Union College-Lincoln Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I really loved Union College. It was my choice of school because I have gamily that lives in the city and the school itself is friendly. Another reason why I choose Union even after I was gone for a while, is because I have so many great memories and friends, I knew it would be hard to go to another school. If anyone ask me the best thing about Union I would tell them, "the friendly Christian atmospher" is the best thing at this school.


The instructors were very helpful and accessible. I went through chemo treatments while attending and the school and instructors were very helpful during this difficult time.


How pretty the campus is and how friendly all the faculty and students are. It's not like the traditional private college or university, where everyone is stuck up. The people here at Union College want to get to know you, they are friendly, and they love God. The school also takes great pride in all their academic programs. We have some of the top rated programs for nursing, education, and science.


The teachers here are so helpful in answering any questions you have. They are willing to meet with you whenever you need and work around your schedule to accomplish your goals. The student leadership is very strong and it's almost virtually impossible not to get involved in some form. The opportunities through internships, mentoring with local business professionals, and job options are huge. The faculty truly care about their students and their is a strong sense of community on campus. Everyone greets each other when passing and genuinely are interested in each others' lives. There is very strong support.


My advisor is amazing! I love our division. I have no complants about the elementary education program. The first semester of freashman year they had us working in a class room to get a feel for the profession.


It is diverse, there are wonderful friends to make, there are a lot of volunteer activities, there is a church on campus, it is a small campus, the teachers care about the students.

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