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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

De Marquise

I would let myself know that college is serious. To stop playing around with education and listen in class. i would also tell myself to fill out all of the scholarships and meet the deadlines. Although it seems like every thing is taken care of there will be a lot of unexpexted cost that have to be tended to immediatly. I would let myself know that i have to improve my study habits because there is no leaning on my friend when im in trouble and they dont take the same class. College is not hard but the work must be done on time and there most likely will not be a second chance if you start slacking for no reason.


Enjoy everything you can. Don't let your high school experience pass you by in the blink of an eye. Pay attention--really pay attention. The more you retain in high school, the better your chances are in the real world and the less likely you are to flunk out of college. Don't take AP classes if you can't handle them; it's perfectly okay if you can't. There is no point taking classes that look good if you can't make the grade. Apply, apply, apply......try and apply for every scholarship you qualify for to get a little extra money--college gets more expensive every year. Absolutely do not wait until last minute to apply for financial aid or scholarships. Most have deadlines and if you wait to long, chances are you won't be able to receive any. Do not take the education you are receiving for granted. Ever.


I would have told him to check out Gutavus Adolphus's tuition again before going to this school because even though he will make good friends here, it is not for him. It's too relgious for a non-religious school and the people, I feel, are not college-ready.


The advice that I would give myself would be to take the ACT over for a higher score. Since I am in college, I realized that the higher the tests scores the more money an indivdual can get from school. I also would tell myself, that as soon as I get to college I need to be more focused on my classes.


You have done a great job in preparing yourself for college. College life is a wonderful experience. Interaction with teachers and other students will be very rewarding for you. The most important thing for you to do is to just keep going. If you get discouraged in the program that you are in find another one that interests you. Do not give up your pursuit of a college degree. You will find that if you do, it will make your work life more challenging down the road. When you are older, you will face challenges such as running a household, being married, and having children. Although these are wonderful things, they will certainly take time away from your school life. My advice to you is to get your degree right out of high school before you enter those other wonderful chapters in your life. In this way, your career will be set and you will have your degree to prove it. Your degree is something that you will always have and it can only help you in your future endeavors. Just remember, if you never start, you will never finish.


I would tell myself that I should do internships and volunteering during the summer so that I can get that work experience that I did not have while my high school year. I would also tell myself that getting into groups and leadership position would hlep me further my career and would also look go to the college recruits. If I knew what I know not I would have done a lot of things differently than just doing nothing at all. I would have experienced life in a new way than just sitting around in a boring house all summer.


I would advise that if you are unsure of exactly what you want to do yet to go to a Community College first and get your Gen. Ed. credits there and then transfer to a college or other school that has the program that you want to complete. Also, I would advise trying as much as possible to advoid to take out loans whether its a Student Loan or other loan, it may not seem like a big deal when you take them out but it does make it difficult if you have to start paying them back before you get a job in the career that you chose and went to school for.


Dear high school senior version of me, You could've done so much better for yourself. You were so worried about "just getting out of there!" and not worried enough about what you looked like to the next people who would be helping you achieve your dreams. Stay focused, do your best and put your absolute best foot forward if you want to see success in your life. Someone will notice, and the hard work you did will pay off in the end. You'll see.


Life is a gift and to take it for granted is a choice thats leads to a life of irreparable consequences. Stay focused, work harder then the next person, and always keep your goals and dreams accessible. Listen to those around you, make mistakes, learn from them, and most importantly always have faith in yourself and to those around you. For if you have faith, you will ultimately have reason to understand, to place judgment, and to obtain knowledge which will ascertain completion of those dreams and goals. "Act only according to that maxim by which you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law." -Immanuel Kant


Although I have just graduated high school, I am currently attending a summer program at the University. I would tell myself that no matter what you do you must stay focused, driven, and committed. There are many things in our surrounding on college campuses but when starting college or any other new adventure, we must first determine what we are trying to achieve and make that our focus, keep our eyes on that path and be willing to work through all the long days and tired nights knowing that success at what we are working towards. With work and dedication comes a sense of pride and accomplishment and no matter what career path you choose, no one can take that feeling away.


I have gotten a sense of responsibility and independence. Responsibility and independence are need to maintain an adult life.


