University of California-Santa Barbara Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I love this school for many reasons, the most important being the "vibe" of the school and the school's status as one of the top universities in the world.


Coming from a high school of less than 300 kids, the size of UCSB was a big shocker for me. If you're in a similar situation, I would highly recommend enrolling in the Freshman Summer Start program the summer before your freshman year. It allows you to make friends and ease into college in a smaller setting, making your freshman year that much more enjoyable. Now, as a junior, I can't imagine myself at any other college. I consider myself a very academic person. At UCSB, I have many opportunities to excel, all while living near a relaxed, "beachy" atmosphere. It's really the best of both worlds.


The student are smart. A lot of the programs offered at UCSB are top tier, The Economics department has a very good faculty. Beautiful campus, students, and scenery. There is an astonishing level of school pride and involvement in the school system. Everyone studies hard, but they party harder. Isla Vista, the surrounding town around UCSB, is exactly what you would imagine as a college town. you wont find a town next to the beach with this much freedom.


UCSB is not only a place that gives young students the opportunity to learn from outstanding professors. It is a full-fledged research institutions that provides Gauchos with the tools needed to shape their own education. Students can undertake individual research seminars, and the campus library system is well-connected with other universities. It is part of a UC-wide scholastic system that allows students to rent books from other UC campuses. One cannot attend UCSB without acknowledging its research facilities and academic opportunities.


I love UCSB because of its natural beauty and its beaches. Unfortunately, some of the beaches have tar on them because of the oil rigs out in the ocean, but still it is nice to be able to hear the sound of the ocean while you are studying. I think this school is the perfect size because it is large enough that you meet new people everyday and it is small enough that you see people you know around campus everyday. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time on campus in my dorm room because that is where I study, but on some weekends my friends and I go to the beach. Isla Vista is a big college town with about 22,000 college kids in a one square mile area. Its a little run down, but it is where all the college students hang during the week. I personally choose not to live there, so if you also would not want to live in Isla Vista, there are many other housing choices close to campus. Our school does not have a football team, but we love soccer. One unusual thing we do at soccer games is throw tortillas onto the field everytime our team gets a goal. Just beware because I have been hit in the head with a tortilla many times. Overall, I love UCSB and I wouldn't have chosen to go to school any where else.


I did not know a lot about schools when I was applying and truly wanted to go to UCLA. Unfortunately, I did not get accepted, but I am happy I didn't because now I am at UCSB. The campus is gorgeous with a view of the lagoon and within walking distance to the beach. So if you have time in between classes, you can go sit out in the sun and get some work done. Several of our disciplines/majors are well recognized and nationally ranked--including Environmental Studies, Geography, & Chemical Engineering. There are resources for all of your needs and many clubs to help you meet people and do things. Teachers and teach assistants are always willing to help you out with your understanding of classes and even adjusting to a college climate.


I only applied to three colleges my senior year of high school (not the smartest decision I've ever made), and this school was my top pick. Luckily, it was also the only school I got into and so far, I absolutely love it. It's right next to the beach, the weather is absolutely beautiful, and Isla Vista (the town where the majority of students live) is directly adjacent the campus and walking distance from most classes. There's also a massive bike culture here, the majority of students prefer to ride bikes to class along the numerous bike paths on campus. The most common complaints that tend to circulate through the students are involved with not being able to get required classes due to budget cuts (a problem happening throughout many UC's) and the high rent, poor conditions, and often horrible landlords you have to deal with in Isla Vista.


First of all, the location right on the coast makes for great views of the sunrise and sunset over the Pacific Ocean. That's something that I have loved about my time here and will surely miss next year when I'm gone. Second, the people here are great. I don't think that I have been anywhere else where the people are always friendly and ready to converse. The atmosphere is very easygoing and accepting.


Don't live on DP because you will ruin your GPA. get yourself a house with few like minded people in IV close to campus and DP. you will have the best of both worlds.


The best thing about UCSB is the endless possibilities and opportunities it offers. This university resolves to keep itself on the cutting-edge of research to offer students the most current and relevant research on their subject. UCSB is situated in a spectacular location, which is often what attracts students to the campus the most. It is the only campus in the entire country that has its own beach, which provides recreational opportunities of course, but also offers educational opportunities as it allows for ease of access for environmental studies majors or marine biologists. Students - and even the administration - have a lot of pride for this campus. I spent most of my time on campus at the Arbor, a student square located right by the library with restaurants, stores, and shady spots to hang out or study.


Great Teachers, not a thing to change, just the right size. People do think of Santa Barbara as a town of the rich and famous, but when you add UC then they know it is great. Beautiful peaceful campus, simple low key town IV place to be. ADMIN is the best.


We are a laid back beach town. Isla Vista is the shit although your shit will probably get jacked at some point or another. You always walk in the street. And sorority girls can be spotted a mile away.


