The College of Wooster Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are the most widely accepting and welcoming people I have ever met.


There is no typical Wooster student. The diversity among students is wide-ranging racially and socio-economically. There is a significant international student population, and the LGBT community has a large presence on campus. Generally, the student population leans to the left politically and is pretty liberal, but even here there is a great deal of diversity. Every student finds their niche. Most Wooster students hail from OH, PA, MI, IN, and MD. There is also a large number of students that come from CA, MA, and GA. Currently, 45 states and 26 countries are represented on campus. The average student wears jeans and a t-shirt/sweatshirt to class, although this varies greatly depending on the time of year and each student's individuality. When we have nice weather at the beginning and end of the school year, generally girls will wear dresses and skirts, and guys will wear athletic or cargo shorts. In the winter, the cold weather forces people to wear lots of heavy winter layers. The weather changes on a dime, so it's always a good idea to be prepared with an umbrella. If I had to pick a few words to describe the student body as a whole, they would be friendly, down-to-earth, and genuine. Because students are so involved on campus outside of the classroom, you'll find that students rarely form cliques because there is such an overlap between friend groups. For example, the lunch room will be filled with mix-and-match tables, maybe with some members of a sports team, student group, and sorority will be sitting together. Groups are not exclusive.


Wooster is the most accepting diverse community I have ever seen. Many different religious groups, political views, and economic backgrounds mix, and I personally have never seen conflict because of any of these things. Students are generally accepting and open to different ideas and opinions.


Wooster's student body is incredibly diverse. There definitely is no way to be able to describe every kind of student. We are actually 17% multi-cultural which includes our 9% of international students coming from 39 different countries. You can definitely find every type of student here. Not only do we come from different cultural backgrounds but we also come from different socio-economic backgrounds as well. One thing that you'll find among our students as well is a drive to get politically involved. The majority of our students are fairly liberal but we have students coming from every political affiliation.


Wooster's student body is very diverse in its physical and ideological make-up. Wooster has students from over 39 countries at the college and less than 40% of students are from the state of Ohio. Also, Wooster is a very open environment that provides the opportunity for all students to express their viewpoints. There are clubs for democrats, republicans and everything in between. Although the college is not religiously affiliated there are also all types of different student religious groups which represent many different ideological beliefs.


Well this year's freshmen class was the largest class that the college has had in a very long time so it's a big class but it is filled with friendly people who you will find to be diverse not only in race or ethnicity but in there thoughts, ways, and life-style choices. My classmates are also very spirited and independent thinkers, which allows for great discussions and well thoughtout opinions!


Great group of studnets from across the US and Internationally. My first major exposure to international cultures came at Wooster. I still count most of those students among my friends.


Everyone is very open minded and eager to learn the material.


Wooster students are from very diverse backgrounds. If you are not accepting of different attitudes, beliefs and receptive to new ideas, you may not feel comfortable at Wooster. Most students are laid-back and casual, attire to class can easily be sweat pants and a t-shirt, but many students also dress nicely, attire varies. It seems Wooster more so than many schools encourages different groups to interact. Different race groups sit together in the dining hall, there is not a white group and then a black group or a hispanic group, most groups are intermingled and its sometimes hard to define yourself as a part of only one group at Wooster because students are connected and involved in so many ways. Most students at Wooster are from the east coast, but there are plenty from the south and west too. We also have a large international population, many students from Jamaica! At Wooster it is hard to tell what one's financial background is because the school gives very large amounts of financial aid, students from every socioeconomic background attend Wooster. Students are very politically aware, there is a large liberal population at Wooster. Recently Wooster has also been actively engaged in making the campus environmentally friendly. Most disposable products at the school have become recyclable, buildings are built to use the least amount of electricity, just this year a composting program has been put into place. There is a large sustainability group on campus, many students are environmentally conscious and pro-active.


The students at Wooster are diverse, ranging from Jamaican scientists to American psychologists, and while being very diverse sometimes social groups become cliques.


My classmates tended to be encouraging of new ideas, ready for a challenge (though we'll complain about the work), intelligent, and usually engaged.


A lot of diversity among the students. Very accepting of each other.


Classmates are extremely willing to help and share their ideas/suggestions/opinions openly.


Intelligent, and unafraid of work.


Though we all have different passions, friends, clothes, acccents, ambitions, and reasons for being here, each and everyone of us walked through Kauke Arch dring orientation and plan on walking back accross the quad and through the arch together when we graduate.


Eager to explore and learn new things.


Smart, engaging students who worked hard and had fun.


My classmates are smart, hard working, friendly, and curteous.


All kinds: braniacs who exceled at everything, superficial/fashionable girls, musicians, hippies, hipsters, zombies, horse girls, jugglers, free-thinkers, sluts and lovers, W.O.W./cape kids, stoners who slacked off, stoners who actually added a lot to your classes, rugged ultimate-frisbee types, jocks you wished would get kicked out, intelligent cheerleaders, rock-climbers, artists, dreamers, international kids with crazy music tastes, frat boys, sorrority girls, coffee shop types, poor kids, rich kids, career-oriented people who wanted to get ahead, lazy kids who went to college without much thought...


kids, many of which don't know the meaning of the word "struggle"