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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


The most popular activities at the University of Akron would be, after a long hard day of studying, students gather in the Student Union as well as the Rec center to relax.


That's an interesting question. We have so many I honestly can't choose. But one I'm deeply interested in is this fashion club.


I think that Greek life is popular on campus. I just joined a sorority this semester, and now that I am involved, I see and hear about other fraternities and sororities all the time. There are so many things to be involved in when participating in Greek life, and meeting new people is the norm. Every year, The University of Akron has Springfest, and there are so many fun activities to do. There is a live band there, lots of food, games, and live animals! I have never been to Springfest before, but I have heard that is is really fun. Since campus is so close to downtown Akron, there are places to go there on the weekends, or any time, for that matter. Downtown, there are really delicious restaurants, and a place that plays live music on the weekends sometimes. In the Student Union on campus, there is a theater, a bowling alley, a billiards room, places to simply hang out, and of course lots of places to eat. Athletic events are popular on campus. The Men's Soccer team is very well-known and extremely good, so a lot of people attend those games. I hear a lot about Men's Soccer in season. In addition, the famous E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall is right on campus, and there are a wide variety of things that go on there that are really interesting. Last semester, they had Jeannette Walls come in and speak! She was the author of the freshman summer reading book, and it was so cool to see her in person and hear her talk about the book I read.


Off campus I work and take care of my family. I work for a church and spend a lot of time working with other recovering addicts, I feel it is important to make a difference in society not just point out problems


Hands down the AK Rowdies are the most popular student group on campus. They are the student section for most of the sporting events on campus, for all sports. They are the largest we have, and one of my favorite organizations ever. It is definitely a good thing to be a part of.


Athletics are really big at UA as well as the different fraternities and sororities. There are all kinds of clubs on campus; you name it, UA has it. When I was a freshman here and lived in the dorms, everyone left their doors open. The first couple of weeks we had people stopping in all the time to meet my roommate and I or just to say hi. It was a really easy way to meet people. Our student union has a game room with tvs, a bowling alley and pool tables. We also have a movie theater, and a really nice rec center with a pool, hot tub, indoor track basketball courts and a nice weight room. There's plenty of stuff to do on campus while you wait for classes or if you're just not into partying.


There are countless student groups and activities on and off campus at UA. I am involved with a group called Akron C.A.R.E.S. We are the cancer awareness group on campus and are completely student governed and run. We hold an annual Relay for Life and promote education throughout the year. During your freshman year, many comedians, acts, personalities, speakers, etc. are brought in for you to attend for free! These are not only entertaining but promote student interaction. Your first group of friends will most likely come from the people you stay with in the dorms your first year. That is how I know my closest friends and that's who I am even living with right now.