-perfect size (# of students): in any given day you will bump into a handful of people you know, smile at, and conversate with, but at the same time you meet that many more people you've never seen before -a car is not necessary since IV is only 1 square mile -great weather: it hardley rains and there's usually a breeze


The best thing about going to UCSB is being right by the beach. Also, I love the size of our school. I thought it would be overwhelming because I came from a small high school but I think it's just right now. Its so big that you will never know everyone but everyday you can meet a new person. Plus, IV is a great college town.


UCSB is a great school. The campus is beautiful and in an awesome location. The weather is great. The administration is amazing. There is always something to do.


Medium sized, beautiful campus, beautiful environment, relaxed atmosphere, NEED a bike


best thing: living at the beach, day parties. wish we had a football team. perfect size school...can meet a bunch of people, being in the greek system definitely makes it smaller. everyone loves being here, people are easygoing, friendly, and fun.


The best thing is the laid back atmosphere. i spend most of my on campus time in class and other than that i spend my time around iv.


the atmosphere is the best thing here. I would add a football team.


UCSB is a moderately sized campus that holds thousands of college students and creates a fun and studious environment at the same time.


The best thing about UCSB is the people that I've met. You really find your niche here because the school appeals to everyone. I wouldn't change a thing. It's the perfect size school for me, and I spend most of my time in the heart of campus by the Arbor, or in the UCen. Definitely a college town but I wouldn't trade it for anything, I love the teachers and all my classes and I hardly EVER hear anyone complain about school.


The best thing about UCSB is the atmosphere. Everyone is outgoing and friendly. The teachers are well-qualified and helpful. One thing I'd change about UCSB is the rep that it has nation wide.


The best thing about UCSB is that it's close to the beach.


The best thing about UCSB is that it's close to the beach.


the people, the ocean, campus, greek life iv is dirty just right size people react by saying "wow party school" my sorority house college community school pride not exceptional live right on water view from my freshman dorm out of this world campus perfect size


The best thing about UCSB is the beachtown and the people here. I wouldn't really change anything because i love it here. I spend most of my time on campus in the Ucen or near the beach, or on dp. When i tell people i go to ucsb, they react, "oh so you like to party?". The biggest recent controversy on campus was the guy that threatened the teacher.


the best thing about ucsb is the weather, beach, sand, men- the town especially. no where on earth compares to isla vista.


UCSB has the most amazing atmosphere to live in. It is undoubtedly a college campus and basically a bubble.


UCSB is great!


I think UCSB is just right for me. It has everything that I like in a college: good academics, location, and friendly people. Alot of people think of "party school" when they hear UCSB, but the campus is much more than partying.


To be honest, there is not a lot I would change about my school. I like the amount of students we have, and I love our location. I have met amazing teachers here that have impacted my life immensely and I am only a sophomore. This school is truly amazing, I would tell anyone to go here, there is something for everyone.


The best thing about UCSB is living by the beach.


My favorite thing is the location including the people and weather. I think the size is medium, and that appeals to me. The school has a strict academic curriculum and is only getting more strict. I love the school in all aspects, and am very content with my choice. I look forward to the next few years here.


The best thing about UCSB is that we know how to party, but we're smart! The worst thing about UCSB is that girls dress overly revealing and give guys the impression that they're easy. a lot of them are.


The people and the environment, everyone's always happy and sociable. I wouldn't change anything. The school size is just right. When my friends find out I go to UCSB they are jealous. I spend most of my time at the Arbor. DEFINITE college town. Definite gaucho school pride. I'll always remember freshmen year living in the dorms.


The best thing about UCSB is the atmosphere it provides for its students. We can feel at peace here and also there is always something to do or someone to hang out with. Honestly I would not change much about UCSB. It is just the right size, the right amount of distance from home, and I love the fact that it is a college town. There is a lot of school pride, except I would really like a football team so we could have even more. So far, as a freshman, one experience I will always remember is Greek Rush.


UCSB is a great school because of its location, academic programs, and enthusiastic students. The extracurricular acitivities are fulfilling and everyone is accepting of one another.


UCSB is perfect because it's a big school in a small town so its compact and everything is close. I spend most time in the college town and on campus. I think there is a lot of school pride despite the lack of a football team. It is great because it's right on the beach and is always beautiful.


The school has a party reputation however I have found not only lasting friendships but also intellectual classes.


i think the school is a perfect size because of all the great activities we have. the campus is large enough that you dont feel everyone is in your business yet small enough that have see people you know so you are comfortable. the activities also help to shrink the size of the school and really help individuals find their niche so they can really develop.


UCSB is the absolute best place to go to school. The weather is gorgeous, and we spend our free time at the beach. Isla vista is a perfect college town, full of fun restaurants and places to hang out. There is a lot of school pride, and there is always a huge turnout for games. There are very few complaints people make about UCSB.


I love UCSB. I think it has the most beautiful location and the most easy going fun people. I think our school has the perfect amount of people; you do not feel like you don't anyone, but you can also always find alone time. I think one thing our school lacks is diversity. There are not as many different cultures and backgrounds represented here.


