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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would say that students and parents should focus on finding a school that has the funding they may need, economic pricing, a school with the academic program they want, and a school that is open to changing majors that allows them to keep a lot of their credits if they chose a new one. Make sure your child is thinking about the future (when they will look for a job) when they look at colleges. Have fun but study!


Most students know where they want to go from the get go, so finding the right college isn't the hard part. To have a great experience, just get involved with something. There is always something for everyone. It's a great way to get to know people and have fun. I worked freshman orientations out at Tech this past summer and thats what I told incoming students all the time.


I truly think that where ever a student winds up going to college, as long as the take into considerating the class size, and location of the campus, they will be happy there. Every campus has a variety of students with different backgrounds and come from different cultures, there is no reason that someone should not be able to fit in at a particular school. Research majors and I strongly suggest picking your college choice based on the academic analysis of that major at a specific school. Know what you want to do before getting to school so that you can be focused and prepared for what is to come. Its your future, you must make what you want from it! It is all up to the student, college is fun and the best years of your life! So live it to the best of your ability and enjoy it while you are there!


For me personally, my choice was all about distance, costs of living and school, and how easily I would be able to assimilate into the workforce once I got out without having to move at all after graduation.


Visit as many as possible and do not be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.


Have your child attend orientations at all the schools thtey want to attend. If they can, have them sit in on a class with a few people and a huge lecture hall just to see which they prefer or if either one is fine. Walk around campus with them, eat in dining halls and start to interact with the student population on campus.


I would advise parents and/or students to reserach the school as well as the surrounding community before choosing a school. Visit the school, talk to alumni, current students as well as professors about the school environment. Make sure that it fits what you are looking for in a school both academically and socially.


Visit the university and talk to professors. Usually, they will be williing to meet with you. Make sure that you like the campus, and the people on it are your type of people. While in college, get involved. Meet people, whether it's going to the rec and working out or joining a sport club. If your not athletic join the chess club. Regardless of what you decide to do, make the first effort to meet people. They will not likely come up to you and befriend you. The introvert on campus is easy to spot, so be the extrovert. Don't get caught up in the party scene. Everyone is going to be doing it... but you don't have to. Take your time when studying. Don't do everything in one night, but spread it out. While studying make sure that your actually studying and not goofing off online. Its hard to do I know, I'm the grand master at procrastination. Find the balance between fun and school. All work and no play makes jack a dull boy, but all play and not work make Jack's wits dull too.


Go to the college for your self.


Make sure you visit the college before you decide. You can really get a feel for whether it is going to be a good fit by going to the campus for a tour and meeting some of the students there. To make the most of your college experience, it is important to try to meet new people and try out different organizations during your first few weeks so you don't get lost in the crowd.


First off, make sure that the college has your degree plan. Its important before you make your choice that they even offer your major .But most importantly, visit the college before you make your final decision. You may grow up your whole life wanting to attend a certain university but find that something just does not feel right when you visit the campus. When you find the university for you, you will know it. It will just feel right.


To choose the college that they, the student, thinks he or she will fit in the most at.


To find the right college I would definitely talk to someone who goes there and has gone there for more than a year or two and do your research thouroughly. Visit the campus and ask questions, talk to your counselors in highschool about it too if you can't make the trip. Don't just go with the first one that says yes but don't burn yourself out trying to get to your first pick either. To make the most of your college experience have fun but learn to control yourself it takes time but it is possible to have a social life and still make good grades you don't have to sacrifice one for the other by any means. Get involved as much as you can if you don't want to fall in the cracks of drinking and risky activities, trust me there is plenty of stuff to do you just have to ask the right people. Also don't get too stressed when things aren't going the way you want them to, if you're stressed about a class just regroup and figure out what it is you need to do and fix it.


First research the school you wish to attend . Do the research by reading literature of the school and past alumni of the school. Make sure that this is the school and the degree plan that you feel strongly about.


Make sure you visit the college before you go. The feeling you get when you walk around campus and see the dorms will be your initial sign as to whether or not you like the college. Make sure that what ever you are interested in is a big part of the university. Check and make sure all your applications are right and even if you have to some schools it is better to apply with an undeclared major. Try and get involved as much as possible and meet people wherever you can.


