Trinity University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who does not want to put in the full effort would not surivive this school. The course loads are very rigorus and the time spent studying is enormous. Also people who want to go to college for the social aspects would not do well here.


People who are afraid of hard work should not attend Trinity. People who don't want to get involved in the school and the community should not attend Trinity. People who are afraid of the "other", of people different from themselves, should not attend Trinity. People who are only interested in getting a job after college, but not in getting an education while in college, should not attend Trinity. Anyone who doesn't think he can give his all while in school, both in the classroom and outside, should not attend Trinity.


The only people who shouldn't attend Trinity are those who plan to party a lot and skip class. Attendance and studying are very important here.


A person who doesnt like to work hard, talk in class, or be social.


enjoys busy crowded campus and atmosphere


People who can't stand rich, suburban, white kids. The school isn't packed with them, but there are more of them than i was used to growing up in an urban environment. For the most part though, they keep to themselves. Also, someone that thrives in an environment with large classes where they can be anonymous, might find it difficult to learn in an environment where they can't hide from the professor.


If you are into big classes with big school spirit and tons of sports enthusiasm, tailgaiting, etc., Trinity is not for you. Social life revolves around Greeks and sports don't boast a huge following. Also, the administration is starting to become very narrow minded in terms of student independence and has begun regulating a lot of Greek activities, which limits social opportunities for future students.


I guess if you really don't like small classes and close relationship with teachers then Trinity wouldn't be the school you would want to attend. Also if you expect to have a huge variety of activities to do. Trinity is small but its good for what it is.


The person that can manage a lot of school work with a lot of drinking and partying will have a great time at this school.


Anyone who wants to be in a big city. After the first year, you know everyone and eveyone one knows you...that includes any gossip even remotely related to you. Almost half of the campus is Greek because without it, there would be nothing to do.


fun and hardworking


Those who are driven and want an diverse education in a fun city with people similar to them.


a racist, closed-minded bigot.


someone who doesn't really want to work, and someone who doesn't like knowing a lot of people