Trinity University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student who enjoys learning and values friendship will find Trinity to be a perfect fit. Trinity is very academically focused but the flexibility within majors and minors allows a student to pursue their interests. I spend a lot of time studying but I have also made many incredible friends over my two short years as a student. With a innate friendliness and a surplus of extra-curricular activities it is not difficult for one to find their niche.


An intelligent, liberal person who might not be comfortable in a large school setting. The business major does not have as much value as the school would like to think. Pre-med is very good.


Dedicated student wanting to learn but also someone who knows how to have fun on weekends.


Someone who loves to learn, small classes, a close campus of students, etc.


Enjoys some degree of personal attention from professors, likes small quiet schools


If you can tough out the chemistry, there is a GREAT opportunity to do actual scientific research during the summer. Trinity has a huge grant for scientific research. The History department is great and most all faculty is quite renowned (interviewed on CNN, etc.). If you come from a wealthy family you will fit in here. If not, the scholarships available should make it too great of a place to pass up. You can email your professors or meet with them sometimes even the same day.


Someone interested in english, science, math or engineering for their degrees. It is also important they they mind working hard.


Someone interested in working hard at academics but also is willing to have fun and relax at times


This is not a party school. If you are looking for a school that is heavy on the fraternities and sororities, then this is not the place for you. The campus is pretty quiet with students mainly spending their free time hanging out in small groups, playing computer games, or touring downtown San Antonio. Many student are involved in intramural sports where the focus is on fun.


anyone who wants an awesome education