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Is the stereotype of students at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville accurate?


there are a lot of wealthy people that come here, but you don't feel like a number at this college big college, but a small town feeling


Sports by far have seemed to be a focus for the school with most new structures being sports facilities when there is a greater need to more sufficient dorms and classrooms.


Yes and no, refer to the first part


Not at all! UTK is such a huge diverse college. I would have never expected to meet as many people as I have with similar tastes, etc. And I believe that UT is a VERY intellectual and smart school. The university offers so much, and in my opinion, its the best choice for an in-state school.


Not at all


No, I have had aquantances that applied to UTK as a backup school and they got denied or waitlisted, due to the competative application process.


No, definitely not. Academics are always the main focus.


Not to all students. There will always be parties where there is this many kids.


To a degree most everyone i know parties


I would say no more than any other college campus.