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dont worry about choosing a major asap. i am a fourth year undeclared major but i am still going to get out in time.


I don't like alcohol, and since most people spend a lot of time drinking alcohol it's hard to meet people if you dont.


UCLA has a name, and it charges its students thousands of dollars to go through hell to get that name printed on their degrees.


UCLA takes a while to get used to, and is sometimes lame socially, but, all in all, I sorta, begrudgingly love it....i cant help it. Also, our alumni is cool




The weather in LA sucks a lot considering the "sunny LA" stereotype. It's hella cloudy and cold. Like in JUNE fer chrissake! But I guess when August rolls around, all is forgiven. It's warm but not burning and the ocean is just a fabulous cool temperature but not too cold-- you can surf all day without a wetsuit and be fine. I love Venice. Even though that's not especially UCLA related...


I'm an international student (yep, you knew that), and I knew virtually nothing about UCLA coming here other than the fact that it was 1. a good academic institution, 2. That is was in the city (I couldn't not go to a city. That would've killed me). I'd actually never been here until I arrived for orientation. I had to learn many things through trial and error which was sort of inefficient (I am way over the unit maximum here becuase I took many useless classes that I thought I had to take but didn't. This was because of my orientation counselor who was useless when it came to international students). This was sort of frustrating. Anyway, some random things I forgot to mention. The dining hall food here is really great; there are so many choices. Inevitably, you get sick of it during your stay at the dorms, but if you move out to an apartment where you much now cook for yourself, there is nothing you will miss more (which is why forming close connections with younger students who have access to and may sometimes treat you to dining hall food is of utmost importance). Also you get a lot of free food and stuff during your first/second year here. Victoria's Secret gave out a bunch of goodies to girls (and boys) during my first term here, and there is always free food during finals week (cookies, bagels, drinks, fruit etc. ) If that isn't enough, donate blood to receive coupons for free movies or burritos!