Trinity University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The Chocolate Festival is one of the most popular events hosted by the Student Programming Board. They have a chocolate fountain, all types of cakes, brownies, and anything else you can think of made up of chocolate. Trinity Idol and Spotlight are two other popular events. Trinity Idol is a showcase of singers at Trinity and Spotlight is a show representing dance. Diwali is another popular show put up by the Asian Subcontinental Association and Hindu Student Union. It is a showcase of Indian culture.


A lot of students like to participate in intramural sports which range from outdoor rec to ultimate frisbee to tennis. A variety of non-varsity sports are offered at Trinity which allows for people to get their exercise in (since the gym is teeny tiny!) Girls and boys live in the same halls and the dorms are suite style- halls are very close and there are activities like Hall Olympics to get the halls to communicate and hang out with each other more. Like I stated before, the athletic events are abysmall in attendance (although baseball and soccer games are overflowing with people); and the dating scence is nearly absent. Again, you see the couples who have been dating since freshman year walking around, but most students stick to their high school sweetheart fifty miles away. The frats and sororities are local and not national- they always wear their shirts around campus and rush is pretty much a year long event. I am not in one so I'm not really sure what they are like. Every year there is the Chocolate Festival (delicious!), Hall Olympics (for freshmen and sophomores) and every beginning of the school year (except this year due to budget cuts) a welcome back concert. There are many more events at the school and many activities. (Like swing dancing) This campus isn't the biggest party school, mainly because there are so many adventures in San Antonio- Rampage hockey, Spurs basketball, Cowboys (two-stepping), spelunking, Austin (1.5 hours driving distance), and there is usually an event or game on campus. Not many pressure you to drink or party.


The Trinity social life has been compared to high school because of the size of the school, but it is so different because the level of maturity in college and open-mindedness overshadows any 'small town gossip' that might occur. Students are open-minded and friendly with one another, and usually, particularly freshman year, people leave their doors open. The residential halls are the center for a lot of social interaction, but its especially nice because you have a private bathroom that you share with only 3 other people in your suite. My closest friends are the people that I suited with freshman year, and the people that lived across the quad from me. It is really easy to meet people at Trinity, which I think is one of the big pluses, especially freshman year. You have so many opportunities within the first week to meet people during new student orientation, and your suite and your hall give you almost instant friends-- there is usually a lot of bonding that takes place those first few months. Trinity has a great lecture series that brings really exciting and interesting people. Last year John Cleese and Bill Clinton came, and recently the former President of Pakistan spoke. There are always events happening on campus and you can usually always find something to do or get involved with. The greek system is not overwhelming at Trinity. It's not the hierarchy you might see at bigger state schools, they are sociable with people outside their club, and rush provides another great way for people to socialize and expand their group of friends.


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