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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would advise them to now be afraid to expand their horizons and to try new things.


I suggest that you visit the school if at all possible, that way you get a feeling of what the school is really like, and the type of students that go to that school. Also, I suggest you choose a school based on the major(s) that you are intereested in, because there is a life after college, and that's what college is supposed to prepare you for. If you can, meet with some of the teachers that will be teaching in the area you will be studying in, this will help you get an idea of what types of classes you will be sitting in the next couple of years. The best advance I can give is to never let anyone else tell you where to go to college! If you do, you will regret everyday you are on campus.


Make sure that you as the student feels that it is the right college for you and you are not going because of your parents. You need to make sure that you are going to be able to do your schoolwork, but at the same time it is going to be a place that you can have fun and make long lasting friendships. Finally, you need to be sure that you are willing to do what it takes to stay in school so you can graduate and get a good job.


Enjoy the ride and try to slow down. My father always told me that once I am out of school I will be working for the rest of my life and that school should be like a hobby, something I enjoying doing without being asked twice.


Since I toured nine colleges before choosing Texas Tech University as my school, I consider myself somewhat of an expert on how to choose the right school. So, from my experience, I would say there are three important things you need to look at/for when you go tour a campus: the people, the place, and the programs. First of all, when you go see a school, as shallow as it sounds, you have to like the campus. It has to be in some way aesthetically appealing to you or you won't enjoy your time there. Secondly, it is certainly helpful if the people who greet you upon your arrival are both friendly and helpful so that you feel more at home and comfortable. Last, but certainly not least, you need to consider the strength of the academic programs--specifically those which you will be participating in! Then, once you have found your college home and are a student, the best way to make the most of your college experience is to meet people and get involved! College friendships last a lifetime, as do the impacts of your campus involvement--on the future of the campus itself and you.


I would tell them to make sure you visit the college and take a tour of the campus. Make sure to like the surrounding city and not just the school.


Start looking at colleges in your junior year of highschool because it is a long process. Select a college that is not to big or to small for you. School away from home can be overcome you. Make sure you talk to advisors and financial aid so you are not taken by surprise at the hours of studying you have to put into your degree and the amount of money it cost to attend the college of your choice.


There are a few keys to selecting the best college for student. I highly reccomend that students with low income work and apply for every scholoship available. Try to have as much money as you can for college for incedentals and trips. Money isn't everything but it helps to have a little extra. Live on campus for at least one year just to see what its like and if you happen to not like it then i reccomend looking for an apartment. When looking for the right college you must remember two key thingd: One what you are good at and two what you love to do. Take them both then look at schools that offer both, so just in case you do not like one or the other you are able to easily transfer to one or the other. To succed you must study what you do not know and ask question when ever you are unsure because help is always available somewhere.


Choose some where you will be happy. All colleges provide an education, but not all give you an experience of a life time.


Students - listen to your parents; Parents - listen to your students!


I would advise all parents and students to research as much as possible. It is important to research the tuition and cost of living for different colleges and towns. It is also important to research campus safety, degrees offered, and the average grades of past students. I really believe it is important to find a college that will fit perfectly for the student.


go visit ones that seem nice and thenask as many people there as many questions as possible on every concieveable topic


I wished my parents had better prepared financially for my education. I love them and don't resent them for not being prepared but it would have made my collage experience much less stressful if I didn't have to worry about money all the time. I have great parents but there business has gone through a very difficult time and they have many financial problems. The advise I'd give to students would be to take the time and become aquainted with Universities before they make a selection. I've been very pleased with my educational selection.


Consider location, strength of the academic programs, affordability, and student life options of the universities being looked at. Often, choosing the right college is difficult and must make a list of pros and cons for every school.


I would advise that the student AND parents go visit the campus and take a tour. That's what I did and it helped me decide on my school. I got to see college students in their daily lives, and that made me want to be them. I learned a lot about the campus and history of the school, and I also got to see how the students interacted with each other. Visiting the campus gave both me and my parents a good idea of where I would be spending some of the most challenging and fun years of my life. I would definately suggest that one would take a trip to several universities before choosing one. It helps the student find out if they will be comfortable in that environment.


The best advice I would give parents and/or studens about finding the right college and making the most of the college experience is to start early. I believe everyone should be thinking of their future the day they start high school, or maybe even earlier in middle school. Eventhough you are not aware at such a young age, everything you do are tiny stepping stones to your future. This includes, but is not limited to; keeping up good grades, strong community involvement, active volunteering, keeping your family values first and staying involved in your church to maintain your beliefs. One weak moment can create such havoc and have a large negative impact on the journey you intend to travel. I have always tried to keep my mom's teachings within arms reach - it 's as if her words come out when I speak. I am so very grateful for the persistant nagging (which we will just call "advice") that I endured from her over the years. I truly believe that I am successful and where I am today because of her and for the simple fact that we started planning for college very early in my academic years.


