Towson University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best attribute Towson has to give is their family style environment. Anyone you could pass by on a normal day is always smiling and very friendly. I went into Towson knowing no one and within the first few hours of my first class I immediately felt welcome. The students and staff of this campus and community are not only your friends but they become your family.


The best thing about Towson University are the students. Towson does a great job of accepting students from all over the country. People generally seem to get along. Classes are more intersting because during discussions a wide variety of view points are shared and expressed.


The best thing about Towson is the atmosphere. Towson has a very calm and relaxing aura that can attribute to the success of your average student. There is not too much going on within the campus. However there is always something you can do. The university is located in a safe environment and is only a bus ride away from the Baltimore harbor; which is a very popular attraction.


The best thing about Towson is that the professors in my department are very helpful in terms of making you succeed. I reaaly like the classroom atmosphere that they provide and give you.


The diversity of coures offfered


The undergraduate program really let me take charge and shape my education with things like gen ed and major elective flexibilty.


Towson University offered many best parts about attending TU. My reasons are listed here, not necessarily in order: proximity to major cities; diversity of students; interesting campus terrain; diverse residence hall options (new versus old); and proximity to hometown.


It is small and easy to navigate. I can easily make it from point to point in a few minutes and can therefore easily access all available resources quickly and efficiently. This allows me to also schedule my classes in a manner which allows me to finish quickly so I can study and take care of my other responsibilities.


The diversity of the school. The school including the students are so accepting and diverse that there is a club or other place for everyone to fit in and find people they can get along with and enjoy.


There is something for everyone at Towson so the best thing would be how Towson is very diverse and delivers something for everyone. Towson has something for anyone and everyone.


There is a great health science: health education program. Great location.


The food! So many different dining locations, 16 to be exact, all with great food so you are able to fill whatever craving you may have that day.


Towson University is very affordable. This is a very good thing considering, Towson, the city, is a pretty expensive.


The best thing I consider at my school is the diverstiy of students, how the dorms in the Towers are set up, the number of options you have to eat, how big the school is, and the new buildings that were just built last year, or are being built this year. I also love how my school is very safe, even though we are in the city. There are always police on campus, and I always see plenty of security guards, making it safe to walk around campus.


the bests things whould be the campus and class size, along with the fun activities to do on campus. there is always something going on on campus and you can bet majority of it is free and their giving away i pads and so much more. :)


The best thing about Towson University is how small it is. You are immersed into campus life, but you can easily walk two minutes down York Road and be in the city of Towson and go to the mall, a store, Bookholders, or a restaurant for a quick get-away.


The location is the best thing about my school. There is so much to do, you can never get bored. It's a big campus, but not too big. Right down the street is Towson Town Mall, which is 4 floors! The movie theater is also located right down the street. There's a bunch of places to eat and hang out.


The best thing about my school is the atmosphere and the people. It is such a positive environment. There is so much diversity on campus, and everyone is always friendly and approachable. The professors are extremely helpful, and offer alot of helpful and useful information to their students. I would not change a thing about this school.


Good size with a nice variety of different types of people and caring/encouraging professors


I always found it to be a safe haven tucked in the middle of a metropolitan area. Baltimore City and it's amenities and fun are close by. More than 10 other universities are in the area, and now an interuniversity connector bus runs throughout the city area, allowing a student to get all over. There were always things for the asking on campus, and now years later, many, many more. I do know this, because my daughter did attend here.


The best thing about my school is its location. It is very close to a number of local attractions, it is not far from the highway and it is a only thirty minutes away from my house. Towson also has a wide variety of majors. Half way through my academic career there I decided to add a major and it should only take me one extra semester to receive a degree in criminal justice and psychology. Teachers are just okay. Towson University has the habit of letting foreign teachers(with poor english) teach classes of significance.


One of the best things about Towson University is its stable balance between school work and a social life. The university is friendly in a sense of emphaizing the importance of chasing after your career while maintaining a healthy relationship with keeping yourself sane with the help of close friends and other relationships. Towson promotes the balance of the two with the help of providing tutors and study facilities, as well as having social events to allow students to have a small break from the stresses of school. It is one of the best things about Towson.


