United States Naval Academy Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Driven, motivated, disciplined


Anyone who wants to be a military officer and to get a free education. Someone focused on what he/she wants out of life. Honestly anyone even with average intelligence and average physical fitness can make it through the academy, but that person has to want to finish it, and be willing to put some effort into it. The ultimate goal of the Naval Academy is to become a military officer. Grades are important, but getting good grades does not necessarily create a good officer. John McCain graduated close to the bottom of his class at the Academy.


The only kind of person who can thrive at this school is someone who is well-rounded. In order to succeed, you must be physically fit, intellectually curious, and industrious.


Someone who is driven to serve their country and understand that there's more to college than getting wasted every night of the week. The academic rigors are dificult, as is having much of a social life here, but the benefits after graduation outweigh any "college" experiences. All of my friends back home told me I made a mistake coming here my freshman and sophomore years, but now that I'm about to graduate with no debt and going to be a Navy Pilot, it's hard for them to not be jealous and wish they were in my shoes.


A motaviated, commited, having an intrensic desire to lead, athletic, respond well under pressure, and want to see how far you can push your self...... NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART IF YOU HAVE RESERVATIONS DO NOT COME HERE YOU WILL HATE YOUR LIFE


A driven individual who can perservere through the hardest challenges, prioritise their time, and know that while tomorrow does not get easier, but they do get better. They should be physically fit, morally stable, and hard working with academics.


Someone who is dedicated and has, or who is looking for, a sense of purpose, because after four years they will be a part of the strong Navy and Marine Corps tradition. They should be a well rounded person: morally, mentally, and physically sound.


The kind of person to attend this school should be determined, motivated, selfless, and have a strong desire to become a military officer.


One who is motivated not by personal gain but by the idea of serving your country.


A driven person should attend this school. A person unsure of what they want should attend this school. A well-rounded person should attend this school and a person who has not been exposed to much should attend. USNA makes sure to develop all her students to their full potential.


Academically and athletically gifted individuals with high levels of motivation and are willing to serve their country.


A person who attends this school needs to be very committed. You have to keep in mind your goals of being an officer, and remember the end goal or else it will be very hard to get through. This school as both physically and mentally challenging, and you have to be willing to put in work to go here.


Motivated, intelligent, FIT, interested in building a career anywhere (but at least a few years serving our nation first), confident, honest


Smart person that wants to do something in life


One who believes in serving the nation through military service and is not afraid of hard work.


Someone who is focused and doesn't settle for anything but excellence.