I would recommend students and parents to go on campus tours. When walking through the college, students can really get a feel for the environment and the personality of the students on campus. If available, even try to sit in on a class that he/she might find interesting. College can be a great experience if you put forth the effort. Get involved in a variety of activities, make friends in different crowds, make relationships with professors and students within your major, focus in school, and find a balance between academics and activites.


There are many things to consider when choosing the right college for oneself. Having an idea of what you want to major in should definitely play a huge role in choosing the correct institute for you. The environment, whether the city or the country is preferred should be a factor as well as a larger institution or a school on more of a low scale is what is favored. Once choosing the school that fits ones needs, in order to get the best experience, I believe joining clubs, activities, and becoming active within the school plays a huge role. It?s a great way to make friends, thus increasing your college experience. Utilizing the facilities is another way to make the best of what you are paying for. Attending a university Is a privilege and selecting one should not be taken lightly, and making the best out of one?s opportunity should be taken advantage of.


Your college years are all about growing up into your adult years. In college, you will most likely learn to take responsibility for your own self and life. These years are all about enjoying what's left of your childhood and joining the world of adults (while still remaining a child at heart). I'd have to say that chosing the right college is essential because you will be spending the next four years in a different town and school on your own working towards becoming your better self. Thus, you want to go to a school where you know you will find yourself confortable and happy so as to ease the child-adult transition. If a particular school calls your attention, do not hesitate to apply and follow your hunches while still keeping in mind your program of choice at that school. To make the best out of your experience, my best advise is to simply take one day at a time, join organizations, make friends, study hard, don't cram, and simply love and enjoy every single day of your college experience because once it is over, you cannot bring these years back. I LOVED attending Texas Tech.


Finding the right college is very personal and depends largely on an individual's personal goals, disposition, and what they want out of a college. Take into consideration what you want to accomplish, whether that may be getting accepted into a good med school, being hired upon graduation by an exceptional design firm, or discovering what exactly it is that you want to do in life; yet don't lose sight of the importance of a college experience, and how a good experience will help you grow as an individual. Learning and degrees are important, but they aren't the only valuable life enhancing opputunities to be had at college. Jump into the community and get involved. Join an organization that supports something that means a lot to you. Make the friends that will last a lifetime. Decide the direction of your campus. Develop the social skills that will help you make friends and develop a network of career contacts. Take advantage of all of opputunities that your college offers you, not just the acadmeic ones; but don't forget about them in the midst of all the fun you're going to have. College is challenging, but also fun.


First you have to decide the career path you would like to take. Once you know that it is best to search for the colleges that are best suited for that career. Then, pick the college from those colleges that you like best location wise. To make the most of the college experience once in college a student should try out different groups and join the ones that they enjoy the most. That's a great way to meet friends who are interested in the same things you are interested in. If you don't join any groups it might be hard to make new friends just by going to class. My best advice would be to join at least one group while in college because it will keep you active on campus and give you more of a social life outside of school!


If I had to give one piece of advice about choosing a college, I would tell the family to go visit. Visiting the college on a day when school is in session is the best way to get the "feeling" of the place. You can imagine yourself as part of the crowd and see if you like the atmosphere. Seeing it with your own eyes, instead of trusting what the internet says is a vital part of choosing the place that is best for you. To make the most of a college experience I would suggest joining at least one group. It doesnt have to be varsity sports or a big fraternity. But any group will do. You form ties with people which automatically make the place feel more comfortable. From there you will gain the self esteem to step out and meet more people. Its those bonds that you form that truly make the college experience.


Spend some time visiting the college, you cant know if you will like it unless you see it in person. Remember professionals take the pics. in the pamplets, so you need to see it with your own eyes!


As a freshman you have the chance to really branch out and meet new people. I would advise that a freshman spends minimal amount of time with people you already know, really try to put yourself out there and get involved in all the social/service groups you can! The longer you wait, the harder it is to build up a busy social life. Take all the advice you can get, and try your hardest not to procrastinate on school work. I think that no matter what college you get into you will easily find a place where you "fit in". Get ready for a big change! Leaving home for college has been the best experience of my life.


First i would do some research into your major. Find out what areas in your major you like the most, and that will give you the best chance to succeed after college. Go in with a definite major in mind. I know it is hard to know what you want at such a young age, but it will save you alot of time and money if you know what you want to do and stick with it. Also get familiar with all of the programs and courses the university offers in your degree program and choose carefully. Find out about all of the options you have to pay for your school experience. There are many programs, scholarships and grants that no one knows about and that are avalible for your major. Taking the time to be prepared for your classes can also be a big help. For freshmen going in life can go a thousand miles an hour and can be very confusing, so dont get overwhelmed, take it very seriously, and study every night. College can be fun, but dont spend all your time having fun, be serious and dedicated. Have a great experience, and good luck.


