Trinity University Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Academics are tough, but the professors really try to work with you and and help you.


Trinity takes academics very seriously and 97% of the professors have a PhD in their field of study. All my professors know my name because class sizes range from 20 - 25 students. Professors are very supportive in any endeavor a student wants to pursue, either it be research or an internship. Trinity is a liberal arts school where students are required to take classes across other disciplines. I am accounting major and I have taken several music and history classes, something I would not have tried had I not been at Trinity.


Academics are important to students at Trinity, so studying is a regular activity. Professors really encourage participation in classes, even in most of the larger survey classes. It is rare that a professor won't learn your name, and that also increases participation as you will usually be prompted to participate more, but that's a good thing, it gets you out of your shell and encourages you to connect to the material. Trinity students are competitive but more with themselves than with other students. The common curriculum at Trinity provides a great basis for a liberal arts education, giving students a well rounded education and encouraging learning for learning's sake. Career services offers help to students who have questions about future jobs and such, but for the most part a Trinity education is geared toward education and critical thinking.