The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love absolutely everything about UTK except for one thing that has a major influence in my life: nursing school. I am in pre-nursing right now and I am going to apply for nursing school soon, however, my chances of getting into the nursing school here are not as high as other places because UTK only takes about 100 people each year. With such a high demand for nurses, I would think UT would try to provide the chance for all who want to become a nurse, especially since UT is such a large school. Also, since UTK only accepts students during one semester, I have had to make so many different rearrangements in order to please UTK's standards. Because of the disadvantages of the nursing program at UTK I have decided to go elsewhere. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything else major about UT except for the fact that we need more parking and that we need to make the area safer. I love the atmosphere here all throughout the year and am very appreciative of the fact that I have been able to attend UTK.


when i first came here i thought the school was huge but after going to my classes for the 1st week it became very small it was very easy to get use to. being in a sorority helped make friends and have a room mate that i became best friends with also made it easier. there is a lot of school pride which made it a lot of fun and it definitely is a college town. game days are the best time of the year here at UT.


UTK overall is a very good school both academically and extracurricular wise. I think the biggest problem I faced while being here was the parking situation on campus and I feel that that is an issue that needs to be delt with. I think this is a complaint that many students have as well. I feel like the atmosphere here suits me well because I wanted to attend a fairly large school that had a college atmosphere.


One of the only things that could make UT better is smaller classes. Sometimes I do feel like just a number in classes as opposed to a student trying to learn. Some professors just don't make me feel like my teacher cares about my education. Most of my time on campus is in the dorm, the library, or the classrooms. Some classroom buildings are a tad bit dilapidated, but we always have construction efforts going on to improve the aesthetics of our campus. UTK has a HUGE amount of school pride. I really don't know of anyone who doesn't WANT to be here or go to every sporting event possible. The biggest controversy on campus is the security matter. It seems like the campus police are more concerned with underage drinking and breaking up parties than the actual safety of the students.


-i love ut! -i love how every student is so different yet we form a common bond with our school spirit! -best thing about utk? the SPORTS! i love going to the free football and basketball games, and the occasional baseball games. -greek life at ut is amazing! im never bored!(the houses could be better tho!) -i think the size is just right...but thats just personal opinion -when people from my highschool find out i go to utk they are often like "but EVERYONE goes there", while this is true, ive had a completely new experience here, and almost never see my highschool friends. -on campus i spend some time at the library, some time at the cafeterias, and mostly in my dorm(that sounds kinda basic but its true) -college town? well sorta. knoxville has its city and activities but 37916 is its own little town. i almost never go off campus on the weekends. there is so much to do! why leave? take for instance auburn...boring! i would hate to have UT be in a college town like that...i like the option of going to the city, even though i rarely do! -utk's ehhh...less than perfect, but what major university isnt! -controversry...everyone loves a controversy...idn i live in hess so there is usually some kind of crime going on...although i dont hear about it til 5 days later ha. but something that has made me mad is utk housing. next year i have to live in the sorority apartments and the university made us sign a contract before giving us the final accurate price...BOO not okay -BIG ORANGE COUNTRY! helll yeah we have a lot of school pride! go UT! -unusual? maybe we should add more foliage...seriously our school is ugly...more trees please! -homecoming. love it -student complaints-not enough of the popular classes offered at good times...not enough parking spots, too many parking tickets, yucky food...i mean its college. duhh


I think the size if the university is just right for me, i think if it were any bigger it wouldn't feel like a home. When I tell people I go to UTK they respond with how beautiful the fall must be, and how much fun the football program must be. There is A LOT of school pride which is GREAT!


I love the atmosphere of the UT campus, expecially on game days. The campus itself is very pretty, while some of the buildings are out-dated. Just recently people have began to wonder if they're safe or not on campus. I think an increased awareness and increased attention to these matters will fix them.


