Texas Tech University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


A lot of people take college for granted. Me on the other hand, take it as an opportunity to succeed. Many people dream to be here, but I am actually here doing what I have to do to make it in life. This experience is valuable on so many levels. The knowledge and networking you get for your future job is something that I absolutely love. Those two things are something that can make or break you in the corporate world. I take both very seriously. Also, the friendships you gain in college are amazing. You think the people you grow up with are going to be there, but they're not, you get to college and build relationships that help you grow as a person. Being able to grow up and mature has helped me a lot. College is the stepping stone to maturity. You spend all the time in high school, to get you to college, to learn something in every aspect to help you survive and reach your own level of success. I love that!


My college experience thus far has taught me how to be more independent and the importance of self-motivation. College is the next big step in life after graduating from high school, and at this point, everything is my responsibility. I have to make sure that I am on top of things and keeping my priorities in order at all times. It is such a valuable experience because it teaches a person how to function in the real world when exposed to almost endless freedom and choices that may or may not benefit them. The main goal of college, to obtain an education, holds priceless value in itself. In order to be successful in this world, it has been shown that education is key. All in all, college is a rewarding experience, and if approached responsibly, may yield much prosperity in the end.


My experience at Texas Tech University was extremely valuable. Not only did I receive an outstanding education, I was able to tap into resources and reap the benefits of the multi-cultural faculty and research efforts at Tech. The interaction of students and professors from various backgrounds and creditials helped me assimilate into the corporate world with a vast understanding of social and business practices. As important as the educational impacts of attending Texas Tech, the experience of campus life and the life-long relationships that I formed during that time are invaluable. The connections I continue to make in the business world as a result of my experience at Texas Tech are a vital part of my career and community involvement. It is difficult to measure the value of my experience but can best be summed up by the fact that the impact of my experience at Texas Tech Univeristy was a life changing and helped make all things possible.


What I have gotten out of being in college for a full semester is really becoming my own person and learning how to be assertive when the time is necessary. My major is Construction Engineering, which is a male dominated world to the max. Many people questioned why a weak girl like me who is known to be a push over would want to enter into that line of work. My answer is because my passion is building homes, and I am not going to let a man stop me. I have had to learn how to be independent since my mom lives eight hours away now. There is no more crying to Mom and having her handle my problems. Don’t get me wrong, I still cry but when my tears are finished falling, I go to my wrong and make it right. Anybody with the will really can do anything. People assume that engineers are great at math. I am probably average or below average. That just means I have to work twice as hard to achieve my dream that I know will make me happy in the future. Hard work just makes you that much more successful.


My college experience is one that I will treasure forever and never forget. Not only have I learned the value of life and how you should not take it for granted, but also the gift of education. Without my college experience I would not be able to go through life as strong and as determined as I am now, my goals would not have been able to be reached, and I would not have met the wonderful people I will cherish forever. I believe everyone should have the opporuinty and drive to attend college, you are able to learn so much about yourself and you truely come to face with who you really are. College is a place that will better further you in life and better yourself and give you the life you deserve. A college degree is something that nobody can ever take away from you and something that can only take you far in life, and it's something that means the world to me.


I have been in three different college since I graduated from High School. The first one was University of Houston where I took my ESL classes in 2 semester. I learned english so fast there that I did not need to complete the program and decided to continue my educcation at Houston community college. In 2 years every thing was going fine, I had a nice experience with USA college and I succesfully have done all my requirement there for my first years of my chemical engineer bachelor. Finally, Texas tech university let me in there school where I learned that was a little bit harder than I thought. In my last 2 years of school Iam giving more work than I used to do. They are really trying to get all their student ready for their careers. You are learning what you supposed to. It is really a bid advantage for me to attend those three universities because they guided me through my step. From a me not knowing how to speak english to a me getting ready to graduate in chemical engineer that is really the best thing happening in my life.