What I have gotten so far out of my college experience is that you have to balance out the fun and the study. college is actually like high school just kinda easy a little bit you dont really have to study for hours and hours. It has been valuable to attend because all of the hard work will pay out . It will lead you to more opportunity. As opposed to generations of the past, high school graduates today are unable to obtain the number of high-paying jobs that were once available. The U.S. has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge, and the importance of a college education today can be compared to that of a high school education forty years ago. It serves as the gateway to better options and more opportunity.


This school has taught me so much in various ways. University of Arkansas Pinebluff has matured my talents and allowed me a chance to open up and express my ideas. My school has made me feel welcome and showed me the importance of responsibility. I am truly prepared for the future to go out and be a productive citizen. Most students dont have the advantage to recieve one on one help from teachers but at my school teachers are able to assist you with as many questions you may have. you in


The biggest thing i have recieved from college thus far is maturity. Being over 700 miles away from has taught me to be very resourceful to say the least. Maturity is an obvious value because everything you do within your life is going to have lesson before you go through it or after your done with it.


College experience has been a boring experience for me but I learn so much out of the experience that I have. I know that it's some people out there that you can really trust. I also notice that fun will arrive later on in life. After you get you education then the fun activities shall arive. Each day I treasured the college life only because I simply know that Im only going to live one time. So hopefully next year I can get to learn more about college life.


My college experience so far has taught me what it really means to be an adult. Being an adult means more than getting away from mom and dad, and putting on high heels. I've had to take responsibility for all of my actions, from staying up late and socializing in the lobby, to choosing to study for an exam hours before I'm suppose to take it. College has in a way forced me to become an individual. In highschool, I could just blend in with my friends but in college students there are looking at you! All of the morals, beliefs, mistakes, and accomplishments that have made me who I am makes it way to the front and everyone sees. Its either sink or swim....I'm an up and coming sophmore and I can truly say that college has taught me that it takes more than the "doggy paddle" to make it out here... I'm thankful for that.


The first piece of advice I would give myself would be to stay on top of my grades. If i had a better high school GPA, it would have been a lot easier to look for scholarships. And to start saving my money wouldn't hurt either. Second, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible, particularly book scholarships because books are indeed expensive. Finally, I would tell myself to start preparing to be more self-disciplined. I'm going to be on my own. Nobody is going to be there to wake me up and tell me to go to class, do my homework, or eat properly. I will have to train myself to do all of that by myself.


No what I know know about college life, the best advice I could give myself would be to get all the information I could on free scholarships. I would stay on my guidance counselor at school to make sure that I have a chance to apply for all the scholarships that are in my field of study. I would have started to work earlier in high school to help save money to ease the burden on my mom. I would focus more on my academics and not take any thing for granted.


I would tell myself to completely avoid credit cards, stay focused on my studies, and save my refund money for a car. I would also tell myself to always be confident about my talents and abilities. Lastly, I would say, stand strong on your beliefs Jenn, you will never go wrong.


One should always strive to go somewhere at their pace. If the programs you are currently taking in high school are higher level AP, IB, or honors courses, you should look into colleges that further challenge you to work hard and earn your grade. Always remember that at the end of the day the decision is yours, not your parents', not your friends, and not your teachers. Although these people can be a great support system and grounds for advice, they cannot follow you to school and do the work for you. You should know just as soon as you walk onto the campus that, "This is it. This is where I want to spend 4 years of my life." Do not settle for anything less or try to impress anyone by doing anything more. The choice is yours and so is the opportunity, so take it.


Assuming that I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior and knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice that I would give myself would consist of the following: be more conscientious about your career goals , work on a higher gpa, take college -core cirriculum courses while in high school so that transition to college will be easier ( from the aspect of college core courses, for example: algebra), visit the prospective college campuses which I plan to attend and meet the faculty/staff.


I could have did better but i made it through


Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would have plenty to tell myself about college life and making the transition. I would tell myself to get ready to be more mature. College is a place of higher education and higher order thinking. You cannot make it through with a teenage mindset. You have to come serious and ready to begin your higher education learning. I would also tell myself that, even though you should be very serious about college, do not forget to enjoy yourself during the process. These are the best years to live your life and get to understand yourself and others better, so enjoy it! I would also tell myself to leave the ladies alone! Sure they are beautiful, but they often are a distraction on your path to success. Get your work done, THEN go flirt with them. Assuming I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, these are the things I would tell myself about college lie and making the transition.