It is a huge school, but I am in a sorority, which makes it seem smaller. I come from a small town, so everyone is amazed by the fact I go here. I spend most of my time in my dorm room studying, or out somewhere with my sorority sisters. Knoxville is most defenitely a college town; i love it right now, but I would not want to live here after college. UT's administration is fair; I have talked to really nice people and really rude people, but I guess you'll have that everywhere. I believe we have more school pride than any other school there is. Our sports are always expected to dominate, because that's what we are known for. There is nothing like going to a UT football game. Rocky Top is played at least 20 times, but it never gets old! Overall, I wouldn't choose any other school to go to; i love it here!


UTK is huge, but I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way. Being 3 hours from home a lot of people are shocked that I would go to school that far and love it so much but I do, and I hardly have gone back home at all this year. I spend almost all of my time on campus with my friends, whether I'm at the library or at an event or just sitting in my room, the great thing about being here is that you are always surrounded by people you want to be around! And the school pride here is ridiculous! Everyone loves Tennessee and being at UTK, and its great to be around people that all feel the same way as you do.


I love the campus, but it is very spread out. The T is a great tool for transportation. I love the sports and the sports facilities. A lot of students are drawn in to UT just because of the huge and dedicated fan base. There are a lot of things to do in Knoxville as well. We are located in an awesome location. We are hours from the beach or the mountains.


I think UTK is the perfect school to go to! I love that it is so big, but at the same time I feel that its small within individual colleges. Knoxville is a great town too. Plenty of things to do and places to go and its not huge so you still have the small town feeling. Volunteer pride is like nothing i've ever experienced and i've truly become a fan for life.


The food at school is awesome! Especially the breakfast at Presidential. So many choice, so little time...


Coming from a small town where everyone knew everyone, I went through quite a culture shock to come to such a large school like UTK. Over the years though, I have come to realize that our campus is truely the smallest big school ever. Everyone seems to in someway or another be linked together, hallways are filled with friendly smiles and familiar faces. Beyond the welcoming atmosphere, the school pride which each and every student has is something that makes UTK so unique. We truely "bleed orange," with our sports teams becoming more recognized and winning major tournaments makes our school come together to support Big Orange Country.


UTK is a campus that seems just right for me. There are days when I am walking around where I see so many people I know, and other days when I see no one. I like it this way because it's not too small where you see and know everyone, but it's not too big that you walk around feeling lost because you see no familiar faces. Knoxville, its self is not such a college town, but the strip close to the campus for sure is. It has a lot of bars and places where the students can go and hang out. Many student housing buildings are available off campus. To me, the surrounding parts of the campus are definitely catered toward the college students, but the outskirts of Knoxville are nicer, more established older people where life is normal. The school pride at UTK is wonderful. Just about every single car you see around campus has a UT sticker on it. Support is a big thing on big college campuses and I think UTK definitely gets its' support from the students.


I love attending the University of Tennessee. Many people may argue this campus is too large, but that is the main reason I chose to come here. I wanted to meet completely knew people. This university has opened up so many doors for me because of the numerous opportunities it offers. Most of our school pride, comes through our athletics. I have always heard the phrase, "my blood runs orange" but now I truely understand it. No words can describe the feeling one gets on a football game day when the team runs through the T. Or witnessing our once forgettable basketball team beat Memphis in regular season to be come number one in the country.


I really feel like there are a lot of places I can get help at UT. Whether it be free tutoring in the chem lab, the writing center for help on papers, or connections through my sorority.


I love UTK in the fall, because we have great tailgating and awesome football games. However, I do feel that UTK is a little too big, it can be very over whelming especially when you come from a smal high school. When I tell people I go to UTK they seem very intergetic and usually will tell me thats a hard school to get into. I actually spend most of my time in my dorm room, and I think Knoxville is a great college town. I would say we have some of the best school pride throughout the SEC. One complaint I always hear and is one of mine as well is that there is no parking and some areas of campus are not safe.


our school is very spirited when it comes to football and basketball. gamedays are awesome. i feel that the size of the school is just right despite all the hills.


