environment and daily life.