Tusculum College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small school with less than 2000 students, very isolated, and pretty mountains in the background.


It is a beautiful, historical school full of amazing friends and excellent classes.


Tusculum is very career oriented.


Tusculum College is the oldest school in Tennesse, has a beautiful campus, has friendly staff, but doesnt offer many majors or minors.


A small, pretty campus on the outside but old on the inside with not enough options.


My institiution is small, with a good educational base.


TC is a very diverse college. It's a really fun, small community to live and attend school at.


Tusculum College is small, but getting bigger each year. Most of the Faculty are always availible and ready to help you with homework and other school needs. The dorms are also nice. Offices like the finacial aid office is really unorganized and rude sometimes. I think it is because recently they did away with having students assigned to a finacial aid officer, now you just go up there and anyone talks to you; sometimes not the same person.