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My school is largly comprised of online adult learners. I have been in my field for several years and wanted the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the pursuit of better employment options. The school is very flexible for someone with a full time career and a family. I have a wife and four children and a full time career. The school has been great with interaction, work load, and class discusions.


Career-focused; numerous online courses; flexible; high course transfer rate; adult-oriented higher education


You can earn credits based on prior learning. Options include CLEP and TECEP testing, Prior Learning Assessment, Licenses/Certifications, Military training and professional training.


I love online learning and Thomas Edison State College has been a pioneer in this venue, meeting the unique needs of adult learners for more than 35 years. As a master's student at Thomas Edison State College, I am enjoying the rigorous and challenging online courses that are enhancing my life both personally and professionally. I would recommend Thomas Edison State College to anyone who is looking for a college that allows them to pursue a degree while attending to the demands of family, career and community.

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