Research your favorites and give yourself as many possible choices as you can so that you don't end up just "settling" for a school. Make sure your interests will be met the best they can at the schools you apply to because nothing is worse than getting into a program that really doesn't meet your plans and ideals.


I would tell the parents to become more involved in the selection process. I see too many students who are going through this process all alone, as I did. It can be a very daunting and intimidating experience to go all alone. Parents, research several universities and make sure your children look at a variety of schools. I think too many students focus on one school and then when they are not admitted, are too late to apply for other schools. In addition, I would tell prospective students, to take advantage of all the resources that your university would provide to you. There is so much available to students that is not utilized and is put in place for us to succeed if only we take advantage of them. College really is the best years of your life. Take the time to enjoy the whole college experience. Most importantly I would say, meet new people, help others out. I think college is much more rewarding when you meet new people , and branch out.


Find the college that you are willing to stay in for 4 years. If you do not know what your major is, take the time to search for it in College. Most importantly, concentrate on studying, your not in school to just have fun; your here to get a life for your own.


Listen to concerns you kids have about their overall college experience. Let them grow on their own but be supportive. Do not put such a strong emphasis on academics, encourage them to be well rounded students.


Maximizing the college experience involves searching for a campus that offers the most important qualities to a student and their parents. A variety of resources are important, as well as, prices, location, access to food, housing, and overall quality of the education experiences. The right college should be within a budget, offer the courses needed for a degree, and amenable to the learning experience. When students are away from home, they need access to resources in times of assistance. All of these things are important.


I can't stress enough that you need to visit all the campuses you are considering, both parents and the student. Students you really need to shawdow at the schools you are looking at, make sure to stay on a weekday and weekend day during the school year so you really know the atmosphere of the school, try to go to a class. Alot of Universities may not allow you to attend class but you can meet with the professors and advisors and ask questions. Make sure that when you go visit that you look at things that are important to you, and possibly make a list of pros and cons for each school and take pictures! Listen to your parents adivce but make your own decisions this is your education, and your future. Parents be protective but respectful of your students decision. Students really review your options after you get your acceptance letters, don't make an impluse decision, or a decision thats not really your own. Finding the right college is stressful for everyone, but remember go for what feels right! And one last thing, don't forget to ask about how/where to do your laundry! :)


Every college offers different qualities. The first thing to do in the college search is to truly figure out what a student is looking for in their college experience. After the choices are narrowed down in is very important to see the campus and watch how people interact with one another. This is a life changing experience, it is very important to take every aspect into close consideration. After the choice is made, go into this new experience full-heartedly. These friends that you make will be there for you the rest of your life. Get involved and make it a point to meet as many new people as possible. I truly believe that college will only give you as much as you put in. Try to experience everything that can because there will be no other time like it in your life.


The advice I would give to someone who was looking for the right college, would simply be to trust your instincts. A person's own insight is often the best tool to use when makeing big dicisions. Of course it is importatnt to take into account issues such as cost, location, student body etc. but a person's own intuition will help he or she to make the best decision in the end. I would incourage prspective students and their parents to visit many diffrent colleges and talk to various faculty members that are teaching in the student's fields of intrest. Talking to other students at a college, and even citizens in the surrounding community, can also help a prospective student get an idea of what the school is like. Spending time on a college campus can be one of the best ways to understand how the experience of attending that college will feel, and will help immensely when making a final decision.


For an average middle-class white male as myself, college is difficult to afford. Find a university with a good student business service and financial aid department. Also consider where you'll get the most "bang for your buck" education-wise. Texas Tech unfortunately has a ridiculous amount of core classes required for students, which raises tuition for unnecessary classes and course fees.


First off, try to find a college close to home. It's always a huge relief knowing that if you get overwhelmed with school work or stress that you can always go home on the weekends if you need to. Second, try to find a college that has a great program for your particular degree plan and with a high job placement rate after graduation. College will be the worst 4 years of your life if you don't get involved, many colleges have different events where all campus clubs or organizations set up booths where you can get information about a particular club; join at least one. Finally, when it comes to class, get to know the people who sit around you; you will need a study group come finals.


I would like to tell anyone about to enter college that they should choose a college that offers a great program for the major they choose. I have learned that it is really important to be happy with the education you recieve in your particular degree plan because sometimes people feel like they are not learning the most they could if they would have went to a different college. You just never want to regret where you spent your college life, cause it is definetly one of the most incredible experiences of your life.


