The University of Tennessee-Knoxville Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Professors know my name for the most part. My favorite class is news writing. The class is conducted like we are reporters in a real newsroom. My least favorite is anthropology. The teacher is very inexperienced. I study every night for at least 30 minutes. I usually participate in my smaller classes. I sometimes have intellectual conversations outside of class, but by that time, I am ready just to have fun. I am not really competitive with others. Just with myself. The most unique class I've taken is History of Rock with Wyndell Werner. That class was amazing. I am majoring in Journalism and Electronic Media on the news track. I do not usually spend time with my professors outside of class. I am friends with one of my professors and will visit her in her office sometimes. And I am inviting her to my wedding. I feel that UTK's academic requirements are kind of busy work as far as electives are concerned. I have to get a certain amount of hours outside of the Communications College, and the classes that I have to choose from just don't seem to apply to my future career. The beginning courses are geared towards learning for its own sake, but I think the 400 level courses are more hands-on and help in getting a job.


I love the professors at UTK, alsmost everyone I have had will go out of there way to make sure you get the grade you want. All of my classes have a class participation grade and I am in the Business Department hoping to study in finance. All the people I have talked to in their, advisors,professors, etc. are excellent


Especially once you get into the classes for your major, professors do start learning your name. Some teachers are nice enough to make the effort regardless. My favorite class has probably been my video classes in the journalism department. It is my major and probably one of the most challenging and time consuming but I really like all the hands on experience. Class participation by most teachers is very encouraged, some really require it more than others. Alot of the time students do have intellectual conversations outside of class. Many classes have great discussions that are just naturally brought outside of class time. I don't think students are really that competitive towards one another individually. Maybe competitive as far as having good grades or projects but not towards one another directly. Some professors I do spend time with outside of class in office hours or just if I see them around. Many of them like to know how students are doing and help them any way possible. However, several do not really care and probably won't even remember you. Once again, being in classes within my major has had a big impact on this. I think UTK's academic requirements are reasonable, but not compared to the advising. Many students I think end up being in school for five years of undergraduate simply because their advisors put them in useless classes or don't get them on track immediately. In my major, it is definitely towards getting a job, however many classes outside my major I don't really think so.


Most of my professors know my name, especially the classes that are in my major, which consist of my French class. These professors care about what's going on in my life, my academics, and enhancing my knowledge of the French language.


This school is pretty competitive which I think makes this school better. Sometimes going to a big school does have its downfalls though. A lot of classes are lectures and the professors do not know your name. This makes things difficult during grading because the professors do not really know their students which makes them unable to see the amount of effort each student is putting into the classes. I am in the education program with has both benefits and downfalls. There a lot of extra work involved since I am required to major in an arts and science and minor in elementary education. In the end though, I will come out graduating with my masters which is defiantly a benefit to doing education through UT.


Yes! My professors actually know my name. I like to make sure that they do. I go to office hours and speak up in class whenever I can. Don't be scared to do so! You've got nothin' to loose! Least favorite class-STATISTICAL REASONING, math 115. Favorite-Theatre 100-so fun! I am currently an undecided major....BUT I am in the "Apple Corps" program where students who are interested in teaching get the opportunity to go into the community and observe a teacher. I am in a third grade class and I love it so far. Beware of advisors that aren't helpful. Demand an advisor change when necessary. Research yourself-scholarships, classes, professors, everything! There are people and resources with all the answers out there-find them!


I'm in huge lectures of 350 people and small classes with 35 students; some of the professors know my name, others don't. That's how I like it. I study pretty frequently. I'm at the library about four or five nights a week, no joke. Class participation is usually important in smaller classes or discussion groups. Being in the nursing program, the students I'm constantly around are uber-competitive and sometimes I want to pull my hair out because their main focus is school and studying! I don't really go to my professor's office hours. I feel like UTK has struck a good balance with an education system aimed at inspiring an interest in a variety of subjects while preparing its students for future careers. Even though I'm a nursing major, I'm also taking classes like Religious Studies and Art History.


