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Is the stereotype of students at The University of Tennessee-Knoxville accurate?


to a degree


not at all...there are always two sides of the story


definitly not...i think there is only a small portion compared to everyone else that actually parties




None of them are. I feel that I have an active social life, am a member of a sorority, and go out on weekends, but all in moderation. I have good grades, and honestly on most days during the week the library is much more full than the bars are. Yeah, there are hardcore partiers, but every college has them. One reason I love UT is that there IS always something new and fun to do, BUT you have to know when to get to work also. About the football one: I don't like football, and I feel that I manage just fine knowing and caring nothing about it. Class size: Not at all. Though I am an art major and class size is generally kept tiny, the majority of my classes are 30 people are smaller. And even if they are large, most teachers will help you if you just ask.


to an extent






For the most part, no. However, there are students at UTK, just like at any other university accross the nation that are simply enrolled in college to go out and get drunk. However at UTK, I tend to spend quite a bit of time in and out of the library and everytime I go there are tons of other students there as it is either students simply going to "hang out" at the library or there are a lot of students that actually strive for academic success. And for the athletic programs, yes most students do dream of that magic time of year...the fall when we can enjoy tailgating before football games and also our basketball programs are very strong...the Lady Vols just one their 8th national title!


Sometimes it is but those kids just end up failing and having to leave