The College of Wooster Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the trees are the best things on campus. it is green and peaceful everywhere. a perfect place to study.


There is a lot of emphasis on helping students with various learning disabilities, of which I am certainly a member.


The resources available are the best thing about Wooster. The libraries have a lot of information available to students, or can order it from other schools in Ohio. The professors are accessible and willing to help you in almost any situation. And the other offices (financial aid, registrar, etc) are willing to work with students and help when they can.


Wooster is not "cliquey" since it is so small. This is what I really like about the smallness of it. You see people you know everyday, everywhere you go, which can get old but it is also nice to have a great variety of friends. Also the number of international students at Wooster.


There are tons of extracurricular opportunities, so it's really easy to get involved and meet people.


Social diversity is the best thing about my school. Wooster is a small liberal arts with a large range of academics, professors, activities, staff, and students. The social diversity makes students and professors very open to ideas, and our curiousity makes us want to learn more about those different ideas far outside of the classroom. I have learned so much from outside of the classroom by continuing class discussion after it ended with the professors or other students. After learning the subject, I can discuss how to make it more practical in the real world with my friends and peers.


The people that you meet and quickly become friends with.


Wooster is a Liberal Arts college which is great because gives you a chance to a have a diverse knowledge and to study in many fields besides your own major.


Since the school is so diverse, yet small, you always have the opportunity to meet different types of people. Nearly everyone is completely invested in their activity, and are (seriously!) always excited to include you. If you can't find something of your flavor or interests, you are not trying.


Diversity of international students, seasons, research and faculty


The professors. They are always so willing to help you and reach out to you. They really do care. I've been to my professor's house, and the president of the college's house. We've had academic discussions and pointless banter. You never feel inferior or left out. They are people and they want you to know that and they want you to feel like a person too.


The people make Wooster the best school for undergrad. You make friends for life and the professors are excellent!


The best thing about this school is this the community. No matter what your walk in life is you will find a place and friends.


The people--the professors, students, locals, and community in general. Wooster may be a small town and I never pictured myself going to a rural campus ever, but it's so nice to be in a place where you can feel completely comfortable and welcome, with very little pressure.