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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice that I would give to parents is to let your child make the final choice because he or she know what they want and where they want to obtain it from. It is also useful if that they go on college tours to experience college life hands-on. I think that most students want their parents to be there guiding them a long the way, but they really want to make the final decision. Its important for them to do so because they don't want to have any pressure on doing what you expect from them it will be what they expect from themselves. If the student feel like they haven't made the right decision believe me - you have because my school was not my first choice it wasn't even the fourth, but I am glad I decided to come because I have experience being independent, breaking my shell, and going out to interact with other colliegate individuals. I used to be timid and shy but I had learned to network from picking a envirnoment that not common to my city life.


Do a your research and come into the college or university with an open mind.


Go visit. Find about from the students how they like the school. Look into the variety of majors available for students. Look into graduation rates and placement of students post graduation. See what they school is known for (academically). Look into scholarships available. Look into campus actvities a student may be interested in


To make the most of your college experience I encourage students to live at least one year on-campus, get involved in on-campus activities, ie. student goverment, band, fraternities & sororities,etc. I also encourage students to keep in mind that you are in school primarily to get an education and secondarily for recreation.