My english professors do but most of them have no clue who I am. my favorite class is history of rock bc it is a subject that I am actually interested in not just a course I have to take.Least favorite would probably be english because I hate to write and thats all u do in freshman english. I think it depends on what they are studying for but students do study quite often. It depends on the size of the class but in smaller classes participation is very common. I think some students have intellectual conversations out of class.Some students are competitive but I dont think the majority of students are.History of rock is the most unique class I have taken so far. My major is accounting and I cant really tell you much about it because none of the classes I have taken really relate to mymajor yet.No I dont really spend time with professors outside of class. I think some of the academmis requirements are good but most are a waste of time.I think the education here is geared towards both.


Academics at such a large school is pretty typical. Freshman classes are usually large, but once you pick a major and start taking upper level classes, class size is a lot smaller. You become friends with the people in your area and teachers really do know your name.


About half of my professors know my name- just depends on the class size. Students study enough to make decent grades and still have time to party with friends. Class participation is common. History of Rock is the most unique class I have taken. My major is communication studies. I do not spend time with professors outside of class. I think the university focuses on the general academic requirements that must be taken- classes that are irrelevant to what your major is. In my case this would be math and histroy.


Teachers only know your name if you want them to, by going to office hours and you initiating the contact. In class participation is very hard in large classes, but a little more common in smaller ones. I'm a BCMB major, and most of my classes are large. The academic requirements are good for the most part.


I have my really big classes, and then i have my small classes. If your in a big class, then its up to you to get to know your professors and TA's on your own. But they do make themselves available through out the week by there office hours and email. Plus there are many tutorial centers for a lot of the academic departments that you can turn to if your professors are not giving you the help you need. My major is a little bit unique here at UTK. I'm doing Elementary Education, but at UTK you can not major in it, you have to choose it as a minor and pick another major from the College of Arts and Sciences. I choose Psychology. The reason for this is bc the Education program is a 5 year progam, and your 5th year is spent student teaching. Its considered your "graduate year". The cool thing about this program is if you take an additional 12 hours of grad school you can earn your masters degree. Also,this program makes your so much more marketable when it comes to getting a job.


Academics at UTK are amazing. They may be a little challeging at times, but professors are always there to help you, and they always do their best to get to know you. It amazes me how alot of them remember my name. The key to doing well is to get to know your professor. Have confidence- go introduce yourself to them the first day- go to their office hours whenever you need help! You will pass any class if you want to. I'm majoring in Marketing so, obviously my marketing classes are my favorite, but I don't think I have ever disliked a class. Students are competetive with themselves more than with other people. No matter if you know them or not, people in your class are always friendly and will help you with anything you are struggling with. UTK academic requirements are very highly looked upon. Any business seeing you went to UTK on your transcript will be very impressed. They are an amazing school who want you to succeed after your graduate in whatever you do.


In my small classes they do. My favorite class was juvenile delinquency. I found the information to be really interesting. My least favorite was astronomy. It was way to hard and the teacher did not know how to teach the material. I do not spend time with professors outside of class. I belive that the requirements are rising and that is good! I belive UTK is geared toward getting a job!


Even though it is a large school, not all your classes will be huge. Some of my classes have had less than 25 people. Professors for the most part know your name, and in large lectures they make themselves available for help through office hours. Lecture classes are sometimes my favorite classes because you can usually always find someone to study with or who has taken the class before to help if you are struggling. I think education at UTK prepares you for the real world. It is geared toward helping you get a job. They encourage hands on experience, such as internships. It is fairly competitive because there are so many students many times a lot of students want to participate in the same activity or are going for the same internships. I feel that UT's academic requirements adequately prepare you for a job, atleast in my experience.