The decision to attend Texas Tech University has been easily one of the best chocies I've made. I'm a Biology major and after graduation, I will attend the Physician Assistant Program that Tech offers. As an undergraduate, Texas Tech professors have granted me the ability to be extremely hands on, as well as inspire me to learn outside of the classroom. For example, I took a summer class that allowed me to travel to the Llano River in Texas to study reptiles and amphibians. Instead of only listening to a lecture or reading a book, we accompanied our professor into the field to search for the animals themselves. Once found, we would return them to the classroom to study their behaviors, movements, etc. One lecture, we were studying the different moving patterns snakes use. Instead of watching different clilps, my professor took various snakes out of their temporary classroom homes , set them on the ground, and slightly aggitated them to allow for us to see their movements in person. It is events such as this that reminds me what a rewarding experience Tech has been and makes me increasingly excited to continue my education with this school.


In my college experience so far, I have been lucky to have met so many people with different backgrounds. It is fascinating how much one can learn by just exchanging so many different ideas. Without a college life, it would be very difficult to diversify my life.


So far throughout my college experience I have gained valuable knowledge that I will be able to take with me once I graduate. First off, I have learned how to manage my time. Balancing 4 courses, club activities, and new friends at first was a challenge for me but soon thereafter I learned how to better juggle my activities and put my priorities in order. Another thing I have gained from my college experience is how to manage money. Before college I was used to my parents paying for the daily things that I needed. Now that I'm off on my own and my parents are 500 miles away I needed to grow up quickly and college was just the place for me to do so. I've also earned unmatched information provided through the professors and advisors at Texas Tech University; they have all been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I'ts been valueable for me to attend college because there is no place else that I can recieve the education and training needed to succeed in this competitive world.


The most valuable thing that I have attained from my college experience is to think for myself. There is no price that can be put on the ability to be subjective and openminded and to make your own opinions without being spoonfed ideals. This life lesson is important outside of college and in the real world. In college one learns there is so much more than what our parents and highschool teachers have taught us. College really opens up the doors and teaches us to think for ourselves. There are so many possibilities in the world and so much we can make of ourselves. My college experience has taught me that there is no limit to learning and to attaining the knowledge I desire. I can accomplish all that I wish because I have opened up my mind and have the ability to discover the world for myself. Attending college changed my life and who I am.


College has opened a whole new world for myself. College has boosted my self esteem. I have learned many things related to my school work. Theres a joy of learning something new , but theres an even greater joy of learning more in depth something you have been learning for years. College to me is not what it seems it makes you look at things from a different perspective, which is key in the real world. Knowledge is power and that is definitly what i am gaining. Not only have I learned from my school work but my teachers have also taught me common sense. It is vauable to attend college because you will have an advantage in life. Also it is thing to have on your resume when searching for a job while in school. College helps me get one step closer to acheiving my goals in life.


There are so many things I have gotten out of my college education. One specific example is the ability to learn. Many students think going to school is just a memory game. Although this method allows many students to maintain a high GPA, they are not learning the information. To me learning information in a class is not just the ability to preform well on the tests, but to also be able to apply the knowledge you have gained from the class in real life situtions. My goal is to persue a career in the medical field, making this concept even more prevalent. A patient does not want a doctor who has just "memorized" his way through medical school, but a doctor who learned in medical school and can apply his knowledge to their situation.


While I've been at college, I've really discovered who I am and what my values are. During high school, many of my ideas were formed from my parents ideas, and I was held to their standards. Since leaving for college, I have found out what my standards are and have to hold myself to them without my parents standing over my shoulder guiding my way. I've made new friends, made some good grades and some bad ones, and I've learned from the many mistakes I've made out on my own. College has been a crash course on who I am and who I am becoming.


Throughout my college career I have only wanted to do one thing and that was to become a nurse. I have had my fair share of a bumpy road and am finally on a straighter tract to completing my goals. What I have learned the most is dedication, to never give up when things do not go the way that you would want them to go, but to keep pushing yourself to the finish line. With dedication, one also learns that motivation is what allows one to be dedicated. The motivation that one puts on them is proven when a student stays up till two am either writing a paper or studying for an exam and then waking up at six am to make it to their seven thirty class. But in the end, you complete the courses, you graduate, and then you start your career. The value of a college degree is well worth the time, the effort, the long nights, the early mornings, the tears and exhaustion. To be able to say that you finally “did it”, makes the whole process rewarding in its self.