The best tihng about UTK-FOOTBALL and BASKETBALL games! There is nothing like Neyland Stadium or Thompson Boling Arena on a game day. Orange, LOTS of school spirit, LOTS of fun. One thing I'd change is parking! People react when I tell them that I go to UTK by being impressed. I spend most of my time with friends in dorms, or apartments. I feel that Knoxville is enough of a city by itself that it is not defined as a "college town." THERE IS LOTS OF SCHOOL PRIDE!


I think the size of the school is just right. I have never felt like that I dont have a name on campus. I have made great relationships with my professors you just have to take the time. There is a lot of school pride here and that is one thing that I love! The only thing I would change is the parking situation.


Its a fun place with a lot of people. Sports are a huge part of social life, and there is a lot of extracurricular things to be involved it. You have to pretty much TRY to not be involved in something.


It is very diverse, which is good. Sometimes I feel lost because there are so many people and Iwish it was smaller. When people hear that I go to UT they tell me it's a good school and they bet that I have fun. I spend most of my time in my dorm i guess..There is tons of school pride, everyone is proud to be a volunteer.


Best thing about UTK: School pride and traditions One thing I'd change: More parking Size: Just right, it might seem really big, but its really just a small community. I see at least 15 people I know every day walking to class. Reaction to UTK: impressed College town: for sure Opinion of UTK's administration: Money hungry-they don't really take into account what is best for the students, only what's going to make them richer Biggest controversy on campus: the fact that not only are they charging us an activities fee in our dues, but also football games will cost us money beginning fall 2008 School pride: TONS! anywhere you go the walls are painted orange and white Most frequent student complaints: the fact that UTPD are more worried about issuing parking and underage unsumption citations than they are actual crime around campus.


the best thing about UT is the football!!


The Greek system at UT is one of its strong suits. As well as sports, of course. However, getting good football tickets is awful, and they're cutting down on the number of student tickets. Parking ios horrendous, they tell you up front they're is not enough parking for every student yet they sell anyone a parking pass. Most of our time spent on campus is in the Greek dorms, fraternity park, the Strip, or at TRECS (our physical fitness facility). Our administration appearsto be very hands off. Ask 3 students if they know who the President is and maybe 1 would answer correctly. Teachers in teh Math and English department are a joke, as well as certain sciences. Only 20% of my freshman chemistry class ( 300+) passed. You really have to check around and find out who is the best in their department or youre pretty mcuh doomed.


*One of the best things about UTK is how it's so big! I love the big campus! There's always a ton of new people to meet and new places to go. *I would change how expensive it is to buy food on campus - it's overpriced and not that great. Oh and the parking tickets are ridiculous, I got one once for being there for seven minutes... a little unfair I think. *When I tell people I go to UTK, they're like "Oh, big party school, huh???"


i love the football games and tailgating and school spirit. it is the ultimate college town and has lots to offer


The best thing about UTK is the FOOTBALL! One thing I would change would be the parking situation- it sucks! My school is just right! People react that it's a huge school where there is a lot of partying. I spend most of my time on campus either in my dorm room or in the library.


perfect size - FOOTBALL is the best - amazing school spirit - definitely a college town - greek life could be better


I love the size of UT, it is my perfect college, i cannot picture myself anywhere else. It is truely a college town. Everyone has so much pride in their school it is unreal.


I love UTK! I think that it's the best size school because I always end up meeting someone new everyday. The best part of it is that it's the quintessential college town. It seems all of Knoxville revolves around the university which is why there is so much school spirit on campus. I spend most of my time right now in the sorority dorms, the library, the trecs, or just hanging out on the strip. I personally don't have any major problems with the administration at UT. I feel that the biggest controversy has to be with the search for a new president. The experiences that I will always remember will most likely be UT football games, and being with my sorority.


Many people think that UTK is too big to attend. When you first get here it does seem that way. But it only takes about two weeks and you figure out your way around and where everything is and its not that big at all. And most people lilke myself join a group or activity such as Greek or Student Council which gives them a real place just like any other school.