I make it a point to talk to each of my professors. I feel this is important so they know I care about the class. My favorite class is genetics because I love biology and enjoy lab work. Organic chemistry is my least favorite because it is very difficult and my professor does not make it any easier. The majority of my friends are very studious and care about their futures but also know how to have fun at the same time. My major is biology with a concentration in microbiology. I have the awesome opportunity to work in my professors lab in the microbiology department as an undergraduate research assistant. I try my best to attend office hours atleast once a week to discuss tests or quizzes, or just to get help in general. I believe UT is becoming more academically challenging each year which will benefit the students in their future careers.


--Some professors know my name; I think this year maybe two out of six know my name. So not really good odds. --Least favorite class: Chemistry or Anthropology. Both were just horrible and the teachers didn't seem to care. --Students don't study that much --In Class participation is usually requested but the majority don't participate --Most unique class.. Philosophy --I do spend some time with a few past teachers outside of class. But not many actually care enough to get to know you. I was just lucky to have some really good ones here and there. --I dont think it's geared towards either. I think it's just to get a major with a title on it. I don't think it is very specified to certain jobs and that a lot of the classes are too generic for some.


Some professors will take the time to get to know their students. But if you are in a 400 person lecture hall they obviously won't know you unless you make them know you.


Most of my professors do know my name- it's another thing I love about UT. Students may going out and party alot, but I think in general people study really hard here. Class participation is definitely common.


Academics are no "cake-walk" here at UT. We have a rigorous class schedule for all students. One of the biggest complaints that I have heard about the university is the difficulty in advising and graduating in four years. We have specific requirements for general education classes that are built into each major that lasts the first two years in school. If you change your major after your first year this can cause problems with graduating on time. Advising can also be a very challenging thing. Students must assume responsibility to meet with their advisor as many times as they need. Keeping up with your class requirements is very important at any school, but even more so at a school the size of UT. A few of my least favorite classes include: Geography, Anthropology and Statistics. My favorite classes besides Journalism (my major) classes include: Psychology, Spanish and Public Relations. The Journalism department is a very exciting one at UT. We have many school television programs and our own radio station. UT prepares you for the job world and offers fantastic internships and opportunities outside and within the university.


I have always had good experiences in my classes. All of them have been taught by professors, with TA's only teaching the discussions for large lecture classes like Chemistry. The classes have been engaging for the most part. The only classes I have not enjoyed were the ones that are required by the University and not something I would have taken otherwise. Students are not competitive at UT. No one really talks about their classroom performance outside of their close group of friends, if at all.


Some do. Favorite class child psych the professor was hysterical and he made even the technical infromation interesting and used great analogies to help you understand. My least favorite class is religous stds. I think its rediculous that we have so many graduation requirements that I don't need. No mostly it is sit and lecture. Yes I have had several intellectual conversation outside of class. Motivated students are very competitive at academics, other students are also very competitive just at many different things. Most unique class has got to be child psych simply because the teaching was so great. My psych major is alright, the advising kind of sucks but otherwise I have no complaints. My minor is elementary ed and thay advising department is amazing and they are great about answering questions. No I don't spend time with professors outside of class. I think gen ed req. are a way to make kids stay in college for more than 4 years. I think depending on the major most classes are for getting a job. But the gen ed req. are learning only.


Yes my professors know my name, but seeing as I have a class of 20 and my professors & classmates never change that isn't really an epiphany.


some do. not freshman or sophmore year but junior and senior year is better. favorite class international law and international relations with professor prins. he was amazing. students are not competitive in my classes. i am a legal studies major (which you dont have) and i love it. i love my classes especially political science. no i dont spend time with professors outside of class. our current academic requirement are ok but i dont know why i would ever have to take anthropology and geography if i am going to go to law school.


some/ my favorite is probably spanish and least favorite is accounting/ alot/ yeah/ not really/ kind of but not really/ career development/ majoring in business and just waiting to get in so don't know a whole lot about it other than the prereq's/ nope/ they're fair but not too hard/ gettin a job


Depending upon the class and the size, some professors learned my name. It is a tie between my two least favorite classes, Western Civilization and U.S. History. Well judging on the amount of students that are always in Hodges Library I would say studying is a pretty common thing around here.