Understand that you are making a big transition from high school to college. If you want to make it easy on yourself begin to make good study habits, balance of time and stay focused no matter how hard things get. Understand that education is first, then other extra activites follow.


If I could go back in time and give myself some advice about college, I would tell myself to make sure that I have a good studying system so that I can apply it to my college work. I would tell myself this because I know that in high school, I did not have great studying skills. The work just came naturally to me so I did not feel the need to study. I recieved a scholarship because of my good grades in high school. However, I lost my scholarship because I did not have good study habits. Now, I have to re-teach myself how to have good study habits. I would also tell myself to be more active in school activities. In high school, I was involved in several activities and here I am not. This scholarship will give me the motivation to keep my grades up and be successful.


If i could go back in time and speak with myself I would say I need to be prepared for change in all aspects. I would stress getting mentally prepared for everything that comes along with being in college and start being more physically fit since that plays a role with me being in college. I would have to learn better listening and study skills in high school instead of waiting until college to improve them. I would say get used to doing things on your own because you have to take care of your own business and clean up your own messes.


Have a focus on the career you wish to flourish in. Focus on academics, better grades open better opportunities, strive to be a productive student, get involved with community betterment events. Balance social and academics appropriately. Lend a helping hand to those who may find a class difficult and you thrive in it. Reach back to another and help, pay it forward with good deeds,


My advice would to simply do my best, because in highschool i just skated my way through. As long as i had a 3.0 i was content. But, now that I have gotten older I have realized that doing your best has a dirrect corrillation to the ammount of scholarship money one receives. I graduated with a 3.0 and I have just a little bit more than half of my school paid for the rest are all out of pocket expenses. So, the moral of the story that many people would tell highschool students is do your best as long as your trying your hardest and doing your best the money in scholarships will show it.


Study harder, make better grades because you will get into a better school.


I would tell myself to be aware of my surroundings. I would also tell myself to do everything on time, stay committed, and never let anyone get to you and stand in your way. I would tell myself that I should know that I have a beautiful heart and that I should be able to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way. I would say make sure I get a job so that I can help pay for more things instead of being stressed out. I would say that I am going to be the first in my family to graduate from college and that will make my mother proud. I want to also make sure that I tell myself to continue to be a leader because it will help me in the future to become a more successful person. The last thing I would tell myself is that the people who said I would not make it far in life, that I did it. The number one thing I would tell myself more than anything is that I have loving parents and siblings that care for me and that they will help me out the most in life.


Just stay focused and remember what your there for.


I would try to be more focus in school, knowing what i know now. College is not all fun and games. Succeeding in my goals is what's going to get me there in life, and college is what"s going to make that happen for me.


I would tell a young me, to make sure i do my best because the rest of my life depends on it. I would inform myself that there's a whole new world out there that I know nothing about. I also would tell myself to get a job, and do not expect for your mom to have money put away for your education. I would tell a young me everything i need to know to be successful in the future.


The advice I would give a student is that you should chose the college that best fits you and do not go to a college just because it's what your parents or other family members want. You should also sign up for college tour while your in high school so you can have a idea on what you are looking for in a unversity. The way you can make mst of you college experince is that your social life and your acedimics should never clash with each other and you need to enjoy your campus activities and do things pertaining to school because it will give you a chance to have fun and meet new people.


To have finances in order to help fulfill the students college experience so they can concentrate on there studies and extra curricular activities and not worry about if they will be able to attend the next semester.


Students should follow their hearts and don't be too influenced by anyone.


The best advice to give in making the best choice for your college experience is to choose an institution that you feel is fit for you both academically and financially. Do not make a choice based off of the choice of a conrad or peer. The choice of the college or university you choose is a reflection of what your future will be. After making the decision of the university, it is imperative that you utilize and take full advantage of the resources that the school has to offer. It is recommended that you take courses that will challenge your academic skills and make you strive to perform to the best of your ability.


I think that students should really follow their hearts. When your somewhere you want to be you make the most out of the situation. I would recommend that you do research about the school and maybe compare two or three schools to see which best fits your goals in life and can help you more in the long run! But unless your happy and really want to be there it could be really hard to deal with. Parents should try and take the students to visit the schools to get a real feel of the school. The tours that they have for schools are good but sometimes unrealistic. So I would say just go to the school for a couple days and sit in a classroom or walk around the campus to get a real feel of the school. Everything really is based on what you want out of the school. You can't base your experience on someone elses. You have to make the best out of YOUR situation!!! So no matter where you are if you want to succeed you will!! Good Luck and God Bless


The best advice I can give to anyone about finding the right college is before making your decision visit the campus and talk to some of the students there. Most of the time the students can tell you all you need to know about the school.


