The University of Texas at Austin Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Our school spirit is, without doubt, the best thing about my school. We have over 50,000 students, and we all have one thing in common: We are students of the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. Whether it's the day of the BCS Rose Bowl Championship or just another Wednesday, any visitor will see the spirit in our hearts throughout the campus, disguised in burnt orange. Every student is unique, however, every student is one.


I think the best thing about The Univeristy of Texas is the sense of pride one feels while being there. From the beggining, I felt immense pride and accomplishment for attending a school that has such prestige, integrity and community. Its like they say " Once a Longhorn, always a Longhorn". I know this sense of school pride will follow me long past graduation.


At UT, there is something for everyone. Be you a geek who enjoys playing bridge or a car enthusiast with a penchant for classical music, at UT, someone else likes such things, too. Much diversity comes into the campus from all across the nation, and the vibrant community only helps it grow. The things that can be discovered are incredible; something is always happening. Most of all, the social networking possibilities make semesters and years blend together and classes, no matter how difficult, fun.


I consider the live student atmosphere the best atribute of my school, because in such a large school it feels great to be peaceful and sorrounded by so many different people who in a way are still like you. So much diversity on campus opens up so many activities and opportunities to learn things you may not have ever learned anywhere else. With people from all over the country, and sometimes the world, it makes the campus feel amazing, educational, and full of excitement.


It is a great place to learn experience, get education and meet people from different culture and background. Students here are very competitive and so eager to learn more and that makes me to study more and try harder.


University of Texas is a prestigious campus located in a beautiful city.


I love how even though the campus is really big, you can still find a community and everything on campus is extremely accesible.


The best thing about my school is the entire community in the university. Never in my life have I been in a place with so many people that are unbelievably friendly and thoughtful. Being surrounded by these kind people has made me feel so comfortable and in turn, has affected my views on the world.


The best thing I like about my school is the diversity and the endless amount of opportunities offered at the school. I have learned so much in the past year and a half. These memories will last a lifetime and will also be a factor in my success when I graduate.


UT has alot of good programs, its ranked really high in the U.S. and a hell of alot cheaper than schools out of state. Besides it being a good school, its alot of fun. There is always something going on and a ton of people. Its really hard to find someone that doesnt like Austin.


The value of a public university giving a research-based education that rivals that of well-knokwn private universities.


I just love the way the school is so big, yet still retains a sense of unity through the Longhorn.


The community that UT austin builds is a solid network of mutual respect and good times. The alumni are die hard longhorn supporters that and it is easy to tell why after spending time with on this campus; you immediately fall in love with it from day one.


This school has so many opportunities to do so many different things. You can volunteer, play sports, join a club, become involved in a sorority or fraternity, or just study if that's what you're into. You can fit in with just about everyone and the school pride is amazing! If I could do everything there was to do here I would!


the spirit is amazing! I look forward to every single football game of the season. Everyone gets spirited up and crazy. We go tail gating before the game and during the game I have never ever seen a school and the alumni so spirited! It makes me smile


The diversity is definitely the best part, I get to learn a little from every culture.


It is a prestegious university which I am very proud to be attending. My school is highly recognized for its successful alumni. I love the large campus and city environment.


Some of the quirkiest things on the University of Texas campus


Because it is so big, there are a lot of resources at your disposal. It's great for, say, film studies, because they can afford the high tech equipment.


The people you meet. These will be my best friends for life.


Sports and school


As far as the College of Natural Sciences goes, there are a lot of opportunities to work and do research in labs on campus. Undergraduate students often have the ability to design there own projects or be a part of a professor's or graduate student's research projects.


The best thing about my school, is the diversity and the amount of resources at your disposal. So many people are willing to help you achieve a goal. The possibities are endless!


The tradition and school spirit. There is so much going on that you should never feel left out. You have to put in as much as effort into your experience as you intend to get out of it.


The prestige of the university as a "public ivy" in conjunction with its loyal alumni allows students to enter the job market with favorable characteristics.


There is a wide variety of activities and resources available on campus for current students, alumni, and visitors. It is in a very lively city where there is always something that caters to everyone's tastes.


The best thing about my school, and the city that I live, is that you're able to be who you want, and not be bound by the social oppressions of where you came from.