Although I have not fully attended Towson, I have attended several evetns on campus. I would consider the best thing about Towson is the different affinity groups established for students. Not just for different ethnic and religious groups, but also groups for commuters and new students as well. All of the groups are widely promoted and has very high participation from the student body. I've attended different events held by the affinity groups and was very pleased with my experience.


One of the Best things about my school is that is is accessible to its students.; There are five campuses in associattion whith my college. in addittion to this my campus offers a range of programs to choose from which offeres many oppurtunity to its students. pri


The best thing about Towson University is the diversity of the sutdents. Walking around campus you see so many different cultures and backgrounds. It's a great experience to be able to work with people who are different than you are.


The best thing about Towson University is the amount of studet organizations and clubs that you can join. There is over 200 organizations and with enough members and an advisor, you can always make your own club. The amount of clubs that the university has can appeal to every student. You can always get involved because of the variety of clubs that the university offers.


The best thing about my school is the opportunity to join groups and be a part of organizations. The students and faculty try their best to make available different organizations to get as many people as possible involved in the school community. Everyone is friendly and helpful; which makes it easy to find friends and other students that share similar interests.


How helpful and available the staff are. The campus is clean and neat. Events happen so often, you run into them as your going to class.


The best thing about school is how it is filled with very "bro"-y type of guys and stuck up girls.


The diversity of programs and the small class sizes


The best thing about Towson University is that they offer such a wide array of different fields of study. Currently I am studying Speech Pathology. I know that if I should change my mind, there are many other fields of study at Towson that I can get into without having to transfer out of Towson. Although I don't plan on leaving Speech Pathology, its good to know that 62 other undergraduate majors, and 44 masters programs are available for me at Towson.


The school is situated in a suberb/city area which gives it a mixture of both. This makes it possible for many students to communte and also to find jobs with the many businesses surrounding.


the environment, is a really nice area to study in, not stressful and evryone is really friendly


Being around a large city


I have not yet attended Towson University I am transferring this spring, but from what I have seen the class sizes are great and its in a great area. It has a large library and from the people I have talked to and met with everyone has been great. They are very interested in the studenst well being.


The campus is beautiful, and there are plenty of things to do on the weekends. You will make tons of friends easily from tons of different places.


After petitioning (sometimes several times) they are accepting of transferring classes from other schools for degree credit.


The opportunities that it presents its students. The quality of faculty and mentors that are available.


The best thing about Towson is the serene educational environment supported by faculty and administrators. I worked full-time and studied full-time as an undergrad to help support my family. My professors were incredibly passionate about their subjects and the classes were small enough to receive personal attention and feedback. Having a group of caring professors really motivated me to fall in love with British and American literature. I was never once overstressed by administrative errors, and was always given clear service. This personalized attention facilitated my journey as an undergraduate with a lot on her plate.


The students here are very social and there are many activities that the students can get involved.


It's proximity to Baltimore a major city, and surrounding cities such as towson, catonsville, columbia, etc.


I like that my school is like a small community. Everyone is like family and you can easily go to them for support. Everyone is really focused with school but we also know how to have a great time. The location of my school is perfect to easily get involved with the outside community.


The best thing about Towson University is the diversity. There is a vast array of activities, people, interest groups, and majors. Anyone from anywhere can find a home and enjoy life at this campus. Towson University and the surrounding areas offer a great deal of things to do and see.


Best thing about my school is being so close to Baltimore so there is plenty of social diversity.


The best thing about my school is the people I've met. They are people that I want to be around and will keep in contact for a lifetime.


I love the atmosphere and how I can walk around campus and see lots of people I know. It easy to find things to do and places to go. There is always something to do or somewhere to go. I love weekends at Towson.


The best thing about the school is the size because it is a mix between small and large and has the benefits of both.


The cost compared to the level of education students receive. It is fairly inexpensive to go to Towson (at least for in-state) and I think that students leave Towson with much more than just a degree. Most students work at least part time, so they know what the "real world" is like before they graduate from college.


It's a good sized school in a small town outside of a big city. The campus is just the right size and doesn't seem overwhelming.


The best thing about my school is that it gives me exposure to the new culture of Baltimore and allows me to learns about new areas of the world.