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It is close to home.


The University of Montana was unique for its music department. This department truly stood out over all the other schools I was considering. Not only were they trying to reach out to high schoolers to consider coming to UM for music, the faculty and students are very close. Being an outsider looking in, I saw the whole music building working together and caring about eachother. As I became a part of the musical program, I became intwined in the family like atmosphere that I didn't see any other school having.


This school really attracts the outdoorsman type of people. There are a lot of outdoor activities to do while in school. The scenery is beautiful and the city is very unique. There is a ski resort that is just 30 minutes away from campus and that makes it easy to go to school and hit the slopes after classes are over.


The natural beauty of the school is unmatched. It has a small-town college feel but really is fairly big. You have plenty of 1:1 time with your professors with small class sizes when you decide upon your major. Campus is beautiful with a fairly active student population


The University of Montana is a place for everyone; it's not closed off or judgemental.


We are very unique because our school is very open to people's ethnicity and beliefs. No one cares how you dress or how your hair looks. Everyone is very friendly and open to making new friends and willings to help you out in a certain class. The University of Montana has alot of sources to help you with classes as well. We have the DSS, disability student services and many students that tutor in certain classes. The U of M is a very welcoming place to attend college.


It is the only school in the state that has a Pharmacy program. I have lived in Montana most of my life and love this state. Missoula has an amazing public transportation system that lets students of the university ride for free. With amazing hikes, and biking trails around Missoula. The public schools have the same days off as the university which is great because I have three kids.


Students come here to find out who they are. I made most of my friends off campus with locals, rather than students. Driving around Missoula you'll see lots of out of state plates and liberal bumper stickers everywhere. That said, I loved living in Missoula for my education. It is up there with Santa Barbara, Boulder, Madison, Athens and Austin for most enjoyable US cities for college. People are generally friendly, if immature and juvenile. Many of the business people in Missoula come to town with family money and adapt a big fish, small pond mentality. The average Missoulian is not as high caliber as an urbanite.


The University of Montana offered two main things that a number of other schools I was considering did not. Most importantly, UM has a School of Education that is well known for educating successful teachers. My dream since I was a little girl has been to become an elementary school teacher, so I chose UM's School of Education to further my own education. In addition, Missoula's proximity to so many wonderful outdoor activities drew me in because of the opportunity to have a blast in college. From skiing to snowshoeing to hiking, you can't miss out.


What I find most unique about the University of Montana is the atmosphere. There is such diversity everywhere you look, and it is because of this diversity that makes learning invigorating. I have never felt as compelled to advance myself toward furthering my education than I am at UM. Another thing that makes the campus so excuisite is its location. The University is right in the heart of Missoula, and the influence from the many different events and celebrations going on downtown is abundantly clear in both the college faculty and the students. It is a wonderous sight to behold.


I feel that the University of Montana has a great community of people that is willing to help others towards their goals, while still remaining humble in their own desires. It contains beautiful landscapes, architecture, and designs that make it one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States. Another main contributing factor towards my decision to choose the University of Montana as my school is that the school offers a great education to those who are willing to learn. The multitude of fields to study ultimately invites diverse people from all around the world.


I definitely think that the setting of my school and how liberal the campus is makes the University of Montana unique. I think the campus embraces diversity as well. In addition, the community serves as a strong support system for the school. I really enjoy living in a community where many are proud to be a Grizzly.


The most important factor in choosing the University I would attend was finding a place that I could consider my new home. Missoula is unique because while still maintaing the atmosphere of a culturally diverse and active college town, it's also able to create a sense of home-like comfort that makes people want to stay. That is what really won me over. Not to mention the natural majesty that envelops the area. A climb to the top of Mt. Setinel reveals the secret behind Missoula's entrancing beauty: endless mountains, rainbow skies, and a town buzzing with pride.


