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What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I dont typically brag about the school itself, I brag about the programs. The university of Akron is an incredible place to go if you are going into engineering, nursing, or anything else science related. However, I do believe that the University puts forth a ton of money annually to keep the campus looking nice. This has become something to brag about because, though it is small, it looks very picturesque.


The classes


The University of Akron has a movie theater on campus that shows free movies. Our rec center is updated and includes a lazy river. We have one of the best psychology programs in the US and we get some of the coolest comedians, magicians, artists and other entertainers that preform for students for free!


The entertainers/ speakers that the University brings to campus for free. All on campus students have access to many of the best performances in the country. In the past year, UA has had David Coleman (reigning college speaker of the year), Owl City, Andy Grammer, Many Broadway shows, and many more acts come to campus for performances that were completely free for students.


When I descrbe The Universtiy of Akron to other students I tend to usually brag about the atmosphere. It is a bigger campus compared to some but when one is on the campus it feels just right; not too big and not too small. The campus is clean and well manicured. I know that for me when I stepped onto the campus and walked around, it felt as though I were at college. Academically, for my major, for the most part the professors are sound and well qualified. I love the university as a whole.


A lot of my high school friends also attend the University of Akron--it is one of the most selected universities from my high school. However, I do tell others that I feel very at home at the U of A. It is small enough to not feel daunting or depersonalized. I also like how easy it is to make friends since the classes center around being comfortable enough to have discussions. The teachers are great at making the students feel welcome and unafraid to ask them questions.


I love how everything is close. All of the buildings to walk to and from may take a maximum of ten minutes to walk from one side of campus to another. I also love the engineering department. Many of the professors truly want to see you succeed and they will do everything to make sure you have a full understanding of the subject. In addition, I love how the University of Akron offers the degree Mechanical/Polymer Engineering, which is number one in the nation. Do I love the University of Akron? Absolutely!


that the professors in my major are great. they are really interative and teach such that the material is understadable. also that the greek life is very involved in throwing quilty and good events.


The most thing i brag about is how i made the football team by walking on and in feburary.


We have the newist rec center in Ohio.


how much I enjoy my classes now that I have found a major I really enjoy. Also, the teachers for those classes are usually pretty enjoyable as well.


The people in the Theater Department are awesome. All the different departments are like close knit families and they are all so helpful with each other.


I am very happy with the way professors actually want you to succeed. They are very helpful and caring. I was surprised with the amount of effort they take to help students with internships, classes, etc. The atmosphere here is also great. People like being here and care what they are doing.


Our athletic complex and new stadium is absolutely awesome! The Sport and Exercise Department is housed in the Infocision Stadium and we have state of the art equipment! I am really going to enjoy my last few semesters here gaining so much experience.


The University of Akron is blessed with a large amount of interactive, intelligent, helpful professors. I loved the one on one attention I received whenever I needed help.


When I brag about the University of Akron I brag about, the theater program, the living life, all the friends I have made, how clean the campus is, how friendly everyone is, and about the education I am getting.


The great freshman program that prepares students for college, the school spirit, and the layout of the campus with a lot of places to go to in the area.


I don't really brag about anything, maybe that I don't have to live in a dorm, or that I'm allowed to have my car on campus.


The social life is great while still allowing for an unaffected education


very modern, constantly updating facilities our recreation center is only a few years old and our student union is only a few years old, they just finished building a brandnew football stadium on campus, we have the number one soccer team in the nation, you can walk across campus in about 15 minutes


I brag about the honors college.


Nice people, great teachers. In the middle of a city, so there is plenty to doo for fun. great educatuinal facility.


I brag about my classmates and the people in on campus. Everyone seems to have a good attitude and are very driven. I also like the fact that most of the people are polite and friendly. I enjoy my classmates and even though we are in class together all day, we still will socializae and hang out with each other after class.


The university of Akron is a well diversed school, that cares about its students as well as its reputation, so it wont settle for anything less than a hard -working student. The university prides itself on the opportunities it gives its students to succeed and the accomidations in which they lay out for the residents. The facilities are newly constructed, so everyone who wishes to take part in the usage of these facilities, is getting the best experience.


Our school has a beautiful campus with a lot of new classrooms. We also have a lot of activites on campus to allow you to make a lot of friends very easily. We also have one of the best mascots in America!


I always brag about coming from nothing and becoming something. I came from a divorced family, soon after my father passed away which left me in a state of shock and disbelief along with racism leading to my downfall in high school. Once in college I started off slow, and it was very hard to adapt to. I kept focused and thought about my future where I was and where I wanted to be and everything fell into place. I have been on dean?s list twice and I have almost a 3.0 overall GPA.


I like the campus, it's new and has a college feel but is still in a big city so it can be a lot of fun. We also have one of the best male soccer teams in the nation.


The awesome facilities. Most of the buildings and resodence halls are brand new and state of the art. there's some very cool architechture. Also, the south campus neighborhood has awesome parties, definately a place to go and party on the weekend.


That the rec center (gym) is very nice. My academic advisor is very helpful and encouraging.


our engineering and nursing programs. Our soccer team


How awesome all my friends are. I am apart of a great sorority. I think we have great recreational facility as well. There is just so much one can do at this school.


The most awesome school!!!!!!!!I'm trying to get my brother who will be graduating this year to come on board!!!!!!!!!!! This is my home--I love my friends and teachers. I'm already thinking about post graduation! The Nursing program here is one of the best and I'll be proud to graduate from it. I even started the first honors nursing club here on campus and my professors were behind me all the way.. It so far has been a success!!!


I brag about the radio station at my school. I am currently a D.J, and it is the most amazing experience I have ever had. WZIP is the top college radio station in the nation. I am proud to say that our university works hard to uphold our reputation.


It's a lot of fun. Always something to do. Alot of activities. Very diverse. Close walking distance.


I tell them that we have the number one radio station in the nation and that I have acess to some really good top of the line equiptment to get me going into the field of broadcasting. I also brag that I think in a few years we will be a much better school than we currently are.


Not much to brag about.


I like to rub it in that we are getting an amazing new football stadium this year.


What keeps me coming back to Akron semester after semester is the fact that my professors are also career professionals in their field. It is not unusual at all for one of my Criminal Justice profs to be a member of the SWAT team or the head of the Homocide department for APD. One of my Political Science professors was a judge for 25 years before going into teaching.