The biggest thing I learned when looking at colleges is that it is necessary to visit the college campus. I knew immediately when I got to Tech's campus, that it was the school for me. I fell in love with the people, the campus, and the community. You have to find the right size and right fit for you. It is also a necessity that the school be one that provides one of the best programs for the major you choose to get a degree in. Once you find the right college, make sure there are plenty of activities that you feel you could and would participate in. One of the reasons I chose Tech was for their dance team. When I made the team I knew it would be a great way for me to be involved in the huge school spirit at this school and a way to get to know alot of people. Take advantage of all the resources schools give you to not only find the best choice for you, but to also find the activites that will help you make your college experience the best it can be.


Definately do your research and visit the college campus that you want to attend. Tour it. Sit in on classes. Visit different organizations. That is really the only way you will find out if it is really the best match for you. Go where you can be the best you can be and where they have programs, activites, majors that mean the most to you! As for making the most of you your college experience, GET INVOLVED!!! You meet so many new people and make new friends. Find an organization, sorority/fraternity, anything. College will be more fun and memorable if you just get involved.


Make sure you visit your college before attending. Try to spend some time there before you make a decision. Your first pick might not always be the perfect fit for you! Also, make sure you attend the college YOU want to not what your parents want. You know yourself more than anyone was go somewhere that makes you feel comfortable and at home. Make sure there are a lot of extra curricular activities, because that is how you meet people and make your life long friends.


Go to the college to see if it fits your personality the best.


First of all, you need to find a college that has a well known program for whatever field the student is interested in. At the end of the day, the reason you are paying the school is for the development of skills and knowledge that will one day be used as a means to live. Second, parents and students MUST visit the campus. Stay longer than a day or two in order to really understand what the school and the location of the school have to offer. Finally, try to match the general personality of the school and its location with the student's personality; it will make the transition from high school to college much easier and fun.


Find a school that you like (not that your parents like) and that offers the degree that you want.


I would suggest to parent and students to research all prospective universityies, the communities they are in, there past graduation rates and present reputations graduates have in the field of intrest. Once attending school ask questions, participate (both academically and socially), volunteer, work hard, study, enjoy and relish your college experience.


It may seem dificult to pick a college that best suits an individual. Thinking outside the box and experiencing a new place or picking a school that goes beyond the norm, is something I did that ended up worked really well for me. College is all about risk taking, being emersed in a new environment, and most of all finding yourself; why not do that in a brand new enviroment.


I would tell incoming students to visit the college and immerse themselves in the college atmosphere not just take a tour and then base their decisions on that. College is much more than touring a campus and in order to find the right fit I believe that incoming students should talk to current students on campus and go around the town to see if they enjoy more than just the college campus.


Choose a school based on what yoou want to have a career in, and try to make sure that they have a built in back- up plan (i.e. a different major that would still be interesting). Visit the school if you can. When you walk onto campus you will know if it is the right fit for you or not.


Financial aid, to the dismay of many, can be very helpful in this day and age. Many people hate having to take out huge amounts of loans that they'll eventually have to pay back. But the best advice in making a choice in finding the right college should come with the acceptance of financial aid. A kid should go whereever he or she wants to go; after all we all only get to live once. Do you really think it's worth it to attend a college for 4 years that you absolutely cannot stand? Hopefully the answer is no. Simply put, you can't put a price on happiness. When making the decision on where to go to college, respect the fact that this is one of the most important decisions of your life. The decision effects your immediate future and the future funded by the appropriate career. Ultimately the decision you make will have an impact of the rest of your life. So do yourself a favor; pick a college that 100% fulfills your needs and interests...regardless of whether it's a little bit more expensive than the other college.


Find a college that has activities that you might be interested in. Also, find out if you would rather go to a big school or a little school, that makes all the difference. When you get to college, get involved!!!! Getting involved quickly will make a huge difference in who you meet, and how happy you are.


Make sure to visit plenty of campuses, don't just settle for the first one you visit because each school will offer something different and unique. I would recommend declaring undecided and learning about yourself and what interests you the first couple of years. Just concentrate on your basic studies and becoming a part of the University. Join a fraternity or sorority because it is a great way to meet people and to help further your career when you leave to find a job after college. Just make sure you are responsible in your decision and keep your mind on your classes instead of partying every night because you will have plenty of friends that want to do just that. It is a good idea to live on campus or in the neighborhoods surrounding campus because it enhances your college experience and makes you feel more involved with the campus and the univerity. This will also make it much easier and quicker to get to class. Always go to class, it doesn't make sense to pay for a class and not go to it. The reason you're attending college is to get an education and broaden your horizons.


In choosing an enjoyable college to attend, I would suggest finding a college where its alumni have only positive things to say about their college experience. I followed this method and so far have not been disappointed with my choice. Getting involved in any kind of organization is also essential in maximizing your potential. Even though you will learn a lot in your classes, some of life's most important lessons can be learned outside of class and in other organizations. The key to a great college experience is learning to balance your social life with your classes so you will have the fundementals of a round about knowledgeable person.

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