The University of Montana Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


When I walk into my class for the first time I see groups of people sitting with each other and some that are sitting alone but I know if I go and sit by someone who is also sitting alone I will soon have a new friend. If you attend the University of Montana you will make so many friends in little time. I have never been surrounded by a more diverse and friendly group of people. I'm not saying that everyone on this campus is the perfect friend but everyone here is understanding and thats always helpful.


A good mix of non-traditional and first-time college students.


Most of my classmates are great. I have gotten into many study groups and I really like those. They help me a lot with my classes.


My classmates are different; excelling in different areas and anxious about different ideas, just as eager to get through as I am.


My classmates are a mixture of ages and backgrounds as well as interests and dedication to expanding their minds.


My classmates not only inspire me because they want to genuinely bring their education back to their communities and beyond, but also keep me thinking about issues around me.


My classmates are very considerate and are always willing to help if I have any questions.


The range of activities most people do here is large, and most people are very outdoor-sy.


Most liberal city in a conservative state warrants a mixture of socio-econimical-polital views. Genuinely nice, down-to-earth students with a few tools thrown in for good measure. Athletic campus and huge party scene.


Cliquy brats.


Students here are very aware of the environment and typically very laid-back, outdoors-loving people.


A lot of extremely intelligent folks.


My classmates are mostly comprised of hippies, but I love them.


Mostly white and lots of hippies.


My classmates are fun, out going, kind, helpful, friendly, and most of all they want to makes friends with you.


My classmates are fun, energentic, devoted to their majors; they have a thirst for learning like you wouldn't believe, and I have more fun with them than I ever thought would be possible.


Mostly friendly outgoing people, very liberal, accepting of one another, and always willing to help out someone in need.


My classmates are involved, eager to learn and comfortable expressing their opinions in front of others.


Passionate, liberals who love their football team.


The students at the University of Montana are generally interested in their courses, but often preoccupied by their social lives.


They are over pressured to do everything as best as possible.


Laid back, focused, and friendly.


My classmates are sharing my dreams.


The university students are general more open minded than other people in society. However, the radical in any setting will not fit in completely. which is


University of Missoula students have a great sense of family amoung themselves because of the close environment of the campus.


All my classmates are fun , friendly, and here to learn along with being here for fun and friends, their drive and focus makes the class so intresting.


friendly and polite.


My classmates are very nature oriented. They love being outdoors and doing outdoor activities. Most of the campus is the hippy type or cowboy/girl.


The universities student body is made up of a very unique group of individuals, from race to majors.