I am actually just going back to school after an 8 year hiatus. I realized I was too young and dumb, basically not ready to go when I did right out of highschool. I have had plenty of time now to grow up and decide what it is I am going to do with my life. I had my fair share of having fun and goofing off, but that time a has passed and it is time to get serious. So, I actually start next month, but know already what valuable experiences I am immediately going to acquire. I am now more ready and able to go, and very excited.


College education so far has given me the skill and drive to reach for what i was always afraid of.


My college experience thus far has been wonderful. I cannot think of a better place for me to continue my education and gain memorable experiences that change my life and better me as a person. I believe the value of an education at Texas Tech University is not only determined by the top notch academics and the environment of a Big 12 school, but the people here at Texas Tech make the experience one that is unforgettable. The professors and my peers have made my education and experience better than I could have ever dreamed possible. When I graduate from Texas Tech University I will be a self-sufficient and successful individual, and this is the type of individual that makes a difference in the world. I am proud to say I am a Red Raider and I most definitely believe the motto here at Texas Tech: “From here it is possible.”


Out of my college experience i have learned the value of hardwork.. I want to go far in life and to do so i have to do well in college. That required changing who my friends were and changing my study habits. Things that were for the best. College is not an easy task to conquer but I am taking one step at a time and doing just fine.


I have learned how to manage my time and look out for people worthy of my friendship. Surprisingly, interpersonal relationships have been a big source of stress for me, and cause for some of my academic downfalls. I think I have learned to read people's intentions better and look for qualities that might make them mutually-beneficial to my (and their) stay here. College has a been a crazy ride this past semester, but I don't regret choosing to come here. I know that hardships are only temporary and I'll be glad I pursued a higher education in a time when jobs are so scarce.


Texas Tech has been a good experience because it has taught me how to work with people. By being thrown into a new situation living with a person I did not even know I had to learn how to communicate effectively. My roomate is the complete opposite of me. I am very outgoing and love people. My roomate loves to read and be a home body. I have had to learn to work with her through our differences. Tech has also taught me how to work with people by being in a diverse situation. There are people of different race, religion, and overall mindset. I have learned how to state my point but also have an open mind to other peoples' opinions. Texas Tech is a great school to build social skills and learn to relate to people.


I have gained an independence from my parents and I have become an adult. I've had the opportunity to participate in many campus organizations. I have been able to further my education and have been invited into many honors societies, one for being in the top 10% of my class enrolled in the business school.


It helped me learn how to start my own life and be independent. It is helping with giving me a nice transition into the real world by providing a big city effect within the campus. I also love the teaching styles that different professors use. The sporting events and other university related events are always going on so there is always something to do. I'm just having so much fun!


I have gotten so much out of Texas Tech so much already. I don't feel stressed but I am still getting great grades and have friends I can have fun with. Anytime I need something or I'm confused I can ask anyone and I mean anyone. The atmosphere is always happy and active. There are so many things that you can get involved with fast and easy any time of year. Every one in the town and on campus are very polite and welcoming. I'm finding myself already along with the people around me. I'm taking 14 credit hours and it feels like nothing. I have friends who are taking 17 and that feels like nothing to them also. To be able to wake up every morning and not be stressed out about grades or class is the best plus a school could give a student.


I have been lucky to be involved in Raider Sisters for Christ, a Christian sorority that is focused on striving after Christ and preparing women to be leaders on campus. This has been the best part of my college experience, because there is such a great group of girls involved in it, with a variety of majors so there is always help in classes. Also being able to walk around campus and be surrounded by such an awesome community of Red Raiders!


I have really grown more into my own person being away at college on my own. It is a big step to not have to ask mom or dad if it is okay to go out on a school night or to have them cook for you everynight. It has been valuable not only for me to go to school but for me to attend a university that is hours away from where I grew up. It throws you into the world on your own and is a real test as to what kind of adult you are turning into, are you the kid that skips class to play in the park, or are you the adult who will walk to class in the snow because there may be something you need to know from that days class. Are you the kid that will be at the front of the class with the answers to what the professor is asking, or will you be the kid that barely comes to class and who the professor knows as the slacker that skips out after roll? You take it all into your own hands here.


