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There is alot of named called buildings.


It has so many opportunities to take advantage of outside of the classroom. For example, I am part of a volunteer organization that goes to UCLA medical center to take surveys on pediatric patients to see how their doctors are communicating with them. It is also very easy to take time to take classes for fun that have nothing to do with your major.


This is a research institute yet it is considered extremely competitive. There are a lot of different types of people who attend UCLA from all walks of life, which I think is a great thing to experience.


It has a good energy and students are excited to go here. The campus community is strong and there is a sense of community and social life within the campus.


My school is very large and has many resources on campus to conduct all kinds of research and get information, including research libraries and counseling centers. UCLA also has many things going on outside of the campus that are fun and interesting to explore whenever time is available.


The balance between getting a great education and having many opportunities for personal growth and enjoyment is remarkable. In high school I participated a lot in musical activities, and here at UCLA, I am able to continue my musical endeavors and pursue other activities like hip hop dance, acting, and social activities like fraternities. There is a ton of school spirit and I love being part of this family that UCLA provides for its students.


What's unique of our school? It has a big campus and has all the right facilities for the major I am enrolling at .


There are plenty of places to go to near UCLA. Westwood, Santa Monica, the Getty, downtown LA and more.


UCLA is unique compared to many other schools due to its extensive diversity, numerous school clubs, outstanding research opportunities that are offered to undergraduates, and its excellent reputation for athletics and academics. There truly is a niche for everyone at UCLA, and for such a high quality education the tuition is reasonable, especially compared to private schools.


UCLA is a unique school compared to other schools because every university has different characteristics. UCLA is a diversed and big university that gives students all the possible resources that they will need.


There are many little cultural habits and practices that are particular to UCLA, such as the North/South campus rivalry.


UCLA has the academic rigor and good reputation of many top schools, but it also has good sports teams, endless extra-curricular activites , and diverse group of students which create a great social and living atmosphere. Also, the university does all it can to be environmentally friendly such as putting compost bins in on campus restaurants and using biodegradable utensils. UCLA is in the perfect area of Los Angeles: it is in the safe and quieter part of LA, but is a short bus ride to the beach or the metropolitan area.


Most universities within the national academic system, specialize and become known for having specific field expertises. This is the universal, characteristic examined when students are applying for college. UCLA is the only top-ranked university within California that offers both a strong law program and a cutting-edge study in the field of genetics. For someone who desires to become a lawyer in the field of bioethics, UCLA meets the unique standard necessary to equip me for the future. Unlike the other colleges I considered, UCLA was the only school that promised great athletic, academic, music, and volunteer programs.


I think the location, athletics, and academics are what differentiate my school.


They had a film school and were offering me more money.


Again, the diversity of course offerings and activities. What's more is that the university encourages students to get invovled in activities outside of their major so that they will be even more well-rounded.


I LOVE UCLA, minus a few small things (ie. parking, RA's)... GO BRUINS!! :)


It is research-based, and it is a state school that has as much sophistication, experience, and prestige as Ivy Leagues.


UCLA is unique for my major, Anthropology, because it allows for both a Bachelors of Science and a Bachelors of Arts for Anthropology. As an Anthropology major who was unsure of her emphasis, UCLA allowed me to explore my options within my department. The location of UCLA is prime in student life because there's plenty of social activities to do within walking distance from the campus such as movies, restaraunts, clubs and bars, malls, and the Getty Museum which holds a diverse range of art, spanning from pre-historic times to modern.


I had to audition to get into the theater program.


People are friendly, there are more opportunities.


UCLA offered it all: great academics, sports events, great greek life. I felt it was a very well rounded school that had other people similar to me.


big, liberal, somewhat diverse, good location


More attractive people. More things to do. Better academia.


It's big and full of opportunities.


It is very diverse, and in one of the most exciting cities in the world. There is something there for everyone with tons of accessible opportunities for employment, entertainment, culture, and enlightenment on the world. This school is also one of the most famous schools in the world, that boasts world-renown acheivements in the arts, sciences, technology, and sports. It is expected that students achieve amazing things while they are here and after they graduate, as the means for greatness are made available to every student.


UCLA is well known.


Highly pretigious and advanced program for people who know what they want to do


It's in the middle of everything and I wanted that change of pace from the rural part of the country I come from, but due to the heavy course load, I never get to experience what is out there.


UCLA has an absolutely GORGEOUS campus, and it's very easy to forget you are right smack in the middle of Los Angeles.


It is a very diverse school in a big city. It has many resources and student organizations .


safe environment


The wealth of opportunities, the absolutely beautiful campus, and its amazing professors. Its placement in the second largest city in the country also allows students access to the best the city has to offer in terms of career opportunities, arts, dining--yet it never feels cloistered, or crowded. Being right next to Beverly Hills is also a great experience.


The most unique part of UCLA is it's devotion to community service. There are over 1,000 ways to be involved on campus and provide service to underserved communities.


I love Los Angeles, it was an excellent school for the best price in the area


UCLA is everything you want in a college. From the absolutely beautiful campus, the academic excellence, the positive energy, the liberal and open-minded community, the fabulous sunshining weather, the athletes that work so hard, the school spirit on game day, the activists all over campus standing up for rights and actually being listened to, the freedom, the incredible staff, the greek life, and obviously the party life!! ...when students can make time for it during their tough academic schedules :-)


it requires a lot of self-education. no one holds your hand, so to speak. surrounding area is totally happening, if you know where to look. an amazing place to live.


School allows one of the best diversities to meet people from all over the world


It is close to tons of fun locations and things to do. It is never dull here.


Abolish tuition in order that ability and willingness to learn be the factors that weed people out before going here. Make sure that you weight heavily for talent, otherwise there will be too many people here just because they are well organized and have good work ethics.


I was not sure if I wanted to go to UCLA when I first signed my Statement of Intent to Register. After living here for almost 9 months, I could not be happier that I chose this amazing school to attend. I love everything here, from the friendly people to the welcoming school atmosphere. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. PS: USC is for crybabies.


I think I said everything :P


UCLA does not spare anything when it comes to academics and social life: the sky is the limit! College is viewed as a time to get the best education to prepare you for a career, yet there is much more to it than just that. UCLA rocks!


College is not about one thing, whether it be a certain academic program, people you know who attend, the location, the whether, the size, or anything else. College is about the ENTIRE experience. When you make your choice, don't just think about where you'll be in a few months. What about in 4 years? UCLA Bruins are ready for you.


Unfortunately, it's difficult to manage enough time to do all that a college student wants to do, and as a result, I was not able to commit to a student group during my time at UCLA. But my minimal involvement on campus does not make me a less spirited student, I don't feel the need to join every group to get the fullest out of my education at UCLA - so don't feel bad if you can't do it all!


anything. UCLA stands for the University of California at Los Angeles. the "of" and the "at" are omitted.


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I love UCLA, I just wish I could enjoy it like I did when I was a freshmen. Having no time and tons of work sucks!




At first coming to college was a challenge, but hey, isn't that what life is all about? New experiences and challenges. My biggest regret is that I sometimes don't throw myself out there and I need to do that more. But I feel like I absorbed all there is to get here at UCLA and am always looking for more. School has kind of made me grow up in a sense and helped prepare me for an ever changing world and has put a lot of things into perspective for me.