Research whats best suits you . If you wanna be close to home . What are your expectations.


My advice to give to students is to make sure you choose the college that is right for you and not what your parents want. As far as you college experience make sure you have fun but also keep up with your studies.


I would advice that the student find the college that they want to go to. Make sure you fall in love with that school because then you would love being there and would hate leaving. For the parent' never underestmate your child on what college they are going to be able to get in to. And dont always have money on the brain because something would always come about exspecaily if it a great school with good resources.


My advice to parents and/or students on searching for the right college is to make sure that the student is happy and comfortable about the college they choose to atten. Make sure you get all the accurate information you need such as financial aid, housing, and courses. In making the most of the college experience, you should make college the way you want it to be. In addition, make make new friends along the way whether they are upperclassmen or your classmates. Also, do not believe the hype. For instance, everyone I know told me that the college I'm attending is not the place I need to be. They said it was more of a party school, and I would be too busy partying and not go to class or study. I proved them wrong. I have a 4.0 GPA right now, and I rarely went to any parties. I made UAPB what I want it to be. I did not have to follow the crowd; I led my own trail.


I would advise students searching for the right college for them to pick a school that they think they can obtain a degree from. A student should based their choice on


I would suggest that if the student is interested in a particular school, he or she should visit the school. Too many times, people choose a school that they think they may be interested in and come to find that their major was not offered there, or that the school was too big, or even find the environment to be a culture shock. All of these details need to be accounted for when searching for the right school. If the student is not able to visit the school he or she is interested in, he or she should look up the school's website. The website will definitely let you know what the school has to offer. Be aware of costs. Have a plan to pay for tuition, on-campus housing, and most importantly, books. Students need to have books to pass their classes. Also, the books that are geared toward the student's major would be worth keeping because some of the concepts in the books could be used later in their career. Also, school does not have to be all work. See if the school offers extra-curricular activities you would be interested in. Social activities are important.


I would first speak to parents and let them know how important it s for them to remember this is their child's decision ad not their's. I would tell them i know it will be hard but they will have to let go and believe that they have prepared their child as best they could for this season of their life. To the up and coming student I would tell them to take it all in and never turn down a once in a life time opportunity. I would tell them to be careful but to have fun and always remember why they are at the school and that is to get and education. So study hard and when its time to relax do just that.


My advice to students is to visit the campuses before you go to college. Talk with current students and faculty of the school.


It won't be long before another year passes by, and there will be another graduating class in high school. These students will be filled with excitement, yet worried all at the same time. For the first time, you actually have to pay for an education. Academic scholarships can go so far, so what do I do about the rest of the expenses? Should I take out loans? What if the interest rates are real high? Is college even worth it? These questions pop into every students mind. To make this process easier, don't procrastinate. I know its easier said than done. Start looking at college selections when your a junior in high school, concentrating on what college would best suit you for what your wanting to do in life. Fill out every scholarship you get access to! When you finally get to college, get involved. The people you meet in college, can very well be your best friends when your grown up. So while all the students are on the field having fun, don't be the shy kid sitting out. Make the most of your college experience, because like they say, it will only happen once!


Earning a college diploma in the 21st Century must be a family affair. Every family member, including extended ones, must get involved in the process of application, financial aid and academic success. When the family works together, along with academic institutions, the student has a greater chance of finding and funding his career of choice. Information found on-line, by word of mouth and through personal contacts will help the student achieve his goals. Just like the African Proverb says, "It takes a village to raise a child," is true, so is the idea that it takes a family working together to acquire an education for one of its "children." Everyone's input and support is needed. Students should be allowed to follow their dreams as well as attend colleges where the best education possible is available to its attendees. Parents and relatives should profide advice and guidance, but the ultimate decision should be the student's. Students should apply to more than one college and seek financial assistance to help reach their goals. Once admitted, with continued family support and serious hard-work, anyone can gain a college education while enjoying sensible extracurricular activities, as well.


Visit the school and get with a student that attends that school to find out what their experience there was like. Get involved around campus (clubs, groups, etc.).