As anyone can attest to, an education in today’s world is of utmost importance. Without a degree, higher paying jobs are much more difficult to come by. By obtaining a degree, I have set myself up for a better future for myself and for my posterity. Aside from the obvious educational benefits, my education has also provided me an opportunity to excel both in the workforce as well as in my personal life. Attending college is much more than just going to class day in and day out; you learn about relationships, goal-setting, financial planning and money management, patriotism, camaraderie, and many more invaluable lessons.


I chose my major after taking an internship at an architecture office in the summer of 2008. One of the owners had attended Texas Tech University and so had many other employees in the office. I looked into Texas Tech University and the University of New Mexico. I not only chose Texas Tech because I enjoyed their fast paced program but also because if I had attended UNM they would have set me behind a year to take two prerequisites. The councilors in the architecture department at TTU made me feel very confident that I could succeed in their program. Throughout the fall and spring semesters I was certain that I had chose the right major and furthermore the right campus. Every day spent in my classes I was filled with such a great sense of accomplishment because I was learning what I loved. After my first year in the architecture program I had to apply to the second year of the program. The application process was very time consuming and tedious, but the professors and councilors helped us stay on track. In June of 2010 I received a letter saying I was accepted into the program of architecture.


The experiences I have gotten out college are better studying habits, working with others in my class room, giving speeches, working with hands on projects, and learning a lot from the professors. Taking class from Sac City College has prepared me for a lot of things in life, just by being surrounded with college students, walking around on a college campus, and having thirty to forty students in one class was a big experience for me. It teaches you responsibily and independency . It has been valuable to attend college because it teaches you how to grow up and how to explore education on a whole new level. City College is preparing me for the next step in college, which is UC or State college. I believe City College helps you out a lot. For example, if you are not for sure what you want to major in, you can go to City and take your A-G requirements and explore your interests. And by exploring what you like to do, you can find what you want to major and do for the rest of your life.


From my college experience, I have realized how much potential I truly have to become the doctor I have always dreamed of being. College has been hard, but the more obstacles I overcome, the more passion and motivation I have to achieve my goals. I now believe in myself and believe that I am as good as anybody else to do what makes me happy and I deserve to be happy.


So far, my trade school experience has given me a stronger work ethic. PTI holds strong values and supports puncutality, hard work, and dedicationi. When I get out of here, I will have the strength and "smarts" to show up every day on time to my job and do the best that I can. With the training I am getting in the computer programs and legal research, I am really excited to get into the working world outside of fast food. I have to work 20 hours on top of going to school for 38 hours a week to get free child care. I am away from my little baby over 58 hours a week! I have decided to work hard in school while I was pregnant to give my son the best life I can offer him. So to me, for this one little year, it is worth it to work my rear-end off at school and work to get to spend more time with my beautiful baby boy when I graduate.


Since attending i have a sence of accomplishment and is inspired to further my education.


I have got a wonderful education that i will use in the future in the classroom that i will teach in one day.


For me, going to school was a great way to get out of my house and learn on my own. I have learned how to handle money by myself, how to cook for myself, how to do my own laundry, and a lot of other things. I grew up a lot in my first year, and I know that the learning will continue as I go through school. I have learned more than just real life skills. In my classes, I have met many new and different people and have learned about different communites and different aspects of life that I never realized. College to me, made me grow up and really opened my eyes to the way other people lived. College is valuable to attend because you get to higher your education and get a chance to get a successful job that you couldn't get without a college education.


I have discovered after attending Texas Tech for two years that my views on politics and the world are somewhat different from the majority of students that attend Texas Tech. Although we have different views I have learned that only through my acceptance of other people's differences and my own can there be success my relationship with myself and others. I have also learned to balance outside activities with my academic career. This lesson was not as simple as I'd hoped but in the last year I feel that I have figured out how to have a successful academic life as well as social life. My first year in school was a difficult adjustment but with this balance that I have recently dicovered I have brought my GPA up from a 2.3 to a 3.0 in a year. Also in the last year I have found something that I am truely passionate about which is healthcare and I am fully focused and determined on getting my masters in science of nursing so I can pursue a successful career as a practicing nurse-midwife. Only through this balance of academics and extracurriculars can this goal be successful.


