The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The amount of oppotunity and recognition here. It is a highly respectable school, and if you are willing to fight the good fight, there will be something for you here. It is his type of challange, that forces you to create opportunity despite circumstances and to grow as a person. Opportunity is here for the students who fight endlessly for it. If you talk to your professors, talk to your department, and do decently in school, they will definitely do everything they can to help you achieve your goals,aspirations, and dreams.


The best part about attending The University of Texas at Austin is the atmosphere present on campus. The desire for knowledge precedent on campus has allowed me to be myself. It has given me many opportunities to shape and mold myself into the man I want to be. Right infront of the UT Tower is inscribed the phrase "you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." This statement completely embodies the mindset of UT as a whole. the university presents an atmosphere of truth and knowledge on campus which is the what I love.


UT gives students the opportunity to freely express their feelings, views, and customs without being worried if other people agree or not. This gives us the freedom to explore and learn from other cultures, and to prepare ourselves to connect with people of different backgrounds in our future working environment. There are very bright students with awesome ideas and UT provides resources for us to perform projects that are beneficial to the community and the nation. Our freedom to express and perform opens doors for us while we are still in school and for our future careers as well.


There are countless opportunities to explore oneself and pursue one's passions. Challenges are ever-present but resources to succeed are always there.


The best thing about the University of Texas is that everyone has a place that they can fit in. With such a large, diverse population, there are hundreds of student organizations that pique the interests of any individual; and if there isn't a group for you, it only takes three people to start another organization! UT lets students mold their own path and live life in the direction that their individuality leads them, and nearly every day, students are inspired to reach their goals and dedicate themselves to making our world a better place.


The diversity of students who are from all over the United States but also around the world. It's nice to see and interact with people who have the same major as I do and make new friends.


The best thing about UT is the pride and school spirit it possesses. With football games, tailgates and rallies, there could not be another place with students more proud of their school and being a Texas Longhorn. It is times like these that really unite such a diverse school filled with people from all different kinds of cultures, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.


The school pride is definately the greatest thing about UT. Everybody here has so much love and support for UT.


I love my school the University of Texas because it is well diverse. Secondly, you always will find something that interests you. The faculties can be very caring, all of which depends on the individuals. In my college, which is Natural Science there can be cut throat competition between students because they are fighting for a spot in Medical Schools. It keeps me focused when i compete with others. Also in trying to acquire a Certificate in Business foundations, i love the atmosphere there and how the college endeavors to find jobs and internships for students as they graduate.


I'd say the best thing about my school is the ability to network. With the thousands of people here on this campus, there are endless opportunities to find job opportunities, internships, research, clubs and so much more.


Learning new and interesting things about how the world and the people in it work is the most inspiring and wonderful thing about school. Waking up in the morning and getting ready for school to learn about the earth's atmosphere or to learn about the human body is what makes my school day feel rewarding. My school provides multiple help from a faculty that is passionate for wanting me to succeed and become a better leader and have the opportunity to succeed in this country. Theres always new ideas and concepts that is taught to me in school


The diversity in both race and learning styles is what I consider the best thing about UT. It is amazing that you not only are learning from books and lectures but you also have the opportunity to learn about different cultures and beliefs from your classmates as well. Everyone works together to help one another achieve their individual goals, lending to the opportunity to make lifelong friends who will help you and support throughout your career.


The best thing about the University of Texas at Austin is the wonderful atmosphere the university is located in. WIth busy streets, unique hang-outs, college orientated businesses, activities, etc. and austin-exclusive eateries- this is the best city for college students!


The best thing about the school is that the professors are very accomplished in their area of study. Also, they usually do a wonderful job at teaching the material and seem to turly care about the students.


The best thing about UT Austin would have to be the huge amount of opportunities that compete with those of private and ivy league schools for the relatively inexpensive public school price. From a great education to research to student organizations, UT offers a lot and is consistently ranked in not just the top public schools or the top schools in Texas, but in the top schools in the world.


