United States Naval Academy Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at the United States Naval Academy academically and physically excel in the majority of the endeavors that they are presented with. They are extremely smart and outgoing.


You can pretty much find any type of person here. Over the past view years the Academy has been trying really hard to promote diversity, and from my time here I have met people from all over the country and world. While there are many of your typical psycho-military-how-is-there-anything-else-besides-the-naval-academy people, you can literally strike up a conversation with just about anyone. The mentality is that "we're all in it together" so everyone can empathize with one another. Of course, you'll come across many people with opposite personalities of your own, but it's just about impossible to not get along with anybody.


Dedicated professionals who are highly talented and diverse in background. Fellow students come from all over the united states and countries across the globe. Truely a distinguished bunch of patriots and civil servants.


Like minded and very predictable.


Motivated, hard working, goal oriented and team players.


Motivated, selfless, confident, patriotic, honest, caring, perfectionists


The Naval Academy does attract a pretty self-selecting group of people: people interested in developing themselves and exploring their human potential, people who have a desire to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and people who take a long-term view of their careers and lives (ie are willing to make some short-term sacrifices in exchange for a long-term payoff). Obviously, students who know for certain that they do not want to serve in the military after graduating from college should not apply. I think most choose Annapolis for some combination of the outstanding (and not to mention free) training and education the "Boat School" provides and the opportunities that can result from that training and subsequent military experience. It seemed that really driven, high-achieving high school students from values-based middle and upper-middle class families were disproportionately represented in the student body. If anyone is worried that going to the Naval Academy will turn them into a military robot of sorts, have no fear. There are a wide array of activities students can choose from that provide some really wonderful outlets for self-expression. Intramural and varsity sports, debate, leadership within the student body, volunteering, even performing arts are all popular activities. Most of the major types of affinity and cultural groups that are found at civilian universities are represented and are pursued with enthusiasm.


Competition is a major focus for every Naval Academy student.


Motivated to serve and help others.


Hard working, motivated individuals.


Focused to succeed in life.


My classmates are either extremely motivated or cynical being that it is our youngster year here at the academy.


Loyal if they weren't trying to do better than you.


My classmates are hard working and loyal.


All my classmates typically are type-a personalities and eager to learn.


Professional comrades.


The best people you could ever ask to be around.


Career choice is the number one concern so many of them will turn you in for breaking the rules if it means them being viewed in a more positive light by their superiors. You really have to learn early on who you can and cant trust.