College has been a big learning experience for me. I came in as a lost freshman expecting things to be different from what they really are. I have made many new friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel accepted and close to these people when I thought I'd be alone. I have enjoyed my courses because they are valuable not only to my degree but to my life in the long run. I have really got to experience the meaning of responisbility at a higher level. This means managing my money and time wisely, and prioritizing what's important. These things will help me in life as I move on to bigger tasks like juggling a career, bills, and a family. College has helped me get involved in service and honor sororities that give me opportunities to make a difference for our community while strengthening relationships. Being in the Goin' Band has made me feel like I'm a part of an important chunk of the exciting university atmosphere. I have had incredible amounts of fun and also advanced to a leadership position. I am so lucky to be advancing my education at a respectable and diverse school.


I believe that I have gained a sense of community and family. I have learned both architecture and design, but core curriculum, as well as organization and time management skills and people skills.


I have been in the hospitality business for the last 10 years. I have cooked and ran kitchens from the military to institutional to your simple restaurant. Naturally a college degree from the RHIM section will help in my career. College experience from Texas Tech has really opened my eyes in my field of choice. The professors and Career services are very helpful on finding you a job and internships. in my case they found me a job and have helped me decide to study abroad in Switzterland to study at one of the best Hospitality schools in the world. Being from Texas the school has a certain pride to it. Everyone wears the red and black . They very popular Wreck 'em Tech saying is all over the place. Plus the moral of the school is up due to our plan to become a tier 1 school. Due the vast of networking and edcucations in my field has been most valuable to me. Everyone need a type of college experience.


More than simply knowledge, I have befriended some truly amazing people - those who have battled with medical issues, familial instability, financial hardships, immigration and immersion difficulties as well as the unfortunate racial tribulations many are still forced to deal with - who have surpassed such trials and are striving toward excellence to do something worthwhile with their lives. Becoming part of this inspiring environment encourages me every day to continue with my education regardless of academic struggles, in order to someday work to better the lives and communities of those less fortunate.


I have obtained a tremendous amount of knowledge and growth in the short time that I have been in college. Through the classes I have taken and the amazing professors who I have been graced with, I have learned so much not only about matematics, English, science, sociology, and othe courses that I have taken but also about myself. I have learnt self-determination, dedication to my education, and all of the doors and opportunities that it has opened for me physically and mentally. I am able to view different experiences in new ways through the education I am able to have. I am very grateful for my educational journey and all of those who have helped me along the way. I hope to continue to grow and look forward to the vast opporttunities that knowledge and education has granted me.


In my college experience I have received an incredible amount of value. Within furthering my eduction I have learned determination, committment and time management. I know it was essential for me to attend college and further my edcuation, because I knew I needed to push myself as far as I could go. In attending college I have dedicated my time in efforts to doing my best in my academics, and in my community leadership. In doing so, I have learned how to focus my mind and my life on edcuation, and still balance the extracurricular activities I enjoy. College has taught me about opening up my understanding, and finding answers for myself. My professors have pushed me to do better, to try harder and to offer nothing but my best. College has taught me a sense of pride in my work, confidence in my life choices, and happiness in what I can do! Because I attended college, my life has limitless possibilities. I will continue to attend college until, I feel, my education is complete. College has inspired me to be a better person in every walk of life.


Being college experience has made and inpact in my life and I have learn so much. I Saw myself doing Theatre in my further becuase that is my dreams. I learn how to seek information, make use of my time. Its been a value to me to attend college becuase it make me a better thinker, having wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Knowledge inspires me. Someone once told me "The value of having an education is is more than a moneys worth." First of all I have gotten confident in myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I have gotten information that my time is money, on time, follow direction, listening effectively, dress apropriate, study hard, How to mit the right people. I experience how to communicate with people with different race and backgroung. It value me to attend college because I could see myself more mature and helps me in critical thinking. I see myself graduating with a Bachelor in Theatre. Finally experiecing college and knowing the value of it made me want to press forward in school and in life. I would also like to bring change in my community and school.


I have gotten a great experience of leadership which I will be able to contribute to the world once I have graduated. I have learned how to expand all my attributes so that I am performing them to the fullest at any given time. I have experienced how to develop time management so that I could fulfill my duties in the class room and any extracurricular activity that I might be performing at the time. It has been very valuable to attend this University. I have learned and gained so much since I have been here. It is a great campus with a lot of opportunity to be taken advantage of. I have learned a lot already and still have much more to learn. I have been able to see my full potential in some areas. There is much to experience at this school from athletics, academics, social activities, to job opportunities.