The best thing about UT Austin is the fact that there is always something to do or be involved in. There is stuff for artistic people, musicians, sports finatics, outdoors people, party animals, and even the more studious crowd. You can find these things on OR off campus. Also, Austin is such a great city there is so much to see and do. The surrounding community is very supportive towards the school and giving back to the community. It is a big city with a small town feel.


My school, The University of Texas at Austin is a school full of diversity. You can walk down the sidewalks and see people from every culture, race, background, etc that you can think of. It's a great experience being around so many people from all walks of life, yet sharing this common experience with them of going to college and knowing what it's like to be a UT Longhorn.


The best thing about my school would have to be the diverse ethnic backgrounds. The diversity of students is not always present in every college campus. I believe attending a diverse university opens up the minds of students and encourage them to explore life in a different way than what they are used to.


The best thing about UT is the great amount of opportunities. There are hundreds of campus organizations. There are many study abroad and research opportunities. The city of Austin provides social, musical, and cultural opportunities. Everyday brings new challenges and opportunities to the students of UT.


1. There's always some sort of protest/performance to raise awareness going on. Made me a much more worldly person because these topics are nearly always significant and done nonobstructively. 2. Diversity of student groups. There are booths everywhere and you'll always find a new club you haven't heard about. There's something for service (a lot, actually), for simply being nerdy, for interests such as kayaking. 3. The fashion. There's a good amount of people here who dress fantastically and unusually.


I love the fact that there is so much diversity here at UT Austin. There is always something going on as well, something new to learn every day. It is pretty cool to walk around campus and be part of something that's going on around campus.


The best thing about my school is the bus system. Whether a student wants to stick to the campus area or is more adventurous, they will be happy at UT. Everything one would possibly need is simply a bus ride away. Because I did not bring a car to school, I would use the bus to go to the grocery store, the mall, or even to concert venues. On top of everything, UT students may ride the campus shuttles and the Capital Metro buses for free.


There are lots of diverse people here. There is also a broad range of courses to take.


The secod you spot that UT tower on your way to class, you forget all about your worries and just learn to enjoy the beautiful campus. I love my school, because it provides me with the opportunity to not only become successful in academics, but also by teaching about what life has to offer. There is such a diverse population of students at this university and I have joined many organizations and I have learned to utilize this to the best of my ability. There is not a single thing I woulld change about my school.


That is a hard choice! The community atmosphere and spirit, fantastic facilities and beautiful campus, top notch professors and accessible research programs (and of course, football!) are all major factors at UT. The opportunity to conduct research with experts in their fields is incredibly rewarding and an amazing experience. Being able to do research in psychology has helped open my mind to new career possibilities, learning experiences and exposed me to incredible findings and amazing people in the field.


The best thing about The University of Texas is the make up of diverse people.


The professors are professionals in their field. It is so amazing what students can learn from their professors. They do not teach just by the book or from the book, but always add extra information from their past and their careers. It is helpful and inspiring to students as we are trying to decide what we want to do with our careers. The best knowledge comes from experience and every professor is a well suited match for the class they teach, for they teach with experiences and passion. Their passion for their work is motivating and encouraging.


The best thing about UT is it's size. You choose whether or not to take advantage of this.


I think the best thing about UT is the amount of variety in the courses that are available to students. Even if you've already chosen a major, you can still explore other interests you may have.


The school is very diverse and large. There are many student organizations to join and activities you can get involved with. If you just explore it'll be easy for you to find something you're into, and once you find your niche you'll be able to make friends more easily.


The University of Texas at Austin is a university of diversity. Whether a student is white, black, Jewish, Muslim, gay, straight, introverted, extroverted, or anything else that can be thought of, there is something at the university for them. Cutural festivals and rallies are the norm, and one cannot graduate from the university without having learned something about a culture different from theirs. No one is left out at UT Austin. Everyone is a longhorn, and therefore everyone is family.


The environment at UT Austin is something to experience. There are many opportunities on and off campus.


