Transylvania University Top Questions

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My school is unique in the fact that it is a liberal arts college. I feel like more people are open to trying new and interesting things at Transylvania to benefit them as educated, well rounded individuals. Taking classes for a major is important, but Transy lets students explore realms that they might not have even though about.


The class size is so small that your professors really get to know you. They are available for extra out-of-class help several hours each day and often work around your schedule if you need them to. The faculty seem to really enjoy what they do and love to meet others who are as enthusiastic as they are.


The size. You know that you attend a small school but there are plenty of people in the working world that are willing to help you find a job or any other opportunity that you may be looking for. Networking through Transy is made easy.


The people at the school are unlike any other. The class sizes are truely influencial on the amount of learning that I achieve. The professors genuinely care about my learning and my future in which ever field I persue. Both the faculty and staff are easily approachable and very helpful both in academia and in life.


Transylvania is a liberal arts college, which i really enjoy. Also, i really like the fact that there are smaller classes, so that the professors can spend more time on individual learning. i feel like this has been one of the factors that have ensured my success at this university.


small classes even in lower levels, availability of professors