My name is Dalia Alvarez I have received my Associates of Science in Health Care Administraion. A positive outcome has come out of my college experience. I have the knowledge that I did not have two years ago. My college experience has taught me how important it is to have a goal in life and finish it. It has made me a educated young lady in society that knows what she wants and how she will reach and finish her goal in life. Attending college has been very important to me because it prepares me for my future goals in life. The value of attending college is something that many take for granted. I in the other hand do not take it for granted I take it as a blessing in my life to have the opportunity to become a successful person in society. To be able to provide my parents with a better future is the best thing in my life I can do and will do. Attending college and receiving my degree was always important for my family and myself. All I wanted to do is make them proud and to see their face of joy was priceless.


I have really learned a lot about me and what being responsible really means. I know what being in the real world will be like. In many ways college is my training wheels to being a full adult. Attending has changed my life and showed me what I really want out of life .


I would tell myself not to be shy, and never to be ashamed of who you are. That there are people from every group in college, and if one group does not accept you, it just means that you are closer to finding the one that will. I would tell myself to always remember to be safe and smart with who you drink around. That it is okay to reevaluate your friendships and figure out who is really worth keeping in your life. Sometimes when you do this, you find that just one person is left standing, which is fine. I would tell myself to never stop dancing, even when money becomes an issue, it feels good to just dance alone in your room. The same can be said for singing, even though is not career choice. I would tell myself to have taken more pictures with the family, because as you flip through your albums on your computer, you have mostly pictures of your cat, flowers, friends, and just about everything else. I would emphasize taking a camera on random trips you take with your family, because those strange personal moments make you feel better when your alone.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have so much advice to give myself about my upcoming transition. The main advice I would hand out is to stay true to whom I was, and to be careful in choosing the friends in my life. I learned the hard way by having my new so called best friends turn their backs on me in times of need. The vulnerability that college freshmen feel is tragic and often dangerous. It took a while for me to realize that I still was just a little girl and all I needed to be happy in college was to be myself. Now I live my life according to my standards, and not by the standards of a stranger. Although all this advice would be very helpful in a sense, I think that without experiencing everything I did then I wouldn?t be the person I am today.


I would have told myself to apply for scholarships before. Also not to go through sorority rush or to research more about it. I would have told myself to assist to all the orientation events and not miss any. To save money and her a car.


If I could go back to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to enjoy school more. I would talk about taking more time to do extra curricular activities and to enjoy events more. I worked through my entire college career and didn't have time to enjoy it. I would also mention taking a few fun classes as electives. Having fun is just as important as the academics, if you can find the balance between them. And finding that balance is what a lot of students have problems with.


Know you can succeed. That?s all I would say to me if I was able to go back those three years. I was so afraid of college life and academics after high school that I nearly had a panic attack. My family believed in me and pushed me to be greater than what I limited myself to in school, yet the biggest obstacle to my success was myself. Hearing stories of hard work and long hours scared me because I never felt like I had achieved much in the low intensity school I attended then. And I seriously felt inadequate academically among my peers so if they were hurting, what would it be like for me? My family believed I could do it but the most important person for my success, me, still couldn?t grasp the idea. Yet, my 2nd year I walked away from the hardest semester with a 4.0 and a sense of accomplishment. It may be clich? but the only thing I should learn is that, despite my accomplishments senior year, college is a clean slate and the only thing holding me back is me. So, just know that you can succeed.


Everyone always says that college is the time where you learn how to be an adult; that you?re preparing yourself for your future career; however, many people don?t add that while you?re learning how to be an adult, it is expected that you should still be able to make vital decisions about your adult life that will affect your entire future. This was incredibly daunting for me, especially since as a high school student I didn?t have any idea where I wanted to go with my life. As a result, I relied on other?s opinions of me more than my own, and have only recently have learned to trust my own insight, much to my detriment. Therefore, if I could give some advice to anyone beginning college, it would be to trust that you know yourself more than you think, to pursue what you know you find enjoyable and fun, and not to worry if it seems like everyone else knows exactly where they?re heading, just do what you love and eventually you?ll figure out your path, on your own terms.

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