Prepareation. Prepare, prepare, prepare early. Start looking for financial aid while early n high school and try to decide early on what you are looking for from a university and career goals so you can start taking classes in high school that reflect these goals. Also try to do more curricular acitvities while in high school that could help you in college. Talk to your counselors and get on a first name basis. Find out what the local and state scholarships are in your area and region. Lastly; be smart , don't let peer pressure push you from your goals. Have fun and enjoy the college experience. It's life changing!


I would advise parents to set back and give more freedom to their children. Too often parents make the choice of what college their children should attend which results in the misery of the child.


Parents and students should look at all of their options before choosing the college they will attend. They should make a list of what they are looking for and then compare it to what they find at each college they visit. I fell they should complete this process as a team. It will bring them closer together in the amount of time they have left together. Once a college is chosen then they should put their heart and soul in the whole experience. The student should get involved in some activities in order to meet new people. They should attend football or basketball games so they can experience the rivalry of the school and take ownership in their school. Students should become involved in study groups and religious activities . Most of all students should find a major and commit to making the grades needed to get their degree.


[email protected] (512) 964-5626 If you, as an incoming college student, know which field you want to specialize in, look for a school that has a strong program in that field. But, if you are like most of us, and you have no idea what you want to do for the rest of your life, look for a school with a great balance of well-designed programs, plenty of extra-curricular activities, and a diverse student population. I believe that these things will help you the most in life, for many of life's lessons cannot be taught from a textbook, but are learned through human interaction and experience. Advisors of student organizations can be great mentors, and are always willing to answer questions. Colleagues will become best friends, and improving personal relations skills will help immensely in future careers. Involvement on campus will provide great stress relief for the tough times, and will serve as a support system, while also instilling a great sense of pride for one's school. Study abroad. Attend sporting events. Discover yourself. With a balance of academics, extra-curriculars, and diversity, college becomes the breeding ground for no less than success!


I would Tell them to pick the place that they feel they would want to live four years in. picking colleges is a hard and scary time for most students but if you go to the university ahead of time to find out what its like it will make this process a lot easyer. everyone has a diffrent type of style they are looking for, find a place that is not only the style you like but also a place were your parents feel confortable dropping you off at and leaving you each year. Also look for a place were the people are kind an can fit your personality. The advice I would give about making the most of their college experience would be to have fun and stay organized college is a huge change from high school and you dont want to find that out the hard way. Stay organized and you will go fair.


When choosing a school, make sure that the school is where you want to go. Do not choose a school because of outside influences whether if it's your parents or friends. Choose what is right for you, and it will be a better college experience for you. Also, try and engage yourself in as much activities that most fit your personality, so you will be able to get the most of your college experience. This will be the best years of your life so live it how you want. Make the right and positive choices that will benefit you.


I advise to thoroughly reasearch your academic degree. talk to the advisors about it and see what the basics the behind the program are. also visit the campus and see if you fit in the enviroment. some people like schools that are in big cities and others fit into college towns. make sure the town the college is in feels like home away from home. when you choose your right college and you are finally there, don't be shy. break out of our shell and try doing things you wouldnt normally do. ask a random person that is eating lunch by themselves to eat lunch with them. make friends, and remember everyone is in the same boat you are in. get involved in organizations. study and work hard but also remember to relax and have fun.


I would say to do your research. The problem with most students is they think they want to go to a big university, and when they get there they get overwhelmed and freak out. Try a Junior College for the first two years to get your basics out of the way. You'll save money in the long run, and have small class sizes, and helpful professors. That way you can figure out what you want to do, and not wast money or credits doing it. But, if that options is not available, pick a school that has social groups that you can get involved with. Join organizations or make study groups to get to know people. That way when you have to pick classes you'll know what professors to avoid, or which class you should take when you have to make a choice between the two. It's just better to have a support network when you get stressed out. But, I think that the one thing you need to remember, is that college is a life experience. It can be a good one or a bad one, it's just up to you.


Student - Choose a school you want to go to. Doing this will make your experience more rewarding and enjoyable. Make sure your studies will help you in the future and that it isn't just a degree, but a plan for your future. Really think about what you want to do in life and what is the best way to achieve this, then make your decision. Parent - The the studend pick where they want to go and support them even if you don't fully agree. Remember it is their life not yours. It takes making mistakes and learning from them to grow up and mature.


Know what you are looking for before choosing a college to attend. If you are not sure what you want to study stay more general and decide earlier on in your education. To keep from extending your education beyond the means of your finances.