The University of Montana is located in a beautiful area that allows students to enjoy their surrounding environment during breaks of study. Diversity is something that is celebrated on this campus, students are encouraged to be who they are and to accept others for who they are. Access to the college from housing can be by bicycle or walking in many instances there is also a very effective and free public transportation as a option allowing students to save money on travel to and from school. It is also a college that is teaming with research in many departments.


My school is very "green" and environmentally safe. We have recycling bins everywhere across campus and we are now using less paper. Most classes have their homework online and our extra financial aid is now being transferred to a debit card.


The University of Montana is a unique school in a variety of ways. The mountain range attracts multiple people around the globe, as well as provides a local community feel for students attending the university. Unlike other schools in the nation, UM is a small enough campus to present class sizes that are ideal and friendly. In simple terms, the college is a thriving environment that is optimal for any and all beings ranging from winter enthusiasts, summer adventurers, passionate educators, inspired students, brainy scientists, creative artists, and active craftspeople.


Compared to other schools the University of Montana allows more student access to professors than any other school. This is unique because the students can go directly to their instructor for assisstance instead of a maze of aids and secretaries. Also, this allows for students to directly participate and be involved with cutting edge research projects and studies. There is a real sense of hands on experience for students.


As stated before, I went to school in Washington. Not that I didn't love it, but it primarily focused on fraternities and sororities. I love the volunteer work and sense of family that these clubs give off, but I am for sure not a sorority kind of girl. At Montana, you don't have to be in a sorority or fraternity to fit in. Everyone gets along with everybody and there are so many clubs and activities where you can meet so many different kinds of people from totally different parts of the world.


There is a little bit of everything to do in Missoula. There are mountains and ski hils surrounding the the area, as well as shopping and good resturants. I love just sitting outside in the oval and studying or hanging out with friends.


The University of Montana has a hometown feel. Their science department is exceptional.


This school is really inviting; they do al lthey can to make sure that every student is welcome and thrives. They have a promise to students to help them graduate in four years and all the professors are deticated to being their best to help the students learn. They have a unique Native American Studies program, one of the best forestry programs in the country and their Journalism school graduated have recieve 8 pulitzer prizes. They also have an amazing honors college and community involvement.


The University has a great education program, most schools only offer a k-5 program so it makes it hard to transfer from state to state with that education. The University of Montana has a k-8 program, which alows you to have more opportunities to transfer to a diffrent state to teach.


UM at Missoula was my choice primarily because of its attention to what local Missoulians want from their community and how UM incorporates it into our environment on campus. Missoula is a city which prides itself on its sustainability and environmental concerns. I liked how the campus at UM was designed with this in mind through the many options given to students for alternative methods of transportation, special attention to bicycle paths and easy access to recycling everywhere on campus. Also, I find it refreshing that community members who are not students have access to programs of interest on campus.


Lots of stuff to do outdoors


I always lived in the city. And I finished my freshman year in Chicago. So it is very new experience for me to live in Montana. Maybe compare to city schools, it could be boring but it is actually very attractive. Honestly, I hated it first, but I get to like it more and more. I love the campus, I love the crazy football game here, I love being healthy. I love the big sky here. It seems like U of M has more chance to face the earth than other schools.


Very friendly student group, many people go out of their way to be your friends. I liked the campus and the amount of open area it had. It feels more like a community of academics rather then an industrialized campus where the only focus is classwork.


It is very close to home for me and offers a wide range of majors and activities.


It has many chances for me to get involved with research. Also it was in my hometown and offered the major that i was looking for.


One thing that I found unique about my school is that you can get help with literally anything. Professors, Administrators, and fellow students are always willing to help.


The media arts major program is amazing and one of the top in the country in my opinion. The professors are great and, although the school (like most) doesn't communicate between departments it is a great school to attend.


Here at the University of Montana, there is a place for everyone. Everyone is so nice, and accepting other cultures. There is something for everyone here, from the majestic outdoor activities I love, to the award winning professors I attend during the week. There is no place like Missoula, Montana.


