The College of Wooster Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Our school is small, more liberal, and religiously diverse.


A very learning-oriented, research and independent study experience. Wooster is a school for the driven individuals who know that they have talent in many different subjects. Studying and learning is an important and interesting part of our lives.


Our school is a academically intense but manageable school. When you need help you will get it be it faculty or another student.


A very diverse community that loves coming together to not only learn but to socialize as well, not exculding the teachers.


The College of Wooster offers friendly, challenging environment with extremely supportive faculty and staff that will help you do what interests you and emphasizes independent learning.


Wooster is filled with opportunities that are available to those who seek them out.


Wooster is a wonderful school to explore and discover who you are as a person and teach the knowledge necessary to pursue your academic goals.


Excellent close knit community where opportunities are abundant and your education can take you anywhere that you wish.


Every type of student you can think of, but on a small scale.


small, liberal arts college lacking any major racial diversity.


A place where intelligence and creativity thrives.