Texas Tech University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Sometimes, there is not enough interaction in online courses.


The worst thing about Texas Tech is the location. We are in the middle of West Texas which is very flat and not that pretty. We also get wind storms because there is nothing to stop the wind from rolling in.


I would definetly consider the lack of parking the worst thing about my university.


The campus is very large and sprawling, making it difficult sometimes to get to class on time. Especially if you have classes on opposite ends of campus. With only 10 minutes between classes you could frequently be late. But once you decide on a major, most of your classes are all in one building, plus as long as you know the bus routes, you can just hop on and ride across campus.


The worst thing would have to be the parking situations on campus. I just think that the people who give tickets make everything harder than it really should be.


The wather. It get really cold in lubbock and it is so flat that the wind blows really hard and the chill cuts right though you


It's a huge campus....the largest land campus in the nation, and walking across it takes 4ever


Largest Campus in the Nation


There are some pretty closed minded people here but I'm sure you can find those anywhere.


The distance from my home town and the size of the campus. At times it takes a long time to reach each of my classes.


Alchohal is very prefilent and I don't dirnk, but some people have to whenever they can as an excuse to have fun. Tech when it rains it floods.


not being recognized more by other schools in the nation


the small recycling program its too small, there is only a few recycle bins around campus but that is about it. there is no push to be environmently friendly.


I think the retention rate is the worste thing about my school. The administration needs to pay more attention to what the students think and want than what some of the elitists want. They make the environment conducive to thier likes and not those of there clients (students) sometimes. This catering to the few can leave a sour taste in many others.


The worst thing would be the lack of communication between departments


I wish there was more academic help in more concentrated courses. I would also like the town Texas Tech is in to have more to offer as far as a way to "get away" or for entertainment. Drinking, and drugs seems to be very common around here. It seems as though one has to be very thoughtful and creative in order to do something different, I suppose it makes some of us more interesting people.

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