United States Naval Academy Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Anyone who isn't willing to sacrifice for others and work hard without always getting rewarded should think twice. You should be a very motivated person who can deal with adversity and not lose sight of your goals.


They are driven and focused on a career in military service.


Anyone who is does not want to serve in the military or who does not like a very structured and regimented lifestyle.




Someone who isn't motivated and someone who is really lazy. If you're looking for a party every day don't expect that here. We have fun on the weekends though.




People who are unwilling to change, listen or taking orders. Academically challenged persons should think twice about applying


An individual not willing to serve in the military or is a conscious objector.


People who don't want to be military officers.


Driven, goal oriented people who thrive under structure. Desire to serve your country is most important.


A shy, introverted, and hesitant person should not attend this school.


Any person who is irresponsible, the casual drug user, and people who aren't willing to work hard for a goal should not attend this school. Students who buck authority, or cannot work together with others should avoid this intitution like the plague; you cannot make it throug the United States Naval Academy alone. Academics are rigorous, and a strong focus is placed on physical development in order to provide dedicated, hard-working Navy and Marine Corps Officers. Those willing to work hard and apply themselves can succeed and provide themselves a good start in life.


A person who does not wish to be put in harms way for their country should not come to the Academy. It's important to be empathetic and to be able to act on those feelings. It's a misconception that military officers should be unemotional - an unemotional person will not make it at the Academy or in the Fleet. Pride is great to a certain degree, but don't let pride overshadow humility.