The best thing about UTK is that the opportunties here are endless. I feel as though I am not restricted. One thing I would change is the lay out of the campus. The campus sites and buildings needed to be renovated. (which is in process) I think the student body is just right. I love to tell people I attend the University of Tennessee, I am proud to be a Volunteer! I love our schools traditions. I spend most of my time in a book studying. I believe there is a lot of school pride...I mean who else would just wear bright orange around? I will never forget moving into the dorms and realizing how small they were. I loved my roomate and the class rooms in the auditorium were overwhelming at first, but I began to enjoy them as I made new friends.


Its big but everyone seems to enjoy it. We are big on football, but are increasing becoming more known for academics. I think administration may be a little too political but they still do an outstanding job. Most students have alot of school spirit.


Since UTK is so big, when I answer that I go here, questions immediately follow if I am active within the Greek community; Greeks are really big here, but I feel that a negative stereotype accompanies that notion and it is difficult to be associated with that at times. Overall administration at UTK is not that great, but it depends on the department a student declares his or her major. The Exercise Science department has a great group of faculty members and is an exception in my eyes. The biggest recent controversy/student complaints is campus safety; the UTPD focuses its attention on matters that should come secondary when looking to perserve safety. Several students have been robbed/injured this year on the Fort. School pride is AWESOME!! I love the ROCK, which UT is trying to get rid of...what! One experience I will always remember: Being apart of Torch Night my freshman year :) The strip needs to be cleaned up; it makes our university look trashier than it actually is. I spend most of my time in the library when on campus...I study ALOT!


I like UTK because of all of the different extracurricular activities which you can participate in. I personally do not think it is too big of a school; at first it seems really big, but once you start getting involved in different activities, it definitely becomes a lot smaller. I love the whole "college town" town atmosphere that surrounds UTK and the Strip, which is where everyone hangs out. Also, fall semester is the best because of football season and all the different things that go on with UT football.


I love UT. I like it being a big school and would not like a small one. People are usually somewhat impressed when I tell them I go to UT because it's a big SEC school. I live off campus so when I am there I usually spend my time either in class, the library or the UC. I haven't had much interaction with the main administration at UT, but instead I've dealt with the College of Business Admin. They are very accomodating to work with and it's been a good experience. And if I could change something about UT, I'd definently add more student parking. No matter what anyone says, there is simply not enough.


UT is a great school and I have really enjoyed all my time here. I have met many great people. One thing I like about UT is there is ALWAYS something to do. No matter what you want to get involved in, you can find it here. This applys to extracurricular activities as well as classes. If you come here and are not sure what you wanna do, they have classes for just about every catigory you can think of. This leads me to another topic... advising. It is known as the "big orange screw". I was originally a nursing student, I did not get in when I applied for nursing school. No one told me if I wanted to apply to other schools that every school requires different prerequisites. So when I thought about transferring, it was going to set me back another semster to year depending on the school I chose. I know that many people get frustrated with our advising. You go to one person they may tell you one thing and your graduating on time, then you go to someone else, and you are graduateing a semester late. The best thing is to look at everythign yourself and know what you are talking about when you talk to your advisor. Knoxville as a whole is a nice place. It has a lot to do and I would recommend it to anyone.


UT is by far the most beautiful campus I've ever been on. Football season is the best part of the year. It's a tradition that everyone should experience. Since it's a public school, the classes are fairly large, but the teachers are still good about offering help if you decide to take advantage of it. Most of the time, when I tell people I go to UT, I get the "oh wow" reaction because from my hometown, it's about 50-50 on how many people who graduate go to college. And of those who do go to college, they mostly stay within an hour of my hometown. It's a real impressive reaction that I get. Most of my time on campus is spent in classes, or in the dorm. The library is a popular place, but I never can seem to get any work done. There's just too much going on there. UT is definately a college town. In the summer, Cumberland Ave. is deserted. UT's administration has its ups and downs. I've had some of the best professors here and learned alot from them, and then I've had a few who shouldnt even be allowed to teach at the high school level. Other bad aspects are...PARKING SUCKS. Its like a 1:3 ratio and UTPD loves to write tickets. No matter where you go on campus, you walk uphill. Which is hard to get used to at first but I've heard people say before that "tennessee girls have the best legs." So it can be a good thing. Some major classes are only offered like once a semester so that's like 200 students who can take that class when 1000 need to, which makes scheduling sort of hard. Other than those though, I love UT. Anyone who goes here develops a strong sense of pride. Rocky Top is annoying to everyone but a UT student and when it comes on, you can proudly say I'm a UT student...GO VOLS!


