University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school is centered around the idea of work hard, play harder.


My school is a place of cultural diversity and universal acceptance of all races and beliefs, even though it is also a place where partying with alcohol and drugs seems to be the only way to have fun.


A beautiful paradise with friendly people with a little bit of school thrown in to make it worth while.


The location of the school gives it somewhat more relaxed feel since it is on near the beach and being adjacent to a town primarily inhabited by college students enhances the social aspect of life.


UCSB is a place where people learn how to become adults, discovering how to balance their professional, social, and personal lives.


A campus open to free thinking and encouraging to each student's long term path.


UCSB is a very friendly and outgoing campus.


My school, in the University of California system in Santa Barbara, is known for its research and Nobel prize-winning professors and alumni, particularly in the fields of science and economics, and is consistently rated as the one of the best (or the best) public universities in the United States.


UC Santa Barbara is a crazy, exciting, open, liberal, beautiful, successfull, intelligent school with the best scenery of any school in California.


UCSB is a new world with many doors waiting for you to explore and experience


The schoolhas a beautiful enviroment and it is an enjoyable experience there is something for eveyone.


We are certainly a socially focused school that values close friendships and connecting with others, but not without a notable focus on rigorous education.


UC Santa Barbara is the perfect university for students who live life to the fullest but know their limits because academics is equally important to having fun for us.

Jesus Briseyda

This school is absolutey beautiful,everyone seems so friendly and nice,the weather just reflects beauty overall!


Beautiful weather, great community, too focused on science and tech research and not enough on humanities and the arts, and it could be more diverse.


Lively school by the sea has fickle weather and fulfilling classes.


UCSB is vibrant, fun, energetic, Gauchos work hard and play hard.


I live in paradise and go to paradise for school; however, take out the aesthetics and you have typical studying on the weekdays and partying on the weekends.


It's an awesome place to learn, have a good time, and make friends.


The campus sits on the bluffs & has a stunning view. To the north there is a view of the Santa Ynez mountains that is filled with great hiking trails & to the south is the Pacific Ocean. There are spectacular views of the sunset from the eighth floor of the library.


The University of Califronia, Santa Barbara is a beautiful, compelling, and prestigous institution of higher learning.


The University of California, Santa Barbara is a beautiful place to learn, not only does the location radiate beauty, but the people and professors at the school are all highly educated and friendly people.


Big university atmosphere with a small college feel, located on the beach in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.


My school is awesome!


Good student community.


At UCSB, I was given a chance to grow up and make decisions that would positively impact my future career, all while sharing a unique beautiful experience with awesome UCSB students.


UC Santa Barbara is a racially diverse school filled with smart beautiful and down to earth students and staff who are really friendly, polite, and always willing to help.


Very welcoming and a once in a lifetime school


The University of California, Santa Barbara has so much diversity and opportunity to get involved and really become a part of something special; there are so many clubs and groups that anyone can easily find somewhere to belong.


UCSB might just be heaven on earth, with views of the Pacific Ocean as you bike to class, numerous lawns to lay on and pools to lounge by with a textbook for quality studying - and tanning- time, and perfect, sunny weather that is warm, but not too warm thanks to the salty ocean breeze.


UCSB is spectacular in that it's size isn't overwhelming, and it offers a variety of extra-curricular activities to keep you as well as your work-load balanced and interesting.


The workload is alot with alot of social interaction off campus.


The University of Hawaii at Hilo is another awesome school. It has fresh air and small town attitude. The people are friendly and helpful.


This will be my actual first year attending a UC full time all my classes up to now have been through cross-enrollment through a city college. So far I have found UCSB to have a wide range of ethnic back grounds and I have enjoyed all of my professors. I am an older student (47) but I have never felt like an outsider, all of the students have been really cool with me.


UCSB is a collection of knowledge and personalities.


There is a strong emphaisis on research and academics; however, students are also able to find ways to relax and have fun to take their minds off of the stress of scholastic endeavors.


A beautiful, beach side, educational intitute where I will achieve my dream of a better education. UCSB is a community of students that strive for the best and work together to reach our goals.


UCSB is a beautiful school right on the beach, literally, that is known for its establishment as a research university that offers a wide variety of class subjects as well as a friendly environment, both in and out of the classroom.


UCSB is probably the most beautiful and amazing school I have ever seen, with the best and friendliest community around.


A great environment to learn, a lot of caring faculty and definitely great beach weather.


It is a beautiful campus with lovely, nice poeple and great atmosphere.


UCSB is not only located on a beautiful campus, but it has also achieved the amazing balance of an incredibly laid back atmosphere and the promotion of fantastic education.


UCSB may have a reputation as one of the biggest party schools, but just because students at UCSB know how to party and have excessive fun does not mean prospective students, their parents, and academic advisors should disregard it as an invalid institution of education, because college is an important transitional period in a youth's life where they should focus on gaining building blocks necessary for success, but at the same time be able to enjoy the brief years of freedom they might never see again once they enter the work force.


The University of California-Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful college campus in California.


It is the most beautiful campus with a lot of great academic and social opportunities for all its students!


Students here work hard & play hard; we strive for academic excellence but know how to have a good time.


A very expensive research institution, with large class sizes, qualified professors, with a large caucasian student body.


UCSB is a great place for learning, both in and out of the classroom, that offers a diverse breadth of ways to offer education and growth.


The University of Santa Barbara is very upbeat and great for those individuals who wish to attend a college that possesses a very laid back environment mixed with a challenging curriculum.


UCSB is a school known for Isla Vista and alcohol, research, and the beach.