Finding the right college is all about the how the school cares for academics and you as a person. Its been my experience to ask questions and always do what you think is best. Don't choose the school you think would be more fun than the rest choose the one that fits your dreams and aspirations. Most of all remember school is about business and getting good grades but it is also the best time of your life so enjoy while you can.


The one and only thing that I think matters when you are selecting a University is how comfortable you are going to be while attending. It doesn?t matter if you chose that particular University for the athletic scholarship, the academics, or simply just the campus and Greek life, if you are not comfortable you will not enjoy it. It is my personal opinion that if you are more involved you will increase your chances of having an amazing college experience. People always say that the friends you meet in college are those that you will have for the rest of your life. This is true, I have developed so many good friends that I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life. The only way to meet people though is to become involved. A lot of people forget about the academic side of college. Yes college is a good time to go out and have fun with your friends, but your main focus should be on academics. I think the largest problem young adults have when they get to college is their time management skills. And that is how to balance studying and going out.


If I were to give any advice to parents and students, I would say that each student should decide what school is right for them based on mulitple characteristics that schools offer. Academics is not everything. Students need to know if they will respond well with other students there, as well as the community. They need to decided whether, financially, they can live on their own if they choose this school. Students need to get excited and parents need to stay open-minded of all of the options. Find the school that has your top interests as reputable majors. Mostly likely, you will change your major and you need to find a school that will enable you to do this in an efficient manner. In addition, I would recommend talking with various academic advisors at every school you are looking into. Your parents may not be there to help you make those tasking decisions and you need to know that your influences are productive.


When trying to determine the right college, the best advice I can give is that both parent and student participate in the school's University Day before applying. Many parents hear about the "better" colleges and immediately want their son or daughter to attend that school. If you apply to a school without previewing it, I firmly believe you are setting yourself up for a disastrous situation. Parents need to allow their child(ren) to determine where they best fit socially and academically in the school so that they can easily transition from highschool to college. When parents get too involved with the process, they are keeping their children from expressing themselves which is extremely detrimental. Trust that your son or daughter is making the right decision and support them. That is the best way parents can help their children.


Give yourself plenty of options and if you have a good feeling about the school, chances are your instincts are right.


Go to a community college first for your basics. It's very common and unfortunate to come to college thinking you know what direction you want your life to go in and then in the midst of it all become a different person, learn that you're not as gifted in a particular subject as you thought, or lose intrest and have to change majors mid way through. Be involved if you can, it's always a good thing to meet more people and make more friends, it helps you in the long run.


Everyone should find out everything about the school, with sources ranging from alumni to current students to the internet. They should think hard about what they might want to do. Then come up with some back ups. Have at least three different possible careers because most people change their major at least once in college. Then, find the schools that excel at these majors. Finally, you should look at the area. If you are a family person, then going to school 10 hours away from your family might be a bad idea. Find an area that makes you happy. College is not worth it if you wake up every morning with regret for where you came. Once you are in college, make friends. You cannot sit at home all day and expect to like college. If a fraternity is not for you find something else. There are church groups everywhere. Working is good because you meet people and stay involved with someone everyday. Freindships are a great thing to establish while in college. Many are long lasting resulting from the experiences that you share.


Although choosing a college is a major decision and a student certainly needs to listen to the advice of his or her parents, ultimately, the choice needs to belong to the student. I would certainly advise a student to look first at community colleges. They offer a great education at a lower cost than an university, and they provide the transition between home and college that many students need in order to mature. When choosing a four-year university, I would advise the student to visit several college campuses, spend the night on campus, attend any campus events, and if possible, sit in on some classes and actually talk with professors. These opportunities give the student real incites of campus life at each particular college. Of course, if the student needs financial help in attending college, he or she needs to complete the FAFSA as soon as possible and talk with someone in financial aid at each college. Choosing a college is a major decision, and a student and his or her parents must obtain as much information as they are able in order to make the best choice for that individual student.


I would say the best thing to finding the right college is to visit it and have your kids interact with the students at the college. Let them stay with a friend, attend a class, and even try staying the weekend there. It is absolutely crucial for the person to love the school and by visiting it and learning about the people and going to a class lets the child understand what will be going on and what is going to happen if they go to that particular school. The best advice again is to experiance it.

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