Thomas Edison State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Complicated admissions process, lengthly


I finished quickly with good grades


They're really flexible with the credits that they accept. I am looking forward to transferring all my credits to Thomas Edison and having them work with me on issuing me a degree. So many friends have gotten their degrees from TESC and had such positive experiences, that I can't wait to get my degree from them.


The flexibility of my schedule. I have taken only online courses and I have been able to travel during my courses, taking a road trip to California and living in MA over the summer besides working a full time job. I tell them how glad I am that I can work, school, and remain competent at all three so that I don't have to scarifice family life, financial responsiblity and quality of education during this time.


The convenience!


TESC does a fantastic job of accommodating the adult student. They are very flexible with schedules, class times and formats, and offer many material delivery options. I have taken classes on campus, online, and through CLEP tests at TESC all with the same amount of success. I cannot stress enough how the busy adult would benefit from this school.

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