The University of Texas at Arlington Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Grades are important especially your first year. Think of the first year ls a probation period. If you do well you get to stay. Since you understand grades are important, you develop good study habits. You also concentrate better while you learn your professors/teachers. As you focus on this, you figure out a schedule which helps you through out your school year. After your first year, you understand what is required and what you need to get done so 2nd year allows you to relax and enjoy the experience with outsacrificing your grades.i


I wish I knew more about the scholarships available and possible career paths to guide me in the right direction.


I wish I had know how hard college was in general. I feel like my high school did not fully prepare me for college courses and how to study. I always made fairly good grades in high school so I never really studied. This really hurt me in the future when studying was neccisary to survive.


The Biology of Arts degree plan.


I wish I would've known how packed the libraries can get because it is hard to find a spot to study and do homework sometimes.


I wish I had known how much money it would take to be in college. I knew I would be in debt, but I never knew I would be in this much debt. I would have saved more money to help pay for everything. I would have loved to know more about my classes in college and to know what my classes were like. I also would have wished that I knew about time in college. You have more time to study in college and you have to learn how to provide for yourself as well.


I wish I would have know how conveniently located this school is. I would have applied many years ago.


I wish that I had been more prepared before I came to UTA. My transition from my high school to this university wasnt what i expected at all.


I wish I had known the hours of when things closed. I love this school, there is no other choice I would have.


I wish I had gone to school earlier instead of waiting to go in my mid-20s. UTA has tons of transfer students , so it is a good school for people going back to school as well as the younger crowd going into school straight out of highschool. Another thing I wish I had known is to save my money to help pay for school. It's expense, save money now and apply for scholarships.


I had thought I was settling when I came to UTA, but I wish I had know just how amazing it was. There is so much diversity and acceptance of difference here and I feel privleged to get to experience this. As a result, what I would like my high school self to know is that settling is not always a bad thing.


Before coming to UTA, I wish I had learned how to manage my study time better so I could be more engaged in school activities. There's all sorts of events on campus that I had to miss because I had to study. I went anyway and had to cram, but managing my study sessions better would have helped.


I am content


to save more money for school


I wish i knew that the class sizes are huge, my Accounting class is my smallest class at 55 students


I wish I would have known before I came to UTA was the programs offered to the students to help them expand in knowledge and skills. I would have joined so I would have bettered myself in my coursework.


I wish I had known that my GPA would start from nothing. It doesn't mean not to care (for transfer students), it simply means don't kill yourself over 1 or 2 grades.


Choose a degree field that you are confident with become successful with. Manage your time wisely so that you can have time for entertainment, but also time to study.


I wish that someone could have shown me how different the environment on a college campus was from a high school campus.


I wish I would have known that your tuition is fixed after 12 credits, so it does not matter if you take 12 credits or 15 credits (money wise).


I wish I had known that due to the small parking spaces that it is best to just stay on campus. You are able to study more and meet many new people specially your fist year when you come as a freshmen and don't know anyone.


I would have wish to know how to do my schedule, and not have gotten 16 hours on the first semester. Another thing that I would have like to know is how to study, and ways to manage my time better.


I wish I would have sat down and examined all the career fields that were available to me instead of coming in with a one tract mind. I also wish I would have realized how expensive it is and applied for more scholarships before I got their and every year I was attending.


I wish I knew how to relax and have fun in college because you only get to experience your college years once. During college, I was the focused career-driven student who was focused on making good grades so that I could graduate on time, get into the right postsecondary program, and ultimately start my dream career. Although, I met so many great people and had wonderful college experiences, I wish I that I was more open-minded, enrolled in interesting courses outside of my major, and did more fun things in college rather than being just a bookworm.


I have not started classes yet, but I wish I had gone there last semester.


I wish I had known what the Teacher Certification program was like, and how much it required. I also wish I had known more about off-campus housing near the school.


I wish I would have known that the Delta Sigma Theta's are not on campus. And I wish I would have known how limited the parking spots are.


I wish I had know more about internship opertunaties and job placement.


How to fill out the fafsa properly as to maximize dispursements. How to do math! Where to live that would not make me a statistic or victim.


This school at the time I was there did not offer a lot of on campus student activities. I did not start my undergraduate degree there, transferred in during my junior year. It was a great school for what I needed, to finish up my degree, but it was not really a campus that I feel a special draw too. Great professors and programs, not so great student activities.


The many grading system that is used. Each professor has their own and there isn't anything standard, each professor is different.


I would like to of known how much money I was going to spend in the end. I also wish I would have known more about possible grants and or scholarships. I also had no idea how much work was involved.


I wish I have known more about the different clubs and services that are available for students to use.


I wish someone would have told me that I needed to learn new study habits starting from the beginning of the semester. I also wish someone would have warned me about the work load, because I was expecting to study the same amount I did in high school, which did well for me, since I graduated in the top 5%.


The financial aid given to students who have low income was not told to me by my counslor or financial advisor at the University.


I just wish I had been preparred for the work load, right away. I took a break after my third year and intended to go back after one semester off. I was gone for three years! I wish someone had told me to suck it up and buckle down. Now I am 26 and will just now have my B.A. at the end of the summer. I could already be working on a doctoral program at this point. The professors here have been amazing. They stimulate your mind and encourage class discussion. I love it here!


I wish I had known about the lack of events on the weekends at the school.


I wish that I would have know how to better utlize the career services at the University of Texas at Arlington. Also I wish that I would have been informed early about the student academic services that the University of Texas at Arlington provides for it's students.


One this I wish I had known before I came to the University of Texas at Arlington is the environment. I wish I could of practice my social skills more that way I would have more friends.


I wish I had known what major I really wanted to pursue before entering.


I wish I would have known just how expensive an education can be. Knowing the costs, from tuition to meal plans, would have certainly motivated me to apply myself harder in high school.


where all the buildings/classrooms were


I wish I had known the streneous amount of time and work it actually takes to pass these courses, instead of assuming it'll be an easy breezy course in which I didn't have to attend or study for.


I wish I had known the great amount of incentives to living on campus vs. miles away


I wish I had known that my textbook would not always have all the answers to class assignments. In high school, all I had to do was look in the book to find the right answers word-for-word. I never had to worry about paying too much attention to class discussions. However, writing down the professors notes and actually paying attention to the lectures is the best thing to do when you want to get a good grade. Attending class is key to a high gpa.


I wish I had realized how much effort it takes to really succeed in college. My senior year people would always tell me to study hard and focus and take good notes because college is much more difficult than high school. My first semester I did not apply myself like I know I should have and looking back I really think if I had listened to their advice some if not all of my B's would have been A's I'm learning from my freshman mistakes and really applying myself so I wont' look back with regrets.


As a high school student I was only worried about what i was going to do the next day. I always had my parents there to keep me on schedule and on my tail to make sure I got my work done. The one thing that I wish i had realized as a high school senior was that I would have to grow up quicker then I had suspected. Having complete control of your life is a responsibilty that I was not ready for and am currently still working at.


I wish that I would have known to get more involved in school functions and activities. I think I missed out on a true college experience by not getting involved more in school functions.


I wish that I had known the discrimination executed to the foreign nationals because no matter what grades do we achieve are not counted for scholarships . I would have known that the university charge higher insurance for foreign nationals.


limited options for transfer if wanted to