UT is a very large university that boasts an array of tailor-made graduate programs and research opportunities. Most of the classes are large, making teacher-student connections hard. This is not a school to go to if you tend to slack off or need to be accounted for. The professors are very hard when you get to upper-level classes. They are not going to e-mail you if you miss class, and late work is not forgiven. It is a challenge if you make it a challenge. Many people go in with a party hard mindset and fail miserably. You have to be responsible and diligent to attend UT because there are a lot of social activities that surround the university.


Some professors know who I am, some don't. I hate sciences, but love spanish and math. I study quite a bit, but get things done ahead of time so I can play harder. Class participation is uncommon unless provoked by the instructor. School of business can't retain any of its advisors, so I don't know who has my life in their hands anymore. I think that the school's entry requirements are increasing, putting us ahead of UGA when educational value and sports are compared.


In my upper level classes, my professors know my name, but in my lower division classes with more people they don't. Professors are a great asset. They can get you jobs, internships, and even graduate positions. They are knowledgable, funny, and worth getting to know. Favorite class: My HRT 445 class. We started a restaurant in the University Center. We have no tests or papers, our grade is solely based on the success of our project. So far I've been on the news and we've had numerous articles written about us. We get to plan the menus for guests and take care of everything from making desserts to seating guests. Least favorite class: My vitamins and minerals nutrition class. I have a difficult time understanding my teacher and she reads directly from the powerpoint. I never recommend skipping class, but I always skip hers because I learn more on my own. How often do students study: I can only speak for myself, and with 18 hours, I probably study at least 20 hours a week. Class participation common: I've found that science or business classes don't generally provide and interactive environment. All of my english, communication, journalism, hotel restaurant and tourism, history, and anthropology classes have. It's really great when you have a discussion because it's much easier to talk amongst a smaller group of individuals. Intellectual convos outside of class: Definately! I talk over coffee about traveling, books, national public radio, music, politics, etc. I love going to the golden roast and cozying up with a warm mug of coffee and speaking my mind and opening my heart to other's opinions. Competive environment: I don't feel it's a competitive environment, especially not in comparision to high school. Unique class: Once again, my hotel restaurant and tourism class was my most unique. It was wonderful to be able to take all of the knowledge about food costs, spreadsheets, menu design and planning, and apply it. Not many students can say they've managed their own restaurant. It was a great experience. Major/department: My major is nutrition, and my minors are hotel restaurant and tourism and journalism. I am actually more involved in my minor departments. I write for the online journalism website. My articles are Eccentric in the City, Cheap Eats, and Around the World in Knoxville. For HRT, I write a nutrition article for EVA magazine, and I hope to have a graduate position in the program after graduation. I dont' spend time with professors outside of class other htan working on projects with them such as the EVA magazine article or the Tennessee Journalist. UTK graduation requirements: I wish we had to take more liberal arts requirements for nutrition. I'm not sure if I'll be prepared for a job, but it's what you put into it. I'm passionate about my future so I research a lot outside of class and build opporunities for myself that will set me up for success.


In some of my smaller classes, my professors know my name. There are some extremely large classes where it would be impossible for the professor to know students on a first-name basis. I've had classes with hundreds of students. My favorite class was my English 102 class. Each English 102 class has a different theme. My class was called Gender, Sexuality and the Body. At first, I was intimidated by the topic, but my teacher made us all feel really comfortable discussing such awkward topics. She allowed us to debate and talk amongst ourselves, which was both challenging and entertaining. My least favorite class was a math course I took. My teacher was incredibly boring and the class was on the Hill in Ayres. Ayres is notoriously hot and walking all the way up there was not exactly pleasant. I haven't found the academics at UT to be overly challenging.