University of California-Los Angeles Top Questions

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The campus atmosphere is very unique at UCLA. Overall, the campus is friendly and it is easy to go up and talk to someone.


The weather is incredible, the environment is collaborative and supportive, the students are diverse and extremely smart, the professors are the best in their fields, and the opportunities feel endless.


It is a very competitive school, you can tell by the caliber of students when you attend your first day of school.


UCLA has an incredible student population, with people all over the world that push each other to be more intelligent and more involved. Of course, this large school has more school spirit than almost any other college in the nation, but the thing I love most is the type of people that are admitted here. I am surrounded by passionate, brilliant individuals with a desire to succeed. In classes, people don't settle for being average or taking on a minimal work load. Students at UCLA strive to be the best they can be.


You feel at home.


It has an essential group fo almost everyone.


There is an incredible amount of diversity, and people around are caring enough not to make those differences barriers


We have an extremely rigourous academic program as well as a very good sports program. We have the most NCAA titles of any other school.


There are so many different types of people that attend UCLA. You get to meet really incredible people from all over the world with lots of differnt background and experiences.


It has a fantastic reputation and one of the best psychology programs. I was fortunate enough to be taught by many talented professors and learned a great deal during my time there. The students were hard-working and a joy to be around. The campus was one that you were happy to go to everyday and was the perfect learning environment. The location in Westwood was exactly what I was looking for. It was close to the city, beach, great restaurants, art and culture.