The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about my school is the diversity. Even if some people aren't super open minded and tolerant, most people are. You name it and we got it here at UT. I learned so much from my Indian roommate, my best friends are mexican, and I am a part of a Black Honors Organization.


The best thing about the University of Texas is its location. It's in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the nation, allowing everyone with any inclination the ability to follow that. It's impossible not to have Austin rub off on you, and that's a wonderful thing.


I love walking around campus on Saturdays during football season and seeing all the burnt orange. There is a big sense of spirit all over the place.


University of Texas is very open minded and progressive like a smaller privite school but has all the expert professors in their own respective feilds and the oppertunities of a large state school. University of Texas really pushes the importantce of diversity through student groups and programs. So much is avaliable to University of Texas students, from interships and jobs to spas and mental health counseling.


The University of Texas has every opportunity you could ever imagine. It's vast size gives you to have the chance to explore an interest in anything you might desire. One thing I remember being told at orientation is that you can start any club you want simply with three people and five or ten dollars. I think that's great. This allows you to look into any possibility of hobby or career you could ever want.