The best thing about UTK is the activites. I love being involved in my sorority and having the friends I do from it. I think the school is big, but through it I was able to make many friends. On campus I spend most of my time in the dorms or the library studying. Our school has a TON of pride and I really like that about it. My biggest complaint it parking. It gets ridiculous considering I paid around $300 for my pass. The one experience I will always remember is being in my sorority.


Considering that I only applied to UTK because my parents made me as a back up, it has completely fufilled my expectations. I applied/ got into both Sewanee and Rhodes which are really small luxurious private schools and then got into UTK. I ultimately chose to go to UTK because of the lottery scholarship and I wasn't thrilled to go here at all. I ended up liking it a lot and making really amazing and smart friends. I think I am much better off going to a bigger school and football season is something I really look forward too. The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Program (my major) is one of the best in all of the United States so I'm really fortunate to be surrounded by the scientists who I read about in my textbooks. There's also so many undergraduate research opportunities on campus, especially for biology students. I'm currently working in a reptile ethology lab so I get to feed snakes for 2 credits. The biggest complaint on campus is that while the admission requirements have gotten higher, the recruitment of teachers have not gotten better. This is mostly true for general education requirements.


Best things at UT is everything. The only thing i would change is the location of some of the classes, really far to walk. Its for sure a college town and i love it. Theres alot of school pride because we are the best


UTK is very large, but i like it that way. Usually people think of it as a very southern school and they are interested that I attend here. I spend most of my time in the library and my dorm. UTK's administration needs a lot of work. Pay wages is the biggest controversy. There is alot of school pride...everyone loves the vols. We are very spirited college students. Many complaints are about the T link system. I will always remember sorority recruitment.


some campuses are towns built around a college but knoxville is a college built within a city. School pride is something we don't lack. In a class of 25 only one person had never been to a football game.


I think UTK is the perfect size for a university. It has a lot of students but is concise enough where you always see a familiar face. Students often complain about the parking situation on campus. It's true. The University of Tennessee issues out far more parking passes than it has parking spaces. Therefore, you parking pass becomes more of a hunting permit. However, despite minor complaints, no one has more pride than a Vol Fan. Big Orange spirit runs rampant and it can't be beat.


I wish that the administration would care more about current students then incoming freshmen. As soon as we become sophmores, the adminstration seems to lose interest in us. Also, I wish the university would spend more time on beautification of the campus. We have some very attractive buildings, but the need to spend more time on making the grounds look better. The administration only cares about money. If there are not making money, then they dont care.


UTK is definitely a college town but I think the university is just the right size. There is a lot of school pride which is nice to see and be proud of. There is too much crime though which seriously needs to be changed.


UTK is a southern college with many college traditions (especially sports), however, the students are very sheltered and do not come from vary many places outside of Tennesee. This sometimes makes it difficult for people that have experience more of life to fit in. Alot of students are spoiled and drink excessively. People are very close minded... not caring about the environment or other people or places in general. UTK has little to no international cultural influences, but the campus does have a great deal of a variety of student organizations. UTK is very cheap, asking students to pay for everything and the parking is a nightmare. I would not go to UT if I got to choose again.


i love the people. i love knoxville. i hate the campus. the construction and side walks are so ugly. And they need to fix their flooding problem as well. Football games are priceless.


At first glance, UTK is a pretty large campus, but once you start meeting people, it gets smaller. Some of my friends met a random guy at a party, and then the next week met his sister! Everyone has a sense of friendship within the school, here in Knoxville it's a privilege to wear orange!

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