There are so many opportunities such as extensive study abroad programs and a wide range of study subjects you won't find at smaller schools. Student media thrives at U.T. , which has the most significant student newspaper in the country, a student television station, radio station, magazine, yearbook and monthly humor publication.


The best thing about my school is where it can take you when you graduate. It has developed a very high standard for education and success. After earning a degree from the University, there is no doubt that it will benefit the individual. With the reputation of prestige the school attains, there is no doubt that I have a successful career to look foward to.


The gym because it had updated equipment, lavish pools, and was open at reasonable hours throughout the day.


At the University of Texas of Austin they have such a large student body that there are a wide range of opportunities to fulfill their numerous wants or desires. This means there are many options to choose from academically, politically, athletically, religiously, etc. You really have endless possiblities. Also, because the school is so vast, the make sure that every single student knows about the campus and what is available to them. I went to orientation knowing virtually nothing, and now I have all my questions answered. I love the helpful atmosphere and freedom anyone can find here!


The academics and athletics.


One of my favorite things about this university is its diversity. You get a chance to meet a variety of people from all over the country and also foreigners. You become great friends with people you would never think you would become good friends with . This university is not only diverse in the sense of race but there is also diversity in choosing organizations to be a part of. You feel comfort and praise while you are in these organizations because you are doing what you enjoy doing and also at the same time, you are giving back to community.


The University of Texas at Austin has a wide range of resources. The university has virtually anything anyone would ever need or want to do on a university campus. Because there is such a wide variety of resources and activity, there is a wide variety of people, and it is not hard to find your niche in such a large school. Once you have found your niche, it is easy to say that the people you have gotten to know will help you grow into the adult you are to become.


I absolutely love going to school at the University of Texas at Austin. Along with it being one of the best schools in Texas, the camaraderie on the campus is so visible everywhere you go. The best thing about UT is the obvious school spirit everywhere you look. From seeing students decked out in burnt orange on my way to class everyday to hearing the rumble of the fans at Saturday night football game, there really is nothing like UT fans! Being a student at UT means being proud of who you are and showing off that pride whenever possible.


Can't stress enought how many different cultures of students all come together. Because of thousands of different student backgrounds it makes UT a very diverse college to be at. Althought there are so many people with several different personalities, everyone seems to have two thing in common: intelligence and the drive to have fun and live life to the fullest during their years on campus.


The liberal, independent atmosphere because it fosters action.


Everything you need to help you out is open, all the time: computer labs, cafeteria, school buildings. The dorms are close to classes so if you need to run back between them its not a problem, and the buildings provide an ample amount of space to sit and rooms to study in or spaces to work on projects.


My university has a very well-known and successful group of professors who are all key figures in their fields of choice; through this well known fact I am able to absorb a fantastic array of knowledge from them which helps me to grow as a scholarlly student and as a person.


The main thing that I like about this university is the unique environent in which it is set in. Austin, Texas is on of the most interesting places I have ever been and I am constantly awed by the plethora of new opportunities that are presented to me on a daily basis. The academics and athletics are superb and the people that I am surrounded by all add to the brilliant aura that is The University of Texas.


The best thing about the University of Texas is the faculty. They seem very supportive and helpful


The best thing about The University of Texas at Austin is having countless tools and resources availible to the students here because it allows us to discover our passions and define ourselves.


The amount of resources there are to help you succeed.


I think that the best thing about my school is the provided "free" transportation and the convenience of on campus dorms. Waking up late is not a good habit to get into but if you just so happen to, the class rooms are no more than a three minute walk from the dorms. And if your class is too far from the dorm halls, waiting on a bus can be quite aggrivating but to have transportation to your specified destination is worth the while.


The best thing about UT Austin is the connection between everyone. Although poeple say students are just a number since it is such a big school, everyone is a longhorn. The sporting events unite the student body and make each individual feel as part of the whole. When times get tough, as they often do in college, a student can get help from his or her peers because they all have been in the same situation at some point. Of what I have noticed, interest groups help keep students from going insane when the works becomes overwhelming.