Tulsa Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


One of the best things about my school pertains to its overall size. Each class has a limited number of students, so the student is never just a number. The personal attention everyone receives is a distinct advantage over the anonymity that goes along with a lecture hall setting.


that it has a wide variety of choices for any student and they help you throughout the whole process of enrolling


I tell my friends that my school is a very organzied and peaceful way of learning.


Tulsa Community College is a great place to start for all students. It lays a strong foundation for students who are either getting a 2-year degree from TCC or who are like me, and pursuing a 4-yr degree at a private university. It has almost all the options any college student would want in a future career and Professors who are serious about what they do.


That their are more Instructor's there willing to help you, and to make sure you succeed. They dont mind going out there way to help you if it's something your really wanting to do.


Since Tulsa Community College is a 2 year college is cheaper that any 4 year university that I know of. This was an attractive characteristic of the school.


It's a very laid back and low stress environment and my tuition is about four times cheaper than all of my friends'.