I like the environment in which we live. we are a college town. you can walk around the streets without a shirt, shoes, in a bikini and it isnt strange. You can always tell when people arent from here, especially when they stop their cars along pardall expecting there to be a stop sign. I spend a lot of time in the library, or walking around on campus, but mostly im at pi phi. i think there is a lot of school pride. when people make remarks about kids going to UCSB, i get offended and want to prove them wrong. Ill always remember spring quarters. there is no other place on earth that gathers such a large amount of students on the beaches who are all out there to have fun and mingle. Santa Barbara is an unusual place to live, and I am so happy I do.


UCSB is a dream school for me, i can't imagine going anywhere else and i'd kick myself if i did. The campus is wonderful the atmosphere is warm and the people are friendly. Its my favorite place in the world. No complaints here.


The best and worst part of attending UCSB is it's prime location next to the ocean and Isla Vista, the college town. In one respect the weather is incredible and it is extremely easy to get around without having to drive, but also causes a great distraction.


The best thing about UCSB would definitely be accessibility. It's convenient location provides for easy access to local beaches, downtown Santa Barbara, or just a quick walk to a friend's house in IV. If you want to meet a lot of new people and dress up for fun-filled events, the greek community could be a great option. If you are a leader and wish to give back to UCSB, there are numerous positions available to represent our campus. In addition, the campus offers a great deal of resources for academic assistance or carreer opportunities if you just keep your eyes open. If you're into the music scene, you can check out live concerts at the hub, or visit the 68 block of dp for some live jamming at sunset on Sunday evenings. If you're into community service, Coal Oil Point Reserve is located just west Isla Vista and only a five minute bike ride from campus. At the reserve, there are many programs available such as plan restoration and snowy plover docenting to assist with the protection of a local endangered shorebird, the snowy plover. If you came to SB for some fun in the sun, you're in luck. DP beach is located all along del playa, but if the tide is high or there's too much tar on the shore, Sand's beach is another option. Sand's is also a popular surfing spot, as the wind is minimal and the waves are plenty. In addition, Goleta beach is located east of campus and is a great picnic spot. However, if you're not into getting your feet dirty and you've got summer money to spend, there are numerous buses for those of us who don't have cars that take you downtown from campus or IV. Downtown Santa Barbara is optimal for shopping and dining out, and of course for half-off drinks on Thursday nights for those of us who are 21. Last but not least, if you are an active person, there are many recreational activities available at the Rec Cen or in the greek community for participating in philanthropies. Any way you look at it, UCSB has a lot to offer.


I absolutely LOVE UCSB! it is an amazing campus, all the students are so friendly and i am very happy i decided to go here. I really like that we have IV right next to us and that we have the beach and the mountains and LA is close enough and it is Perfect!I think it is so cool that we r one of the most fit schools and i am proud to say that i go to UCSB and that i live in such a beautiful place.


What I love the most about UCSB is the fact that we live in a big college town surrounded by our peers, but at the same time downtown Santa Barbara is just miles away when you need to get away. We are right on the beach, but the mountains are not far so there are fun outdoor activities for everyone. I love being able to go to class at 11am, go to the beach to lay out for a couple of hours, and go back to class at 3pm. Unfortunately, given the nature of the college town that we live in people do not hang out on campus just for fun like they do on other campuses. The UCEN,which has some pretty cool amenities, is often ignored. People love this campus, but it is not like UCLA or USC where everywhere you go people are repping their campus gear. SB has a very laid back style, which is another thing I can appreciate. At certain campuses students dress up to go to class and look their best. Here, people wear whatever they are comfortable in and it's totally acceptable. I wear sweats and a t-shirt to class when I'm in the mood, no problem. UCSB is also a pretty political campus. There are lots of ways to get involved if you are looking to be a political participant. There is always a controversial article in the newspaper or some protest going on. And while we're on the subject, the school newspaper sucks. They are totally liberal and bias towards certain groups on campus (i.e greeks) And while we are on that subject everyone on campus hates greeks. The newspaper, Associated Students, and everyone else. We try to stay out of people's way, but I guess we are just an easy target to the unfamiliar.


The best thing about UCSB is definitely the location. I could not have asked for a better place to live, and may not ever be able to live in a place like this ever again. I view the school as large, although for the amount of students who do go here, i am always suprised how many familiar faces i see on campus on a daily basis, so i would say it is just right in regards to amounts of students. When i'm on campus i'm either at the harbor, where i tend to see most of the people i know, the ucen, where i can read in the comfortable chairs, or the library. It has been my personal experience that the UCSB administration does not do a very good job of acknowledging the student as an individual, but instead as just one of a massive group. Having had trouble petitioning the administration, i feel i did not get justice for something because my case was not looked at individually, but instead simply as one of many similar cases which they may see on a daily basis. Isla Vista is definetly a college town. I believe there is a moderate amount of school pride, as can be seen at sporting events, but when i go home i don't run around in my UCSB sweatshirt constantly or have a UCSB bumper sticker, like is frequently seen with students at CAL, not to be stereotyping.


attractive in-shape athletic people who live at the beach surf in the mornings then drink all day and all night and still manage to get good grades