The University of Montana is a very friendly school and gives many activities for the students to get involved in such as hiking, skiing, sports, and many options for intermural activities. The school also has an open environment, and the school also has a unique structure called the oval for the students to do work outside when the weather permits.


The primary feature that finalized my decision to come to the University of Montana Missoula was the reasonable price of in-state-tuition. However, why the University of Montana rather than one of the other state schools? I knew prior to starting college that I wanted to pursue a degree in poltical science and ultimately law school. Missoula has an excellent political science department and law school. Also, the school has roughly 14,000 students. I wanted to attend a large school, but experience college life in a college town. The University of Montana Missoula is just that.


It's in a beautiful valley surrounded by forest and is very eco friendly. It is a beautiful campus! Other than that, everyone is very friendly here and the teachers are great. The campus isn't huge and it's very easy to get to each class. It also has a great football program that makes every fall fun.


The combination of the size of the city, the size of the campus, the amount of students, and the accessibility of the outdoors were all factors that were taken into consideration. The city of Missoula is middle-sized offering plenty of cultural venues while still have a feeling of being remote with access to hiking trails and ski slopes within 15 mintues away, allowing me to be able to study, go to a concert, and go hiking all at my own convience without having to travel far.


I feel that the most unique thing about our school is our students. We have such a diversity of races,beliefs, and values and they don't clash. Every student is so open to others that respect doesn't even need to be taught. There are so many students that are very involved in our campus and it helps to have not only strong alumni but students that are willing to try to make this campus all that it can be. I feel so comfortable coming to class and knowing I am going to have a great experience everyday.


The University of Montana is located in Missoula, Montana, which is a medium-sized city, surrounded by lots of outdoor activity opportunities. The campus itself is gorgeous and architecturally pleasing, with a few modern pieces of art by local artists featured around the campus. This good mix of urban and rural, as well as modern and old-fashioned makes the University of Montana stand out from the rest.


The University of Montana offered a program in which I can start my degree in engineering and easily transfer my credits to a specific university where I will be able to complete my degree. This has allowed me to keep my young kids in a school which I consider a great school.


Besides being one of two major universities in the state of Montana, the University of Montana is a close-knit community that incorporates a worldly perspective to a relatively small town. Students have many opportunities to travel abroad as well as stay in town to advance in their chosen field. Also, students can do this on a decent budget- the university's tuition is affordable.


There are a lot of outdoor activities to do in the surrounding area.


The University of Montana has a great Journalism school. It also has excellent financial aid and student support.


Nothing really


Small town feel, with awesome academics.


It's a state school with a major football program in the play-off division - we're on our way to the national championship this year! This school is also more enviromentally conscious and liberal in their faculty and expressed views regarding politics and lifestyles.


The people here are very open minded and friendly.


It is in one of the best places there are. Missoula has a very unique cultural diversity and is often refered to as the Paris of the West.


Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. There are al sorts of people on this campus. Missoula is a beautiful city and has many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, tubing the river, going to hotsprings, hiking and many others to do. It has a great psoports program and the griz football team is the heart of the city. This town lives for the Griz. It is a great school.


The University of Montana is unique in the way that it is really accepting of everything, you feel comfortable talking about anything to anyone. It is also a real friendly University that will help you get set up and assist you with anything you need. The students all have a good equilibrium of work and play so it keeps students on track. The University is just a well rounded educational enviroment.


The University of Montana is one of the friendliest and most beautiful campuses in the U.S. Professors and students interact together, and it's common to converse with professors at the Saturday farmer's market or at a local coffee shop. The large amount of green space and variety of trees on campus creates a naturally beautiful and relaxing environment.


It is very open-minded and diverse in their acceptance of different races. Being asian, I consider myself lucky to be a part of a school that welcomed me with open arms. My school is so structured that I couldn't say anything other than it is a great place to learn.