Thomas Edison State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I am aquiring my AA through CollegePlus and being awarded my degree through Thomas Edison. This school allows me to aquire my degree through taking state CLEP exams. This has several benefits. Flexibility to work and pay for my education. No constraints to how fast or slowly I can get my AA completed. Most importantly, not only will I finish faster, this school will only cost a fraction of the cost as a traditional scool. Giving me the option to continue on to a more specific BA degree in the next year or two at a tradional college.


The adult environment is the best thing I like about the school. The college understands how different it is for people returning to college to obtain their degree compared to students straight out of high school.


I consider their online classroom, Blackboard, to be one the highlights they offer. It's easy to navigate, always open and full of information, including access to online libraries, magazine clippings and jounal exerpts from Harvard, Yale, and other prestegious universities. I would certainly say that the affordability combined with the quality of education are the selling points and what I really appreciate about Thomas Edison State College.


TESC lets me finish school in a quicker and more efficient way and allows more credit for knowledge out of their classrooms. This school has been a true blessing and has helped me realize that school can be fun! The people (students and faculty) are pleasant people who care about you and your education.

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