Tulsa Community College Top Questions

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There are four different campus all within thirty minutes or less from where I live, so it is extremely convenient to commute to school. This made it possible for me to live at home, so I can save money for the other years. Tulsa County is also paying half of my tuition, so it helped make my first year of college extremely affordable. With four different campuses, I am almost always guaranteed to get into the classes I need, and at a time that is convenient with my work.


I love the atmosphere and diversity. I am in the higher level classes like Calculus III so all fellow classmates are older. It is great to interract with them and hear their stories. The professors are very kind and I love the small class sizes. Tulsa Community College also has a program called Tulsa Achieves which I am a part of. I am able to receive up to sixty-four hours of credit for free with forty hours of community service a year.


My school has an awesome learning disability program for our students! I am so proud that our college is so accomodating to our students with disabilities. We have over four campuses and each one has their own learning disabiliity center.


I think TCC is rather high-quality for being a community college. Most community colleges are looked down upon kind of, because they're cheaper and things like that, but I think TCC sounds better than a regular 4-year university. I haven't been to one yet, but none of the classes exceed 30 people. All of the professors I've had are enthusiastic with their fields and supportive of the students. I haven't really been to any other community colleges, so I can't really say it's unique, but it definitely stands out to me.


They care about their students. Free tutoring in every subject. Access to computers. Great campus.


Tulsa Community College is less expensive than 4-year universities and great benefits like Tulsa Achieves for extra tuition money and amazing professors that give you the information you need to succeed.


TCC has a wide range of degree programs to choose from. The campus I go to has thousands of kids but there are still small class sizes. The teachers understand that we are all working college students on different paths and are very helpful in trying to get us where we want to go. There are always Universities there showing us all of our options for further growth after our associates degrees or time completed at TCC. The location is close and in a good part of town and the facility is newer compared to other colleges and universities.


the teachers and students you come in contact with


The fact that it's so close to my home was definitely a determining factor. I have a 3 year old daughter, so traveling was really out of the question. Also, it is known for having one of the best veterinary technology programs in the state. These factors made it my number one choice over any other school.


Their is more then one campus yoy can attend. Lets say there is say certian class you want to take at a cetain time, and it closed there are three more other campuses you can attend that will best fit you schedual.


Everyone gets along and I feel really safe on the campus.


Being a two year college you don't have to live on campus the first year and the tuition is cheaper. Many of the professors are adjunct so students are getting some of the same instuctors that they could at four year universities.