Without a doubt the best thing about The University of Texas at Austin, is the school pride and spirit. It means a lot to be a longhorn. And because of our pride, thousands of students attend local sporting events to cheer on our teams. Alumni of all ages return to the school where they made some of the best memories of their lifes. And our desire to be on top motivates the student body to excell in their education. All in all the school spirit moves and motivates all who are associate with the University of Texas at Austin.


Don't have a girlfriend. There are TONS of hot girls here


The best thing about my school is the number and variety of extra-curricular activities available to students. It's really easy to find a bunch of other people who share your interests. You can make friends easily & have a lot of fun outside of school.


The University of Texas at Austin is a top-tier research institution, offering students access to some of the greatest minds and most technologically advanced settings available in the world. This excellence applies not only to engineering and science but also to the liberal arts, business, communications, sports, law, music, etc. You name it, and UT excels at it. This school does everything, and does it well. Whatever subject you are interested in, whatever academic career you wish to pursue, you will find it here.


Our school features over 1,000 organizations in which students can get involved. There is a place for EVERYONE! I love that there are so many people with so many different views and interests, all of whom are completely in love with being at UT !


THe school spirit! I love being a LONGHORN!!!! Football and the traditions here are timeless. The education you receive here can carry you a long way!


There are so many resources here and the University of Texas is a very well-rounded school. It is at least the top 20 in almost every category. There are so many options for a student to follow their own path.


I believe the best thing about the University of Texas at Austin is the academic and research environment. The school really pushes everyone to do research as an undergraduate. Many students are published in reputable scientific journals in their fields of study before attaining a bachelor's degree. I think this is absolutely amazing.


The best thing is the diversity and how everyone gets along. I am in the school of music, where they expect you to work hard and be successful and give it your all.


It's in Austin, which is a nice place to live while you're in college.


I love the school spirit that the school exhibits and the city that my school calls home. The school spirit let's you know that people are proud of their school, their experiences with the school, and people truly love this place. Austin, TX is an amazing city for students. There is so much to do and tons of diversity.


If you're into sports, UT has some good teams and the student body has alot of spirit. If you're like me and could care less about sports, UT is in a downtown urban center filled with clubs, bars, pool halls, and tons of live music. Austin also has a nice lake scene and several hiking and biking trails and is considered a liberal island in the sea of conservative Texas, "keep Austin weird" is the official city slogan. Austin is also home to several high-tech and gaming companies such as AMD, Intel, Dell, NCsoft, Blizzard, and Bioware.


The best thing about my university is how easy it is to pursue your own academic interests and research even at the undergraduate level. The professors are extremely accessable. If you make the attempt to get to know them, they will take time to enage with you and encourage you in your own pursuits. They are more than happy to share thier expertise with you and give you helpful information and advice on your own research interests. This combined with the research facillities availble on campus make it very easy to do a lot of research in several fields!


Best thing about this school are the students, the loyalty and their pride to the school. The students and alumni are without a doubt some of the most dedicated people I have ever met. They are always trying to find new ways to incorporate better renovations all around the school and make the university the best it can be.


The best thing is that despite being known as a big party school, we still have high academic standards. Many of our departments are in the top 10 nationally. You will work hard at my school, but you will always be assured that your effort and stress is worth it. You will get a great education and overall college experience, and people outside the college recognize that too. It is obvious that the faculty and staff at the university want you to succeed. There are many resources available for whatever you need to continue and excel.


Representatives from the Queer Student Alliance and Queer People of Color talk about queer awareness week.


A student representing the Distinguished Speakers Series at the University of Texas describes an upcoming lecture.


The school spirit and the standards the teachers hold you to.


The best thing about my school is that there is a lot of credibility and that a lot of people want to come here because of that. Here I can get a great education without paying Ivy League costs even though I'm struggling and working hard to pay for it now. I feel that in the end it will be worth it and I am honored and blessed to be able to attend UT.


the huge network of alumni


The best thing about this school is the city of Austin. Austin provides tons on extra curricular activities throughout the week. Its a very healthy and very eco-friends city. As far as Texas goes it's not too hot and it doesn't get too cold either. It is a perfect city or a university.


It's a pretty diverse place. They could do more and they definitively try to. The diversity allows many ideas to be pushed around and for many people to become active in all sorts of things.


My University offers so much diversity academically and socially that I feel proud to be part of such a community. I have never been in a situation where people are so welcoming to new ideas and new experiences that has encouraged me to open up and want to be a part of something that I know can make a difference in not just our community, but our nation, and even the world.