The College of Wooster Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Upon first entering the campus for freshman orientation, I met a lot of wonderful and friendly first-years. Everyone seemed so eager to get along and cooperate. I quickly found out that everyone on campus, including the upperclassmen, were incredibly welcoming as well. It's because The College of Wooster goes out of their way to find people who are diverse and accepting. Excluding others is something that's frowned upon in this community. Someone who cannot accept different races, cultures, religions, or ideology should not attend the College of Wooster.


People who are closed-minded should not attend The College of Wooster. The school is so diverse in so many aspects if you are not willing to accept others in all area's then Wooster is not the school for you.


A very politically liberal minded person who doesn't want any other job besides joining the peace corps after college. Someone who can find or create all of there own career or internship opportunities while writing a 150 page research thesis, because the college will surely not be able to find employment for the graduating senior. Also, a student who knows exactly what they want to major in, because he/ she will receive no guidance as to what major suits his/ her likes/dislikes the best.


Anyone who is not academically motivated should not attend Wooster. It is a very strong academic environment, very research oriented, and you will be writing a lot of papers. If you aren't prepared or ready to do that, then you shouldn't attend.


Someone who wants a huge campus with tons of people and very relaxed courses


The College of Wooster is a very demanding school academically, and is very expensive at a cost of $43,000 a year. Therefore, a student coming to this school need to be focused academically and being willing to work hard. Classes are not the easiest, but the college prepares you very well for the work-force. Financially, the college tends to help you a lot so that really isn't that big of a worry, but with the economy the way it is currently, it can be rough to survive here.


Someone scared of writing papers! To graduate everyone needs to finish I.S. in which you research a topic of your choice (with some relation to your major) and write between 40+ pages on it. The average student writes about 100 pages ( though it depends on your major and advisor)


Someone who cares about academics.


People who shouldn't go to Wooster are definitely kids that are free-thinkers, or those who are off-the-track kind of people who refuse to simply accept whatever is common just because everyone else accepts it. People with offbeat interests or appearances are suppressed here, because this school operates under the guise of a "diverse" or "open-minded" community. But anyone like me knows that if you take a diversity of farm animals and stick feathers in all their asses, what you have is nothing but a coop of chickens.


A close-minded person.


Those who need big cities, a large variety of restaurants or bars, and significant social involvement outside the school might not feel comfortable at Wooster. Some students who need contact with the great outdoors may also feel constrained here. There are no mountains on the horizon; students from the western states may have trouble with this. The "mountains" of West Virginia and Kentucky aren't the same as those in Oregon, Idaho and Montana.


Someone who just wants a degree without much work.


Someone who thrives in a large community with large classrooms and a large student body.