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What kind of person should not attend this school?


I dont really think there is a specific persont that shouldnt attend. Although, if i had to choose i would say someone who doesnt want to go to a big campus.


A person that don't like to be near people. The type of person who is always bitter and mean.


People who aren't serious about their education should not attend this school. They are flexible with anyone's schedules, regardless of where the individual is in their lives; however, the professors are very serious about their classes and students' success. Students who can't devote some time in their studies, don't want to take education serious, and cannot make it to most of their scheduled class days should not attend the University of Akron.


Someone looking for a social college experience


People who do not have a high school education


The University of Akron has a down to earth atmosphere with a focus on community and getting involved. Those who are looking for a competitive atmosphere and prefer solitude wouldn't be able to fully appreciate or take part in the Akron experience.


If you like small campuses and a more hometown feel, I would not recommend Akron. Although a nice mix of the fast-paced city lifestyle and the access to comforts of home, it can be a difficult adjustment if one hasn't lived in any sort of city before. Not only should you consider the pace, but also the teaching. Many of the teachers here will do things to help you out, but first you need to take initiative. If you put in your work, they will be more than willing to help you out when you're in need.


Someone who is looking to get the most out of the whole college experience more of a school for people just looking to get their degree.


I would not recommend this school for students who just want to party and skip class. Akron U might not be the hardest school to get into, but once you are in, you need to fight to stay in. The administrators have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior. Attendance is mandatory for each class. If you miss three classes in one semester, your grade will drop a letter as well as consideration for failing the course. So anyone that wants to go to college to have a easy four years should definitely not come to Akron.


Anyone who is afraid of a slightly bigger school.


The kind of person that shouldn?t attend this school is a person that is here for all the wrong reasons or one that just want a quick getaway to a quick degree.


Someone who only wants to party and only wants a social life. The University of Akron provides and encourages you to make friends and be social, but they expect to you to keep up on your academic life as well.


Anybody who has a criminal record, a sex affeder, or someone who has been dismissed from another college. This is unsafe for me and all the other students on campus.


Someone who gets intimidated around big crowds. Also someone who wants small class sizes. The school is big and has large class sizes so if someone was looking for more of a one on one type of school then Akron might not be their choice.


Someone that is not willing to put forth an effort to better their education.


Someone who is not intetested in math, science, law or technology, as these are the degree programs that are focused on.


You should not attend the University of Akron if you are not interested in becoming part of a learning environment that encourages students to expand their boundaries and gain new perspectives.


Someone who doesn't like cities would not like this school. There is practically no grass here and there is a lot of walking involved. Parking is hard so you must be willing to walk.


I do not believe that there is any type of person that should not attend this school. Akron is a very diverse and accomodating campus that I think can be fit for anyone.


Unmotivated people who are not willing to work hard


The only type of person who should not attend this school is one who is not interested in putting in the work necessary for a quality college education.


Someone who loves winning.


anyone that does not like semi-large universities, or the business of cities.


Someone who wants to succeed.


A person shouldn't attend this school if they are unable or unwilling to accept help or advice, and believes that they can make it on their own.


I have heard that people who are used to extremely small schools aren't very fond of our University because it is bigger.


Someone who is not friendly or open to making a lot of new friends. Someone who does not want an awsome experience at school.


Those that like to cheer on a winning football team shouldn't go here, but that doesn't mean our other sports are bad. Those people that don't like city life should probably look elsewhere.


Anyone who wants to feel like they are really in college. There is no sense of brick and ivy here. It is mostly a cement grave. Upbeat people with high aspirations shouldnt attend here. I feel that they would just be dissapointed


none all should come


A person who doesnt like the city environment


There is no person that should not attend this school. The university is one of the most versitale and diverse places I have ever been involved with. If there was a certain category of people that should not attend Akron, I would say that lazy people would be the most uncomfortable. Akron is a lot of work and is not a walk in the park.


I am a veteran, I have one year left on my enlistment contract and I also work 40 hours a week while taking 15-18 credit hours. I've maintained a GPA of over 3.3 for 3 years. So I believe that a lazy, unmotivated person should not waste their time here. There are those kind of people at Akron, but they usually drop out after their 3rd or 4th semester.


Someone what likes a large student population but not much green space and in a city


A person that enjoys a medium sized campus in a large city. Great school for engineering and other mathematics or science majors.